Thursday, June 30, 2011

Amy Winehouse's Site Hacked - She's A White Devil "WTF"

Amy Winehouse's website was hijacked this morning by a group of hackers ... who claims they targeted the singer because they want to "take back the internet from the white devil."

The hacker group behind the e-vandatism who call themselves SwagSec  (Swagger  Security)... took to Twitter this morning to gloat , posting a link to Amy's website ... showcasing their dirty work .

SwagSec ... which took over Amy's website with a bizarre expletive-filled hacker-speak-rant .. claims the goal is to "take back the internet from the white devil"... adding , "Death To Yhe White Devil."

As of this posting (6/30/11) the site still hasn't been fixed . So far no word back from Amy Winehouse's camp.

Elizabeth Taylors Personal Treasures to Tour World

Dame Elizabeth Taylor's collection of jewellery, art and designer clothing will be exhibited around the world, Christie's auction house has announced. The three-month tour will start in September and include stops in Moscow, London and Dubai before the items are sold at an auction in New York.
Known for her love of diamonds, the actress owned some of the world's most expensive stones.  The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation will receive proceeds from the exhibit.
The actress, whose film credits included National Velvet, Cleopatra and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? died in Los Angeles earlier this year, aged 79. Some of her jewels were displayed after she wrote a book in 2003 entitled Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewellery.

Christie's has pledged to devote its entire Rockefeller Center gallery space to the public exhibition and sales, which are expected to draw thousands of visitors.  Marc Porter, from the auction house, said: "The global tour and exhibition of her collection at Christie's will be a window into the world of a true icon, a rare woman who was at once an international film and fashion star, loving mother, successful businesswoman, and generous humanitarian. "This collection of her many cherished possessions will bring us closer to the essence of Elizabeth Taylor's unique spirit, and promises to inspire admiration, delight and, at times, sheer wonder in all who come to see it."

..Who Wore it Better: Kate or Madonna?

By Ariel Kaiser:........This is the best kind of Who Wore It Best! Two distinctively different women in every way (background, style, image, career, etc.) facing off in the same, beautiful piece of clothing. The garment in question is a Stella McCartney peaked-shoulder, salmon-colored satin dress with subtle front-pleating and some high-necked secretary tie detail. The color is gorgeous, the length is modest without being dowdy, and its overall just a great statement piece.

Kate Middleton, Madonna (Robin Bell/Daily Mail & Jeff Vespa/WireImage)

On the left we have Kate Middleton, known officially as the Duchess of Cambridge, but also, you know, Prince William's incredibly stylish new bride. She was spotted rocking this pretty number with her long, enviable, blown-out locks a'flowing and her radiant, tanned skin a'glowing. She and Wills were having dinner at the Waterside Inn in Bray, Berkshire as part of Prince Philip's 90th birthday celebration and the dress was such a smart choice; the color is so festive and the cut is so family dinner-appropriate. Bravo.
To the right is Madonna (obviously), who looked incredibly chic back in 2008 at an amFAR event at the Cannes Film Festival. Her Stella McCartney frock (fun fact: Stella is one of Madonna's best friends) was accessorized with a box clutch, sparkly bracelets, and pretty waves.
So, friends. Who wore it better? My pick is Princess Kate, with her lush locks and casual fit. Do you agree? Or is your money on the Queen of Pop, with her surprisingly prim styling?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

La Toya : Michael Was Murdered - His Kid's have 'Nothing'

