Sunday, June 30, 2013

Anderson Cooper Slams Alec Baldwin : Why does he get a Pass For Using Gay Slurs "?

Anderson Cooper is slamming Alex Baldwin for calling Daily Mail reporter George Stark a "toxic little queen" and "lying little b*tch" and then saying his rant was not homophobic in a statement to GLAAD.

The CNN host, who last year officially came out as gay, tweeted on Friday, "Why does#AlecBaldwin get a pass when he uses gay slurs? If a conservative talked of beating up a ‘queen’ they would be vilified."

Cooper then retweeted a post from CNN producer Steve Krakauer, who quoted the part of Baldwin’s tirade against Stark which read, "[I'd] put my foot up your f**king ass, George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much."

Krakauer’s tweet asked, "What does that mean, Alec?"

Baldwin, for his part, said he’s taking another hiatus from Twitter.

What do you think of Cooper’s take on the Baldwin incident?

Witchy do not find this amusing :
I have always liked Anderson Cooper for being a class act but I have gained tons of more respect for him for pointing to the obvious. Baldwin gets away with a lot of rudeness towards others. It is time for Baldwin to disappear and let others live their lives

Anderson Cooper is right. I'm sure that he's not really homophobic, but it doesn't mean he didn't use incredibly insulting language and say homophobic things. Everyone knows what "queen" means and he's not going to change the meaning for his benefit. If he wanted to make a point about George Stark believing he is "above" certain rules, then why didn't he use any other word that implies someone of high status? Prince, King, etc.... He didn't use a word that's gender appropriate because he wanted to make a point about Stark's sexual orientation. His bullshit defense also disregards other offensive things he wrote, as Anderson Cooper pointed out, and it's obvious to everyone that he was attacking Stark for his sexuality. Again, I don't think that necessarily makes him homophobic. I'm sure he doesn't physically or verbally gay bash the community as a whole; however, his insults to Stark were about Stark's sexuality. That was a mistake. I believe the same for Paula Deen. She may be ignorant and has done/said some pretty hurtful things, but her intention was probably not hateful towards the community. I've known real racists in my lifetime and they were a lot worse than some ignorant old woman. I've also known real homophobes, but sadly, they have sounded like Alec Baldwin in that message to George Stark.

Joe Jackson : ABC , 123 ... Take This Tax Lien

Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson doesn't live in Cali anymore ... but that's not stopping the State from coming after him ... claiming he still owes tax money, to the piddly tune of $2,700.

According to docs filed by the Golden State's Franchise Tax Board ... Joe needs to cough up exactly $2,719.86 for unpaid taxes in 2010.

Interesting part is ... in the docs, Joe's last known address is listed as the Jackson Compound in Calabasas -- where Katherine and Michael Jackson's kids live. BUT Joe's been estranged from the family for years (He's living in Vegas) and has no legal right to the property, which is owned by the Michael Jackson Estate.

Witchy says  those are fighting words :
wow, what a screwed up family this guy created.

$2,700... Isn't that a hand of Black Jack to this guy?

If it's a pidley amout as you claim then why hasn't he paid it??

Joe looks hilarious with that cheesy little mustache.

Paula Deen : New Job Offer ... No Apron Required

Disgraced chef Paula Deen needs a job ... and she's a mom ... so the good people who run a MILF-based porn site put 2-and-2 together and have offered her a SIX-FIGURE GIG.

A website called fired off a letter this week ... offering Paula a place in their company ... in light of her N-word controversy, which has lost her MILLIONS in sponsorships.

In the letter, PM starts by explaining to Paula she's a MILF -- a hot mom over the age of 65 who men would like to (you know). It continues with the job offer adding, "Full figured of thin, arthritic or diabetic -- you embody our perfect spokesperson."

As for compensation, PureMature says it's willing to offer her "6 figures for very little work" ... and NO nudity is required. Phew.

Who knows what years of fried Twinkies has created ...

Why do people care about what some old Southern racist Grandma has to say? So what if she used the N word. Get over it! I'm not saying it's right but people, move on! Any thick skinned person with a brain in their head, would brush this off their shoulders. What bothers me the most is not that she used the N word, it's the fact that she basically has done NOTHING to try to stop the controvercy!

She could have shown the public that she is pro-active in making a positive change in her beliefs by firing her racist kitchen staff, severing ties with her racist brother and maybe donating some money to an anti-racism foundation or some charity towards abused black women??