La Toya jackson is convinced her brother were murdered . From the bottom of her heart , murdered and she knows who did it. The second half  of Jackson's memoir , 'Starting Over'  deals with her gradual reconciliation with the famous family ,specifically  Michael . The outspoken singer-actress pulled no punches when  Popeater caught up with her to discuss her controversial theories about the King of Pop's death and her belief that Dr Conrad Murray was just a "fall guy" in an insidious conspiracyto kill . Why? to attain the bottomless pot of gold , that is MJ's song catalog. And who told her this was going to happen ? Michael of course . She says she's fighting this fight , even if it's unpopular within her family, because she wants the best for Michael's  three orphans . " Michael always used to say , 'La Toya, I want to leave everything to my kids , and here they have absolutely nothing ," she said .
           **************The interview**********
You think Michael was murdered ?
Yes ; I do . I believed that from the bottom of my heart . The people that he told me were going to murder him are behind  his murder . They know that . They know who they are . They're controlling his estate  .
You believe it was over  the publishing catalog ?
That's what he had told me . Within a week of his death people had eradicate from his life completely , come in lurking , asking questions about the catalog. My brother  Michael  was clean(when he died) he had no drugs in his system  he was leading a good life . He was unhappy with the way people was treating him . The coroner said there was nothing in him except for the propofol which was pumped in his body and it was enough to kill an elephant.
Dr. Murray was simply the fall guy , there were people behind it . It was a conspiracy and they know that . I want to have a one on one with Dr. Murray. I would love to sit down and talk with him.
You say the England tour  was fishy ?
First of all , Michael told me he never would do a tour again because he said they would assassinate him if he was on stage. He finally agreed to ten shows which he didn't want to do but he agreed and overnight , there's 50 shows and they told him he had to do them. They knew he wasn't capable of them , they knew he wasn't healthy enough . He had a kidney problem, he was extremely thin , he was always freezing. They knew what  they was doing . This isn't what I'm thinking , these are the facts.
What do your family feel about you saying this?
When you lose a love one , everybody is so hurt and there was some that said, "oh he's dead , let it be  and move on ," but no , I need to find out what happened . My mother and father have always been for me and on my side  and telling me they're so proud of me , to keep fighting . I love that , it gives me the tenacity to keep fighting for his children . Michael always used to say , 'La Toya , I want  to leave everything to my kids ,' and here they have absolutely nothing.
How are his children doing ?
They're doing very well thank you. I am very proud of them . It was my mother's decision to unmask them . She felt she wanted them to be normal . However , I understand why Michael did it . He wanted his kids to have the freedomto go out and not be recognized when they weren't with him.
      'Starting Over' advailable at :

Monday, June 27, 2011

Charlie Sheen : Ditched By Remaining Goddess "WTF"

It look's like the 'Warlock's Den'  just got a little more spacious  ... Charlie Sheen's remaining goddess, Natalie Kenly , moved out of Sheen's pad last week . But the model didn't get to keep her  fifteen minutes of fame and her new sweet ride , according to TMZ.

Although he let his goddess go , Sheen, 45, wasn't so loose with the car he bought for his model lady ... Sheen demanded that Kenly return the Mercedes he purchased for her .

But still referring to himself in the third person  , Sheen was cavalier about the split telling sources , it's "not a common thing for the Masheen."

And the "Masheen" reportedly got to work ho sooner than Kenly slammed  his fornt door. The actor tuned live tour talker tunnel his pad into a United Nations of sorts ... bringing home women from Mexico , Australia  and Colombia just hours after Kenly packed up and shipped out , sources told TMZ. That sounds like a healthy way to deal with the dissolution of a realationship . Right ?

But Sheen's recent goddess vacancy  isn't anything new for the former 'Two and a Half Men's star as of late . In April , Sheen's other goddess, Bree Olsen , reportedly dumped the actor  via text message before immediately moving on (Sheen-style) to a new  beau. And just one month later , Sheen was officially down one more ex in his life  ... he was officially divorced from estranged wife , Brooke Muedler , who is also the mother of his two young sons , Bob and Max , on May 2.

But Sheen's most recent heartbreak , or rather empty bed , comes at the end of a nearly six month relationship , Kenly accompanied  the actor on his 'Violent Torpedo' live speaking tour and often helped to care for Sheen's two young sons .

Looks like the Sheenius warlock may be in the market for a new babysitter .
Anyone up to the job out there ? HEHE

William & Kate At Wimbledom

Prince William and Catherine , Duchess of Cambridge attended Wimbledon today ,, catching the fourth round match between British star Andy Murray and Richard Gasgust .