Do something Paula - ANYHING!! Just stop the pitty trip with those fake tears on TV. The feel sorry for me card isn't working! If you are serious about NOT being a racist, own up to your convictions and PROVE you're NOT! Stop playing the VICTIM. It's hard for public sympathy to some multi-million dollar celebrity with a big mouth who feels that they are owed!!

Jennifer Lopez Criticized For Performing at Turkmenistan Leader's Birthday: Singer Responds

Jennifer Lopez is being criticized for performing at the birthday party of an authoritarian leader in Central Asia.

On Saturday, the singer performed "Happy Birthday Mr. President" at the lavish celebration for Turkmenistan leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov.

But a rep for Lopez said she wouldn’t have agreed to the performance had she known about the regime’s history of human rights violations.

In a statement to Gossip Cop, the star’s publicist says the party was "not a government sponsored event or political in nature."

Lopez’s spokesperson adds, "Had there been knowledge of human right issues of any kind, Jennifer would not have attended."

Turkmenistan has been called one of the world’s most oppressive regimes by Human Rights

Check out the FULL STATEMENT below, and tell us what you think.

Jennifer Lopez and several other artists were invited and performed at a private corporate event for the China National Petroleum Corporation that was presented to their local executives in Turkmenistan.

This was not a government sponsored event or political in nature. The event was vetted by her representatives, had there been knowledge of human right issues of any kind, Jennifer would not have attended.

The China National Petroleum Corporation made a last minute ‘birthday greeting’ request prior to Jennifer taking the stage. This was not stipulated in her contract but she graciously obliged the China National Petroleum Corporation request.

Friday, June 28, 2013

GLAAD :Alec Baldwin Gets a Pass 'Cause We'e Shameless Starf**kers

Alex Baldwin just got a "Get Out of Homophobia Jail Free" card from the people at GLAAD ... because they don't have the balls to go after a self-proclaimed Hollywood liberal.

After Baldwin essentially called for the gay-bashing of a Daily Mail reporter ... the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- the same org. that's CRUSHED people for making far less harmful and threatening statements -- asked critics to back off Baldwin.

"Alec Baldwin is making it clear that the intent behind his tweets does not excuse his language, especially at a time when there were 11 incidents of violence against gay men in New York City just last month. As we all work to end such senseless acts of violence, allies like Baldwin are right to use these moments to reinforce support for the community and LGBT equality."

But the statement continues ... and might reveal the REAL reason they're letting Alec off easy:

"Alec Baldwin has worked with several organizations and added his voice to a campaign by Fight Back NY to encourage the State Senate to pass marriage equality with out actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He also had a guest role on Will & Grace and played a gay character in the 2006 Off-Broadway revival of 'Entertaining Mr. Sloane.'"

It's almost like the org. is afraid if they bash Baldwin, he'll STOP doing pro-gay projects. Hmmmm ...

If Bill O'Reilly said the same thing ... with the same explanation -- ya think GLAAD would still think it was no big deal? Hmmmm


Witchy says those are fighting words  , shame on you Alex ...HeHe

Alec Baldwin is a big jack*ss! I can't understand for the life of me WHY this man is given acting jobs and why he is on a TV show! He is an angry, nasty, hateful person and I could care less what his opinion is about anything. When he called his 'then' 12 year old daughter "a thoughtless little pig" on that answering machine a few years back, he showed us an emotionally abusive man. He is STILL that man - he just hides it now. I can only imagine what Kim Basinger went through when she was married to him. Shame on GLAAD for being afraid of this bully. Up yours Alec you jerk*ff.

Paula Deen : Dropped By Publisher

The demolition derby known as Paula Deen's empire rolls on -- she's just been dropped by one of her publishers, which says it will no longer release her next project ... which was expected to be a best seller.

In a statement released Friday, Ballantine Books announced it has cancelled the publication of "Paula Deen's New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up".

But get this ... even though the book wasn't set to come out until October, it's already #1 on Amazon with pre-order sales.

Ballantine adds its name to the long list of companies abandoning ship in light of Deen's n-word controversy ... The Food Network, OVC , JCPenney and Smithfield Hams ,etc ...

Witchy thinks this is a very serious matter :
Wonder if Paula is still planning the big plantation, southern style wedding for her brother? If she still goes through with the plans, there is no way she can make a come back.
For those who say that all Paula did was say the 'N' word 30 years ago, it was much more than that. It's just business sense. You don't want anyone representing you who makes offensive statements and has admitted that they don't know what statements offends people.
She hasn't made apologies about the slavery-themed wedding that she thought was a great idea for her brother. That was in recent years and she admitted this in her deposition.
Jewish people wouldn't tolerate a holocaust-themed wedding. She never made any apologies for the wedding idea because in her heart she thought nothing was wrong with the idea. She also thought nothing was wrong with the comment she made during her interview w/the NY Times where she asked for her personal security guard to come out on stage and laughed about him not being able to be seen against a black board.
Paula didn't realize what she said was wrong and still has yet to apologize for it. It also doesn't sit well with people when you ask them if they've ever said the n word and they say "of course." It makes it very hard to believe that they've used the word only once in their lifetime (like she told Matt Lauer on the Today show) but said something different under oath in her deposition. Again, it's not just the 'N' word. These companies are dropping their business relationships with her because she is bad for their brand. She said she does not know what offends people. As a result, it's too much of a risk to have them representing their products/services. Nothing more to it than that, people.
The bottom line is money .

Paula Deen : White Woman Suing Me Is Also Smearing Me !

Paula Deen has filed legal docs in the lawsuit that sent her career into a free fall -- claiming the woman who's suing her is trumping up racial allegations and now Paula is out for blood.

Lisa Jackson -- who claims she was forced to quit her job as manager of Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House -- is asking for damages based on racial harassment, claiming she's African-American adjacent. As for Jackson's proof she's got African-American ties, she points to her partner's biracial niece, whom Jackson claims is half Black.

According to Paula's new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Jackson's niece is NOT Black at all ... not even a little. Paula says Jackson's partner has now admitted the niece is Hispanic -- NOT Black.

And Paula's especially pissed that Jackson alleged in her lawsuit that Paula used the N-word in connection with Bubba's wedding, yet has never offered a shred of proof that the word was used.

So now Paula wants the judge to throw the book at Jackson, fining her with sanctions for creating a bogus racial harassment case.
Witchy says this is not amusing :

I suggest Paula is digging a deeper hole for herself!!! Seems like her big mouth and her actions have not helped her case!!! One apology was enough and her on going apologies plus playing the victim have not helped!! Time to stop the Paula coverage as it has become a pathetic joke!!

Paula you should have just paid her, and none of this would be happening, I bet all this has cost you a lot more than a Million dollars.
It is possible to be both black AND Hispanic...duh.... Cubans ...Puerto Ricans ... Dominicans....there ARE a lot of black people in those places....

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Prince Jackson Testifies at Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial

Prince Jackson took the stand to testify in the Micharl Jackson wrongful death trial against AEG Live on Thursday, speaking out for the first time about his father’s death and revealing intimate details about what the King of Pop was like as a father.

The eldest son of the music icon said his dad was very "protective" and always tried to keep his kids "humble."

The court was shown home videos of Jackson at home with his three children.
Prince also revealed that Jackson would sometimes come home from AEG tour rehearsals upset, telling the jury, "He would cry. He would say, ‘They’re going to kill me. They’re going to kill me.’"

The 16-year-old went on to detail the day his father died, recalling, "My dad was hanging half off the bed and his eyes were rolling."

Prince said Jackson’s death was most difficult for his sister Paris, who earlier this month allegedly tried to commit suicide.

Paula Deen : Gets Sugar-Coated Boot Trom Diabetes Drug Co.

Paula Deen's situation is so bad ... even diabetes is distancing itself from the crazy cook.

TMZ has learned ... Paula and diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk have parted ways ... at least for now. Deen -- who has Type 2 diabetes -- was a spokesperson for the company's campaign, "Diabetes in a New Light." Paula was singing the virtue of Novo Nordisk's diabetes drug Victoza, which she takes ... she also ironically was promoting "lifestyle changes."

A Novo Nordisk spokesperson tells TMZ ... they have mutually agreed with Paula to part ways for now, "while she takes time to focus her attention where it is needed."

At least Novo Nordisk was nicer than the other sponsors who 86'd Paula.

Paula Deen : Target's Dropping Me Too!

Paula Deen's in the crosshairs at Target -- with the retail chain telling TMZ they will NOT continue to do business with the chef in the wake of her N-word scandal.

FYI -- Target offers a variety of Paula Deen cookware ... including pots, pans and skillets.

A rep for Target tells TMZ ... "We have made a decision to phase out the Paula Deen merchandise in our stores as well as on Once the merchandise is sold out, we will not be replenishing inventory."

Meanwhile, Puma has yet to drop Aaron Hernandez. Just sayin ...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paris Jackson : Facebook Destroyed Her

Paris Jackson's deep depression has been largely the result of bullying ... and Facebook has been hosting the haters.