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mariah Carey : New Born Daughter Already Acting Like A Diva

Mariah Carey says her newborn baby girl is a diva already .... and she's not even two months old yet . The singer snapped a picture of her daughter , Monroe   , who promptly put her hand in  front of her face  and in the camera's lens to shield herself . Cary tweeted , along the (thwarted) photo : This is baby Monroe saying  "no pictures dahhhhling " at 7 + 1/2  weeks ... oh dear  :-)."

Carey and husband Nick Cannon welcomed their twin son , Moroccan, and  Monroe, on  April 30 .

Just wondering : Where on earth would a child like that learn such DIVA   behavior ?? HEHE

Lady Gaga : Accused of Charity Scam "OMG"

Lady Gaga is being sued in a $5 million class action suit for allegedly scamming a Japan relief charity.

The singer said on her website  that all proceeds from the sale of the "We Pray For Japan" wristbands were going to the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami .

But a Michigan law firm says that's not true.

According to the lawsuit filed by  1-800-Law-Firm , Gaga sold the bracelets for $5. plus $3.99 for shipping and handling  and 60 cents for taxes, but jacked up the price  in efforf to pocket the extra money.

The federal suit also claims Gaga never disclosed how much of the $5 bracelets was actually going to Japan relief , even though she included the money she allegedly pocketed as part of her claim donation.

The lawsuit says Lady Gaga violated a number of federal racketeering laws as well as consumer protection laws  from the alleged scam.

"I'm suing Lady Gaga simply to hold her accountable for giving the money that she was raising for charity to the cause that she was trying to raise it for,"said Art Kresch , a 1-800-Law-Firm attorney .

His colleague , Alyson Oliver  adds, "When we tried to communicate with the defendants in this lawsuit , all we got was , 'well, some of the money is being retained , but we don't really know how much."

Last night , Lady Gaga performed at the MTV Video Music Aid Japan show in Tokyo .

Really hope this is not true , but if it is , so disappointing .

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz Have Wed !

Daniel Craig , Rachel Weisz  met on the set of the up coming film Dream House , and began dating shortly after  Weisz and director  Darren Aronofsky announced their separation in November after 9 years together .

This is the first marriage fo Weisz and the second for the James Bond  star.

The couple reportedly tied the knot in secret in New York before four  guests . Weisz's  five-year-old son Henry from her relationship with Aronofsky  , Craig's 18-year-old daughter from his first marriage  and two friends

Craig and Rachal ...may you have a long and happy life together .

Release date : September 30, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris - David Burtha : Finally Set To Wed

With the passage of same-sex marriage in New York , Neil Patrick Harris is finally set to marry David Burtha .

The couple , who has twins together  , propose to each other more than five years ago , explains Harris on Twitter.

"We've been wearin g engagement rings for ages , waiting for an available date," he tweeted  today .

Before the historic vote late last night , Harris was on Twitter to voice his support for a very personal cause .

"I'd sure love to get married . Please , NY Senate , vote in favor of marriage equality today," wrote Harris . "My family would really appreciate  it."

Fortunately for Harris and Burtha , the measure got the necessary votes.

The actor was thrilled .

"It passed ! Marriage equality in NY !! Yes !! Progress !! Thank you everyone who worked so hard on this !! A historic night !"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Peter Falk : Star of 'Columbo' Dead at 83

Peter Falk, the Emmy-winning star of  'Columbo,'has died . He was 83.

CBS  Radio News confirmed via a family spokesperson that Falk died on  the evening of June 23.

Falk was best known to audiences as Lt.Columbo in the NBC / ABC police series . The last episode aired on ABC in 2003.

Besides the hit drama , Falk was nominated for two  Academy Awards,for  1960s  'Murder , INC' and 1961s Pocketful of Miracles'his last credited film role was the 2009 flick 'American Cowslip' opposite  Cloris Leachman  and Diane Ladd.

In 1956 , Falk made his Broadway deput in  'Diary of a Scoundrel ' Following several films and TV work , Falk won a Tony in 1972  for his performance in the 'The Prisoner of Second Avenue , after Columbo ; Falk is probably best known as the grandfather and narrator of 1987s  The Princess Bride.

Falk is survived by wife Shera Danese  and adopted daughters  Jackie and Catherine . After Falk fell ill following a surgical procedure in 2009 , Shera Danese released a statement on, placing the site on hiatus.

Falk suffered from demenita  and late in his life he reportedly could not recall his most famous character , 'Columbo.'

Cars 2 - Trailer


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spielberg Demands Megan Fox Fired

..LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Michael Bay says Steven Spielberg demanded he dismiss Megan Fox from the third "Transformers" film after she compared Bay to Hitler.

Bay tells GQ magazine in an article appearing in its July issue that Spielberg, who is an executive producer on the film, told the director to "fire her right now" after Fox made the Hitler remarks to a British magazine last year.
Fox told the magazine before production began on the third "Transformers" installment that Bay "wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is."
The 25-year-old actress was replaced by Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," which opens next week.
Paramount confirmed Tuesday that Bay made the comments to GQ but did not elaborate.

Frankly, it was in poor taste, but it was just a remark and Bay should have just handled it himself; reprimanded her and moved on with the production. People shouldn't be fired for chance stupid comments.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amy Winehouse: Cancels Entire Tour After Disastrous Belgrade Show

Amy Winehouse, who was disoriented and, at times , completely incoherent while performing the first date of her European tour in Belgrade on Saturday has now cancelled all 12 stops of her tours.

The day after the disastrous  concert in the Serbian capital  ... during which the oft-rehabbed singer was booed as she slurred through a number of songs . Winehouse rep announced she was bailing  out of a concert in Istanhut on Monday and a performance in Athens on Wednesday.

Now the entire slate of concerts has been scrapped . Winehouse was supposed to have played Austria , Hungary , Italy , Poland , Romania , Spain and Switzerland .

Following Winehouse's one (and only) Eutopean date last weekend , Belgrade's local paper , The Blic , called her performance , "The worst in the history of Belgrade .

Do you think Amy can make a comeback ...Hmmmmm !

Not Exactly a Sex Tape But New Jen Aniston Video Tries to Go Viral

Jennifer Aniston's newest video features her trying to pimp Smart Water bottled water. The video's developers appear in the video and admit they want the video to go viral. So they try a few 'tried and proven' ways... Check it out to see what we mean with the sex tape part, kind of funny.

Monday, June 20, 2011

[UPDATE] Ryan Dunn Of 'Jackass' Dies In Crash

                                 Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn of   'Jackass'  died  in a car  accident this morning , Gossip Cop  confirms.

The crash took place in  West Goshen Township , Pennsylvania  near Philadelphia.

Police was notified of an accident  at 2:38 a.m. They responded and found Dunn's 2007 Porche 911GTS "fully  ingulfed in flames" in the woods near the road.

An unidentified passenger was also killed .

We hear Dunn was burn so badly , he could only be identified  by some tattoos he had on his chest.

Just about two and a half  hours before Dunn died , He posted a photo on  Twitter  (below) showing him drinking with buddies.
                                  Ryan Dunn  and drinking buddies
A photo of the wreckage was leaked  (below) , showing Dunn's mangled and charred car.
                                Dunn's mangled and charred car.
RIP  ... Ryan Dunn ....Jackass won't be the same without you.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bruce Springsteen on Clarence Clemons : "His Love Is Immeasurable"

Clarence Clemons  , the iconic saxopnonist at the heart of Bruce Springsteen  E Street Band , has died . The musician suffered a stroke on June 12 . Initial signs were god for recovery after he had two brain surgeries , but his condition later turned for the worse.

Bruce Springsteen has open up after the death of Clarenc e Clemons , his music partner fo nearly 40 years.

Clemons passed away last night  at age 69  due to complications from a stroke he suffered  six days earlier .

Springsteen said in a statement about the E Street Band  saxophonist : "Clarence lived a wonderful life . He carried within him a love of people that made them love him . He created a wonderous and extended  family. He loved the saxophone , loved our fans  and gave everything he had when he stepped on stage."

The  Boss added, "His loss is immeasurable and we are honored and thankful to have known him and had the opportunity to stand beside him for nearly 40 years . He was my best friend , my partner , and with Clarence at my side , my band and I were able to tell a story far deeper than those simply contained in our music . His life , his memory and his love will live on  in that story and in our band.