Sources closely connected to Paris tell TMZ ... the 15-year-old has been reeling from comments left on her Facebook page --- many about Michael Jackson and his lifestyle. Some of the comments involve the various molestation allegations ... others involve the odd life Paris lived while Michael was alive.

We're told Paris has taken the comments very personally ... and one source says, "They destroyed her." The source adds, there's a nexus between the bullying and her penchant for cutting.

Now here's the problem. Paris does not have access to her Facebook page while she's in the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center. But her family is deeply concerned that she'll backslide if she goes back on Facebook when she gets out.

The family is extremely frustrated, because they've tried to shut down Paris' Facebook page, but they can't --- Facebook's policy is that the family of a user has no right to shut down an account if the user is 13 years of age or older.

Paris' family believes Facebook could create yet another tragedy in the Jackson family, but they're powerless to do anything about it.
 If it hurts to be on Facebook, it's best to delete. If anything lowers your self esteem, delete and walk away.
If this child had some caring adults in her life, she would be better off. The Jacksons are treating her like a paycheck instead of loving her.

Powerless to do anything?? She is a child, it's the adults in her life's 'JOB' to keep her safe, and sometimes that means not just from others but themselves. They can and do have the power to shut that page down. I have a friend with a 15 year old that is having some issues and she not hesitate to troll her Facebook page, log in and review activity or shut it down as needed. Her child knows that privacy at this age is a privilege ...not a right. If she's being exposed to or engaged in dangerous behavior, she's going to protect her. 'Jackson family'...step up, do what you have to, love her and hold on to her as she struggles until she's strong enough to stand again. Love tough if you must, but do it. It could mean the difference between life or death. Love Paris as she go through this difficult time.
Witchy is really pissed off: HeHe

Paula Deen : CASINO DEAL GOES BUST..Caesars Kills Buffet Contract with Chef

Et tu, Caesars?

The casino company just announced it will be KILLING its professional relationship with Paula Deen -- and will close all 4 of her restaurants that operate on its properties.

FYI -- Deen has restaurants in Harrah's Tunica near Memphis, Harrah's Joliet near Chicago, Harrah's Cherokee in North Carolina ... and a buffet at Horseshoe Southern Indiana.

But fear not hungry gamblers, Caesars says it intends to rebrand Paula's restaurants and reopen them in a couple of months.

Caesars says the move is in the company's "best interest" following the whole N-word scandal.
 Witchy asks her in-house expert ... old 'Mr. Humble' ...

This is what happens when you say you aren't going to change and see nothing wrong with plantation style weddings, jewish jokes, your brother sexually harassing the female wait staff, saying the n-word and such.

It's her life and she can live it how she pleases and all the millions she has probably doesn't phase her at this point but in business these companies can't afford to be associated with her.

It's all about money. These companies have no moral compassion, just a monetary one and if they see she is hurting the bottom line she will get dropped. Freedom of speech gives you just that the freedom to say what you want but it doesn't protect you against the consequences of said words. She should have just paid that white lady who filed this law suit in the beginning and gone away until this blew over. Instead she's constantly in the news digging a bigger hole for herself. I don't feel sorry for someone who causes their own demise.

I think all these companies knew of her feelings on race and are now trying to reduce their exposure.
My humle opinion:

Paula Deen : Dropped by Walmart

Another one bites the dust ... Paula Deen has just been dropped by Walmart.

The retail giant just released a statement, saying, "We are ending our relationship with Paula Deen Enterprises and we will not place new orders beyond those already committed."

Walmart is Paula's latest business partner to sever ties with the celebrity chef in the wake of her n-word scandal ... a list that includes the Food Network, the Caesars casino company, and the ham company Smithfield.

Deen appeared on "Today" this morning, offering a tearful apology -- saying, "If there's anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back ... please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me."

Witchy laughing her butt off:
I kind of feel for her, but I also wouldn't want to carry one of her items through a WalMart line today. So I guess that's part of it. Someone please hire Paula so she can buy some make-up .

Monday, June 24, 2013

Paris Jackson : Deep in Dark 'Cutting' World

Paris Jackson will be in treatment for months, for a dark depression that is putting her life in serious jeopardy ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Paris' family is scoffing at law enforcement claims that her "suicide attempt" earlier this month was merely a cry for help. We're told when the bandages on her arm were removed, the damage was "horrifying." As one source put it, "Paris absolutely tried to kill herself, and it wasn't the first time."

Our sources say Paris is deep into the world of cutting. We've seen Paris' Tumblr page, and it's filled with pics of death, suicide and cutting. Several pics show teenagers putting guns in their mouths. As for cutting, the pics are graphic and very bloody. In one pic you see a girl with scissors cutting her arm with a caption, "I f**king hate myself."

Another pic shows an arm with writing over the cutting area that reads, "Suicide slice here."

In one posting, there's a piece of paper with the following type: "Why did you try to kill yourself?" The answer: "You told me to be happy."

And there are other photos of young girls who have just cut themselves and blood is everywhere.
And it looks like Paris reached out from time to time to get help, because there are several postings which have anti-cutting messages.

Family sources tell TMZ ... Paris is "doing better" at UCLA Medical Center but is still in denial and is fighting therapy. Although she has no desire now to cut herself again, we're told professionals are warning the family they need to figure out the triggers that plunge her into darkness.

Sources say ... Paris will move from UCLA to another treatment center, and she could be there for 3 months.
Witchy says :
The only thing that is going to heal Paris is to get as far away from the Jackson's as possible. Hopefully there is a large chunk of money put away for her, and do something fulfilling with her life. Be it higher education, charity work, even a spokeswoman for cutting. Such a beautiful girl, can turn into an even more beautiful woman she just needs to have the right people around her. Which is obvious she doesn't have now.
Witchy gave her oponion and moving on .

Don't Judge Paula Deen For OLD Racist Comments

                                         Rev. Al Sharpton:
Paula Deen is getting a raw deal for using the n-word 27 years ago ... at least that's the opinion of none other than Rev. Al Sharpton.

We asked Sharpton -- a renowned figure in the Civil Rights movement -- if Paula should be forgiven, and he was somewhat sympathetic, saying ... "A lot of us have in the past said things we have regretted saying years ago."

The Rev. added Paula should instead be judged based on the outcome of the current lawsuit ... from a former employee accusing Paula and her brother of using offensive language.

"You can't deal with what is fair and not fair till we see the outcome of the present circumstances she's accused of ... not something 20 years ago."

Sharpton also addresses another hot button racial issue ... fried chicken.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Queen Elizabeth Makes History

ASCOT, United Kingdom - History was made at Royal Ascot on Thursday when Queen Elizabeth became the first British reigning monarch to win the Ascot Gold Cup, itself the highlight of the five-day meeting.

Top hats were thrown skywards as Estimate, ridden by Ryan Moore, fought off Simenon in the closing stages of the 2 1/2-mile race. A rapturous reception from a crowd of 75,000 greeted Estimate into the winner's circle.

After the race, television replays of the Queen watching the closing stages from the royal box illustrated just how much victory meant to her. Features contorted with tension gradually gave way to the broadest of smiles as Estimate galloped to victory.

The same sense of elation was evident when Moore, who rode an exemplary race, later relayed how events on the track unfolded. "To do it for the Queen is fantastic," the jockey said. "To win in her colours is exceptional."

Even Moore's usually inscrutable features subsided to a broad grin as the Queen celebrated victory together with her racing and bloodstock advisor, John Warren, and Estimate's trainer, Sir Michael Stoute.

"It's a special thrill to win this race for the Queen," Stoute said.

"It will have given her enormous pleasure. Never mind being the Queen, she loves her racing."

The Queen usually presents the Gold Cup trophy to winning connections but this time the Duke of York stepped forward to give his mother a prize she has never won, despite 21 previous winners at the royal meeting. Her first, Choir Boy in the Royal Hunt Cup, was gained 60 years ago, the year of her coronation.

Estimate started 7/2 favourite for the Gold Cup and Moore played to the filly's strengths by keeping her close to the early pace. Once into the home straight Moore asked Estimate for her effort and she responded with gusto to resist Simenon by a neck.

Simenon's trainer, Willie Mullins, amplified the mood when he said: "I wasn't disappointed to be second - maybe for the first time in my life. It has been a fantastic day, and a fantastic result for racing."

Ladies' Day at Ascot was already bathed in emotion after Lady Cecil, wife of Sir Henry, who died last week, sent out Riposte to win the Ribblesdale Stakes 40 minutes before Estimate's victory. Sir Henry was an icon of the royal meeting, where he had saddled 75 winners over four decades.

Jockey Tom Queally and Lady Cecil, who took over training responsibilities on Sir Henry's death, found the first two days of the meeting a difficult experience. "It has been a tough week," Queally said. "A lot of people close to the boss are struggling emotionally and this means an awful lot to everyone at Warren Place (where Cecil trained in Newmarket)."