RIP  Clarence Clemons ....may you play in the band with the Angels.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crystal Harris : Partying With Heidi Montag On Would Be Wedding Day "OMG"

   Crystal  Harris                                                                  Heidi Montag

Apparently , Crystal harris will be partying today after all.

On  the day she was once supposed  to marry Hugh Hefner , Harris will instead be celebrating at the  Wet Republic at  MGM Grand in Las Vegas .

Another controversial blonde bombshell with musicals aspirations ... Heidi Montag  is hosting the party.

Hefner ex Holly Madison , who hasn't hidden her disdain  for Harris , responded to the reported Las vegas bash by saying on Twitter , "That's disgusting and whoever booked her is tacky !"

Madison also called it "a new low !!!"

Harris herself hasn't confirmed any specific plans for what would have been her wedding day, only tweeting this morning that she'd be going "out of town"..."for some R&R .

A word of advice : Crystal go out of town ... get some  R&R ... keep your mouth close and your dirty linen in your closet. Everyone know that is impossible.   HEHE

Friday, June 17, 2011

Anthony Weiner : Job Offer From Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt "WTF"

Anthony Weiner                                                              Larry Flynt
Anthony Weiner has a job waiting for himin California ... but we doubt if he'll take it .

Porn kingpin and First Amendment  advocate Larry Flynt  just offered the former Congressman a role with his company ... and insists it's a serious offer.

"I would like to make you an offer of employment at Flynt Management Group , LLC  in our internet  group ," writes the  Hustler  publisher in an open letter to the Huffington Post.

"As a  congressman , you are known for your intensity and perseverance and I believed that this attitude , combined with your service in the House of  Representatives  Committe , will make you a valuable asset to this  Corporation.

While Flynt , a longtime chronicler of political sex scandals , fails to detail the job's specific duties , he assures Weiner that the offer "is not made in jest." He even pledges to pay  20% more than  Congress paid , with health benefits and relocation costs to Bevely Hills , California.

"Flynt Management Group , LLC and  Hustler Magazine  have been dedicated to decades of serious political commentary," writes Flynt . "Just as we do not undertake in sincere policial crusades , we do not make insincere job offers."

Flynt no doubt wants to put weiner in porn movies ... Weiner should wait on an offer from Trojon  condoms .  What is next for Weiner ? Stay tuned  . 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anthony Weiner : Heckled During Resignation "OMG"

Anthony Weiner was heckled during his resignation  announcement this afternoon , with a frenzied crowd yelling some things you wouldn't hear at most political press conference.

At the moment he official resigned , cheers could be heard from the gathering , along with  "Bye Bye  pervert !"

Moments later , someone yelled , "Are you more than 7 inches ?"

And as Weiner left the podium   he was asked , "Will you maintain your hot physique ?"

Ha  Ha  Ha !
He so deserved this .... I couldn't believe it when it took me so LONG to stop laughing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mel Gibson : Sued Over Rubber "WTF"

Mel Gibson has had his share of serious legal  issues in recent months, and now he's being sued over  ... recycle tires.

A man named  Nader Sherif  alleges that Gibson prodded him into investing his life saving  ... $200,000 Green Rubber , a company that uses a special technology  to recycle tires.

According to Sherif , Gibson eventually convinced him to di so by promiseing he'd buy Sherif's stock at full face value whenever he wished.

But when Sherif later approached  Green Rubber about selling his stock , the firm supposedly refused . When he then asked Gibson , says Sherif , he was dismissed .

Now Sherif is suing for $200,000 plus interest.

The lawsuit was first reported bt TMZ.

Just a thought : What do you expect from a man that didn't keep his promise to his ' baby mama.  There are fools born every day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Baby Mama 'Mildred Baena' Breaks Her Silence

Mildred Baena , the housekeeper with whom Arnolrd Schwarzenegger has a 13-year-old  love child , has broken her silence.

In an interview with  Hello  magazine , Baena decribes realizing Schwarzenegger was her son's father .

"It was as Joseph  grew and I started to see the resemblance that I wondered ... but it became more apparent as time went on" she says.

"I knew Arnold was the father , and maybe as Joseph got  older , and began to look like him [Schwarzenegger]  would wonder  if he was his, but he never said anything to me ."

Baena also opens up about the moment  Maria Shriver  confronted her.

"She asked [about Joseph] point blank ," recalls Baena , who says Shriver "cried  with me and told me to get off my knees."

"We held each other and I told her it wasn't Arnie's fault ," recalls the housekeeper , explaining , "It took two."

Baena still have affection and good wishes for Schwarzengger and Shriver , who separated after 25-years of marriage  just days before the scandal broke.

He's a good man and I know he's hurting too . He loves Maria . I hope with time they work things out .

Just a thought :  The whole situation is sad , but really , does she now have to "speak out" and continue the pain test ?  Then again , everyone involved made their own decision and we shouldn't judge .
 Just remember people , if you throw a stone into water , the ripple touch everything  so we all need to be careful of our decisions . But hey , that's just me .

First Costume Change For Superman Since 1938

Superman will go get a new look in the 21st century reboot of "Action Comics," DC Comics said Friday.
According to the LA Times, the long-running comic series will restart at No. 1 in September , with Scottish writer Grant Morrison and artist Ralph "Rags" Morales at the helm.

One of the most notable changes to the original comics so far is Superman's costume. Although the Man of Steel still sports a skin-tight blue suit and his iconic red cape on the new cover, he no longer has the added protection of the Speedo-like red trunks he's worn since the first issue of "Action Comics," published in June 1938. His belt is also changing color from yellow to red.

In addition to the Superman franchise, DC Comics also plans to relaunch other titles in the DC Universe, which includes superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern. New characters, stories and, of course, costumes will be introduced across the board.

Won't we enjoy seeing some of our old heroes once again? We need those positive images in the world even more now,  where the good guys always win and kids can dream of being a super hero.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Denise Richards : Talks About Charlie Sheen ... Likes Ashton Kutcher Choice

Denise Richards opens up about her marriage to [and divorce from] Charlie Sheen in a new memoir, and yesterday spoke with reporters about her ex-husband's departure from "Two and a Half Men.

"I am sad to see Charlie not on the show ," says Richards . "The show was written for him and he was so brilliant at it.

She does think , however , that Sheen's replacement , Ashton Kutcher , is "going to be great."

As for her troubled ex Richards' upcoming book will not be a slam piece.

"I'll get into the good stuff about my marriage because people have only gotten the rotten stuff," said the actress at the  Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation  'A Time For Heroes' Carnival in Los Angeles.

"There was a beautiful love story ... I talked about how I felt during that time because I feel like a lot of women can relate to that , going through a divorce and custody and being a single parent  and trying to work."

"I protect my children from that ," she said , "I don't keep the news on when they are around in my house , none of those shows are allowed to be on ."

"So far they are OK , but that could chane as [they] get older and more aware . But today we are good."

Just a thought : Richards continues to do her best to shield daughters  Sam  and Lola  from the media circus their father's life became in recent months.
Yeah , it's pretty clear the "MEDIA" don't care who they hurt for a storyline .
Even mainstream media is guilty of this .
But hey , that's just me. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Donate $500,000 to Joplin Tornado Relief

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have donated $500,000 to the  Community Foundation of the Ozacks  to aid tornado relief efforts in Joplin  , Missouri, 

Pitt , a native of Springfield, Missouri , said in a statement , "With the devestating lost os 30 percent of the city , the Joplin community faces great challenges ahead  . Having spent much of my childhood there , I know these people to be hardworking , humble , and especially resilient .

The locally based  Community Foundation of the Ozarks will be working shoulder to shoulder with these Joplin residents for the long haul as they rebuild their lives . We, too , hope to further help with these rebuilding efforts.

Jolie added, "Our hearts go out to the families in Joplin who has lost so much ."

Pitt previously commented on the devestation in Joplin at the L.A. premiere of his movie  'The Tree of Life' saying , "I spent a lot of time in Joplin . My grandparents  were from there ... my thoughts are certainly with them.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Students Earn Silver Medal at Skills Canada Competition

Silver shooters Torin Langen (left) and Zach Ramelan, two KCI students, recently earned a silver medal in TV and Video production at the Canada Skills Competition in Quebec City.