Generous applause rang out when Lady Cecil went to greet Riposte. "The reception was for Henry; he would have loved it," Lady Cecil said. "He had been planning for Royal Ascot since last year and we are just carrying on what he wanted."

In normal circumstances No Nay Never would have written the day's headline after the colt, trained in America by Wesley Ward, ran away with the Norfolk Stakes.

Despite being slowly away, No Nay Never established a clear advantage after a furlong before Joel Rosario settled him into a gentler rhythm.

It was a beautifully judged ride from a jockey who wanted to save something for the uphill finish.

No Nay Never also broke the two-year-old track record. When Ward was informed of the fact, he replied: "That's what we expected of him."

Friday, June 21, 2013

Food Network Drops Paula Deen

Paula Deen, the self-proclaimed queen of Southern cooking and a sugary mainstay of the Food Network, was dropped by the network on Friday, after a bewildering day in which she failed to show up for an interview on the "Today" show and then in two online videos begged her family and audience to forgive her for using racist language.

A network spokeswoman said it would not renew Ms. Deen’s contract when it expired at the end of June. Ms. Deen has faced a volley of criticism this week over her remarks in a deposition for a discrimination lawsuit by a former employee. In the document, she admitted she had used racial epithets, tolerated racist jokes and condoned pornography in the workplace.

The Food Network statement did not elaborate on its reasons for dropping her, but a person close to the network said its shows featuring her sons, Jamie and Bobby, would not be affected. Ms. Deen currently has three regular programs on the network, including "Paula’s Best Dishes."

In her first video on Friday, posted on YouTube and later removed, Ms. Deen, near tears, said: "I want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that I’ve done. I want to learn and grow from this. Inappropriate and hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable."

In a longer video posted later in the afternoon, she appeared more composed. "Your color of your skin, your religion, your sexual preference does not matter," she said, adding, " I was wrong, yes, I’ve worked hard, and I have made mistakes, but that is no excuse and I offer my sincere apology to those that I have hurt, and I hope that you forgive me because this comes from the deepest part of my heart."

In a third video on YouTube, Ms. Deen apologized to Matt Lauer, the host of "Today," for skipping a scheduled exclusive interview earlier in the day. She had agreed to the interview, extensively promoted by NBC News, to address the uproar generated by her deposition.

Clearly upset by her absence, Mr. Lauer told viewers that Ms Deen had spoken with him on Thursday, agreed to an "open and candid" discussion, flown to New York City — but in the morning, had her representatives cancel, citing exhaustion. "We just found out she’s a no-show," he wrote on Twitter. "Hoping to get more info on the Paula Deen situation soon. Very confusing."

After she apologized online to Mr. Lauer, a "Today" spokeswoman said the program was working to reschedule the interview.

Ms. Deen, 66, commands a small culinary empire, having produced numerous cookbooks, lent her name to household products from butter to mattresses, and served as a spokeswoman for Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Smithfield Foods. She and her sons own and operate a restaurant in Savannah, Ga. Her magazine "Cooking with Paula Deen," has a circulation of nearly 1 million, her Web site says.

But Ms. Deen has managed to offend even her most uncritical fans before, most recently in January 2012 when she announced She had Type 2 diabetes on the same day she endorsed the diabetes drug Victoza and a lucrative collaboration with Novo Nordisk, the drug’s manufacturer. Because she had built her career on a no-holds-barred approach to sugar and fat (creating recipes like a cheeseburger patty sandwiched between two doughnuts and a Better than Sex cake made with cake mix, pudding mix, and heavy cream), she was roundly criticized for encouraging an unhealthy diet for others, hiding her illness and then trying to profit from it.

On Thursday, criticism of her racial remarks mounted on Twitter — even spawning a sarcastic hashtag, #paulasbestdishes — and on Ms. Deen's own Facebook page.

The lawsuit against her was filed in March 2012 by Lisa T. Jackson, the general manager of Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House, a restaurant that Ms. Deen owned with her brother, Earl (Bubba) Hiers. Ms. Jackson, who is white, said that her father was Sicilian, with dark skin, and that she had suffered prejudice as a result.

In the deposition, Ms. Deen said that she had used a racial slur in the past, though not in the restaurant, and that she and her family did not tolerate prejudice. "Bubba and I, neither one of us, care what the color of your skin is" or what gender a person is, she said. "It’s what’s in your heart and in your head that matters to us."
She also stated that "most jokes" are about Jews, gay people, black people and "rednecks."