Torin Langen ( grade ten) was looking for an actor for a short film that he was directing.  Zach Ramelan wasn’t an actor, and he was new to Kitchener Collegiate Institute but he loved making films, so when he heard about Langen’s film he decided to go see what it was about.
Born out of that chance encounter was a friendship and eventual partnership. One year later, that teamwork helped the two Grade 11 students earn silver in TV and Video production at the Skills Canada competition, which took place from June 1-4 in Quebec City.
The competition was started in 1994 and pits 500 young people against one another in an Olympic style competition in 40 skilled trade-related events. Competitors must first win a local competition, then a regional competition, then a provincial competition, before finally ending up at the nationals. Last year Langen and Ramelan entered the competition after their communication technology teacher, Anestis Papoutsis, recommended they enter.  “I thought that they would make great candidates because of their teamwork, and that it would be a great way for them to see what the competition was all about,” says Papoutsis.

Despite being younger than most of the competitors they were facing, Langen and Ramelan won gold at the local and regional levels, before finishing fifth in Ontario.  This year the pair followed the same route, but won gold ( first place)  in Ontario and progressed to the national championships.  As proud as they were for winning the Ontario competition, the pair says that were “blown away” by the national competition.
“It was intense,” says Ramelan. “It was like we were in the Olympics".
Along with the glitz and glamour came additional pressure, however. “Once we saw how big this event was, it became serious and much more stressful,” says Langen. For the competition, Langen and Ramelan had to create a three to five minute video about the importance of investing in skilled trades in Canada. They had two days to shoot and edit the video. Ramelan would shoot the video while Langen would write the script and edit, with the two coming together frequently to brainstorm and help each other out. Altogether, they worked on the video for 14 hours.
Once completed, the video was judged by a panel of experts and then had a public screening, something that both said they didn’t want to attend. “Honestly, I though it was the worst thing either of us had ever done,” says Langen. “I didn’t want to go, I legitimately hated it.” The judges saw it differently. The pair finished second from all the teams across the country.

The pair has their sights set on the 2012 Skills Canada competition in Edmonton. “We’ll be there,” says Ramelan. “For the gold.”

Atta boy, Zach (my grandson) and congratulations to you both. Well done.

The Winning Video

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Michelle Rodriquez : Life Is A Nude Beach...'OMG'

With her eyes safely shielded by sun glasses , a very covered up Michelle Rodriquez didn't even notice the naked couple playing behind her on the beach in Ibiza the other day .

The spanish island has so much natural beauty.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weston Cage : Beat Up in Bloody Street Fight "WTF"

Weston Cage took 13  HARD punches to the face ... in the middle of a Hollywood street ... during a violent confrontation with his trainer yesterday ... and it was all caught on tape .

In the footage obtained by TMZ , Nic Cage's  haired son is beaten to a bloody pulp in front of the  Farmer's Kitchen  restaurant in Hollywood ... while several spectators stood by and watched.

The footage begins moments after 20-year-old Cage tried to deliver a roundhouse kick to his trainer after the trainer refused to allow Weston to order a certain item from the menu.

Stay tuned ...updates as they become available.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Homeland Security" : Filmed at Eldorado Resort Hotel Casino - Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport, Louisiana .... "Homeland Security," a major motion picture starring Anyonio Banderas , Meg Ryan and Colin Hanks , will shoot a variety of scenes in Shreveport's Red River District and at the Eldorado Resort  Casino Shreveport .

Areas to be shot include a hotel suite , the hotel lobby , the entrance fountain, The Vintage Steakhouse and an employee locker hallway. Filming will take place in the red River District  October 3 and at Eldorado  October 18 and 19 . The romantic comedy is set in Shreveport , and Eldorado  will be featured by name in the film.

Bettyjo LeBrun-Mooring , Film Office Director with the Shreveport- Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau , says , "I am thrilled that "Homeland Security" has chosen Shreveport-Bossier for this shoot  and elated that they chose Eldorado . This will be one of the first times the city and a casino has been named in a film this size . This is exeptional's the ultimate product placement .