"I can’t, myself, determine what offends another person," she said.

Jackson Patriarch...A Real Sweetheart


No S*** Joe ... You are a shameless old fart-A** and those words is from Witchy  you old coot ...HeHe 

FBI Searches Michigan Field for Hoffa

Keep looking ... Have you checked the Talibans  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Watch: James Gandolfini's Best Roles Remembered in Video Tribute

James Gandolfini is remembered in a touching video tribute posted to YouTube on Thursday.

The montage captures the "Sopranos" star’s greatest onscreen moments in range of movie and television roles over the years, including scenes from "The Sopranos," True Romance, Where the Wild Things Are and more.
Gandolfini died of a possible heart attack while on vacation in Rome on Wednesday.
His sudden death has rocked Hollywood .

RIP James Gandolfini  ... you will be missed .
The PICs

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

James Gandolfini : DIES IN ITALY

6:01 PM PT -- "Sopranos" creator David Chase tells TMZ ... "[James] was a genius. Anyone who saw him even in the smallest of his performances knows that."

"He is one of the greatest actors of this or any time. A great deal of that genius resided in those sad eyes. I remember telling him many times, 'You don't get it. You're like Mozart.' There would be silence at the other end of the phone."

Chase continues, "For Deborah and Michael and Liliana this is crushing. And it's bad for the rest of the world. He wasn't easy sometimes. But he was my partner, he was my brother in ways I can't explain and never will be able to explain."

4:48 PM PT --
The celebrity tributes have begun ... we just spoke with Joseph R. Gannascoli -- aka Vito on "The Sopranos" -- who tells us. "James is one guy who never turned his back on me. He was the most humble and gifted actor and person I have ever worked with."

He adds, "He was a great man and I will forever be indebted to him. "

James Gandolfini
-- who famously played Tony Soprano on "The Sopranos" -- died earlier today in Italy ... TMZ has learned.

Gandolfini is believed to have suffered a heart attack. He was 51.

Gandolfini was in Italy to attend the 59th Taormina Film Festival in Sicily -- and he was scheduled to participate in a festival event this weekend with Italian director Gabriele Muccino.

Gandolfini shot to fame playing a hitman in the 1993 hit "True Romance" ... and quickly became a Hollywood legend when he was cast as Tony Soprano in 1999. He won 3 Emmy awards for the role during the show's 6 season run.

Gandolfini also appeared in a ton of huge movies including "Get Shorty," "The Mexican" and "Zero Dark Thirty."

We last spoke to Gandolfini in May in L.A. -- he was in great spirits, making funny faces and joking about a "Sopranos" movie.
Gandolfini is survived by his wife Deborah Lin, who gave birth to the couple's daughter in October 2012. He also has a teenage son from a previous marriage.

Just a Day in the LIfe....Of LiLo


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bob Buseick to direct River City Rep's ' Who's Afriad og Virginia Woolf ?'

Logan Sledge (clockwise from left), Ellen Lindsay, Patric McWilliams and Susan Kirton rehearse for the River City Repertory Theatre production, 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' /

Logan Sledge is Nick and Ellen Lindsay is Honey in 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?'

That’s how Bob Buseick, 80, describes theater.

When he was just 6 years old, Buseick, who’s from Oregon, was chosen to perform in a high school production.

"They needed a little boy in it who only had one word to say but he said it many times during the course of the play," Buseick said.

The word: Scrumptious.

"So that’s when I got bit by the theater bug, and since that time I’ve really found theater to be scrumptious," said Buseick, who is directing the River City Repertory Theatre production of "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

But this isn’t Buseick’s first go-round with "Virginia Woolf."

"In my early 30s, back about 1965, I was cast as Nick in the University of Oregon’s production," he said. "Then I went back to Portland where I was teaching and I was cast in the Portland Civic Theatre production of ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ as Nick and during the course of a year, I ended up playing Nick 78 times.

But this time around instead of acting, Buseick will be directing. And one of the actors he’ll direct is River City Repertory artistic director Patric McWilliams, whom he has known for quite some time.

"Patric and I go back to when he was 14 and his mother was my secretary at Centenary," Buseick said. "He did his education with me and then went off to New York and then he came back."

Buseick was chairman of the theater department at Centenary College for 36 years. But before that he taught junior high school for nine years and high school for six years in Oregon.

Buseick said directing McWilliams has been a true delight.

"I watched him from a student ... and I saw him open the door to what acting is all about," he said. "He’s the ultimate professional actor in the community."