"Homeland Security" chose Eldorado over several other possible locations in Shreveport-Bossier . According to the movie's director , George Galio , "Eldorado is visually stunning  and filmmaker friendly . It's the perfect setting for our romantic comedy."

The movie was made a couple of years ago ... you may also find it under the title "My Mom's New Boyfriend ."

Monday, June 6, 2011

Jennifer Lopez : Blocks Release of Intimate Honeymoon Tapes " OMG"

Update : Jennifer Lopez has temporarity blocked the release of an intimate honeymoon tapes that's been the subject of a bidding war among porn companies.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge  awarded the 'American Idol' star a restraining order against her ex-husband  Ojani Noa's  current girlfriend  Claudia Vasquez , who's in possession of the 1997 footage .

Now Vasquez will not be allowed to sell the tape for distribution without Lopez consent , reports TMZ.

Gossip Cop is pretty sure J. Lo has no intention of signing off on that.

Score : Jennifer Lopez --1... Ojani Noa and Claudia Vasquez --0 ...stay tuned , updates as they become available.

Angelina Jolie : 'Salt' Sequel In The Works

A sequel to the Angelina Jolie hit 'Salt'  is in the works , with the actress interested in reprising her role as butt-kicking spy Evelyn Salt .

Sony has ordered a script  for a new  'Salt' movie and work on the story has begun already , reports Deadline .

The first movie's plot open the possibility for a sequel.

It opened last summer to a strong box office and wound up earning more than $300 million world wide.

Will you go see the sequel off  'SALT ?'

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Haywire : Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes of  'Haywire' starring Ewan , Gina Carano , Michael Douglas , Channing Tatum , Antonio Banderas and Bill Paxon .
August 2011 is date to be released.

Breaking Dawn : Part 1

Starring Robert Pattinson , Kristin Stewart and Taylor Lautner ... opens Noverber 18 ... a teaser trailer just came online (although it has not been confirmed as an "official" version yet .

Friday, June 3, 2011

James Arness : Iconic 'Gunsmoke' Lawman Dead At '88'

 James Arness, a bigger-than-life actor who kept the peace as Marshell Matt Dillon on 'Gunsmoke' for it's 20-year run , died Friday of natural causes at his home in Brentwood , California  , his family told the Los Angeles Times. He was 88.

'Gunsmoke' debuted on CBS in 1955 and ran until 1975, in the procee making Arness one of the more enduring stars on tevevision and the Matt Dillon character  is one of its' most beloved and trusted.

The 6 foot 7 inch Arness towered over the cast , including Dillon's deputy , Chester , played by Dennis Weaver . Other supporting stars included Amanda Blake as Miss. Kitty and Milburn Stone as Doc Adams .

By the time Arness got the pat of Dillon , he had been a WWII combat veteran and appeared in several films , most notably the science fiction classics : 'Them' and 'The Thing From Another World ,' in which he played an alien.

The Minneapolis native's younger brother , actor Peter Graves , who died last  October , encouraged  him to get into acting . He cut his western teeth in four John Wayne films , including 'Hondo' and ' Big Jim McClain.'

It was wayne that recommended Arness for 'Gunsmoke' and  an on air endosement  from the film great himself . "I knew there was only one man to play in it , "James Arness." Wayne told viewers  (watch the video below). "He's a young fella  and may be new to some of you , but I've worked with him , and I predict he'll be a big star . So you might as well get used to him  , like you've had to get used to me ."

The role of Marshell Dillon proved a complex one and became a focus of the show , but Arness is said to have pushed producers to move the focus off him and onto the larger ensemble cast.

When 'Gunsmoke' ended in 1975 , a string of TV shows including the miniseries  "How Rhe West Was Won' and in the early 1980s , Arness turned leading man againin the cop drama  'McClain's Law.'

Arness brought Matt Dillon back for five 'Gunsmoke' movies starting in 1987s 'Gunsmoke : Return To Dodge City .

James Arness is survived by his wife , Janet , two sons and six grandchildren.