And McWilliams, who portrays George, is excited about working with Buseick.

"I have worked with him for decades," McWilliams said. "I’m very used to his techniques and the way he works."

Buseick first became involved with River City Rep after retiring from Centenary in 2005.

"When I left Centenary, Patric had this dream that he wanted to fulfill of creating a professional theater in Shreveport, and I’ve been chairman of the board of that," Buseick said. "I’m a very loyal supporter and believe in the dream that he believes in of the professional theater."

McWilliams said working with Buseick is inspiring.

"The interesting thing about this is watching someone at 80 years old have the energy of someone in their early 20s," he said. "And it all comes from his passion for what he is doing. In rehearsals it just sort of lifts all of the rest of us and inspires us to really work hard and give our all to it."

Actress Susan Kirton agrees.

Kirton went to Centenary and was in the drama department before switching to business.

"He is such a perfectionist," Kirton said of Buseick. "With artistic people, perfectionists often have an edge. Bob has that edge but in such a wonderful, creative way."

Kirton said with Buseick directing, you know everything is going to be perfect when you step on stage.

"The stage is going to be perfect, the timing and the pace of the play is going to be perfect and you just know you’re in great hands," she said.

Kirton added that Buseick has produced many theater professionals around the community and beyond.

"He has such a prolific history of producing theater professionals," she said. "You can hardly throw a stick without running into someone he’s coached or taught or directed."

In the production, Kirton performs the role of Martha.

"Usually when people hear about the play ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ they ask me if I’m playing Virginia," she said, laughing. "Virginia Woolf was an author who was known for her mood swings. It’s a play based on ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

The characters in the production all have deep-seated, twisted back stories, Kirton said.

"And they mask those and how they bubble up later," she said. "It is the Super Bowl of dramatic roles. You just don’t get more intense than this role of Martha."

McWilliams said this is the 50th anniversary of "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

"Something that’s really interesting in working in shows that are old is sometimes you kind of feel their age," McWilliams said. "But this script feels as modern and contemporary and relevant as if it were written two weeks ago, and I find that very interesting about it."
And what about McWilliams acting instead of directing?

"For decades and decades that’s what I did," he said. "It’s a different mind-set to get back into it. It’s been a situation of getting the gears and cogs moving and working again."

Kirton said a major draw for her to do the play was having the opportunity to work alongside McWilliams as a fellow actor.

"I’ve been directed by him, which I love because he really does have a great way of communicating roles to me," she said. "We speak the same language where that’s concerned."

Buseick said it is great working with the four actors in the play, three of whom are former Centenary students.

"He (McWilliams) is an ex-student, Susie (Kirton) is an ex-student, Logan (Sledge) is an ex-student and Ellen (Lindsay) almost was an ex-student but she chose to go to Tulane and LSU, so it was great to bring her back as a professional actor," he said.

"So I felt like wow, what a perfect cast to work with; people I’ve worked with at different stages of their development and get them all together to do a show that I feel passionate about."

So what’s Buseick’s favorite production?

"I don’t have a favorite," said Buseick, who has directed more than 200 productions. "Usually when people ask me that, it’s the show I’m working on that’s my favorite."

"Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
When: 7:30 p.m. June 26-29; 3 p.m. June 30. East Bank Theatre, 630 Barksdale Blvd., Bossier City, Louisiana
Admission: $35; $10 for students and military with ID.
Information: (318) 868-5888
• Susan Kirton — Martha.
• Patric McWilliams — George.
• Logan Sledge — Nick.
• Ellen Lindsay — Honey.
Written by :Sherry P. Shephard
Thanx Sherry .... Nee
Photos by Neil Johnson/Special to The Times

Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie Is 'Sexy As Ever'

            Brad Pitt at World War Z premiere in New York

Angelina Jolie may not have been at Brad Pitt's side at the New York premiere of his World War Z Monday night – like she was at the London opening – but she wasn't far from his mind.

"She's getting ready for World Refugee Day" this Thursday, Pitt told reporters on the red carpet, while Jolie was in Los Angeles.

Asked to describe his feelings about Jolie after she publicly announced her decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy. Pitt replied: "She has always been the brave, bold individual that I fell for – and sexy as ever."

Pitt also talked about his movie, a "bad-ass" (his word) zombie extravaganza, and the reaction of his kids – Maddox, 11; Pax, 9; Zahara, 8; Shiloh, 7; and twins Knox and Vivienne, 4 – to it.

"They love these kinds of things," he said, "and that's the thing that first drew me to it."

Then again, Maddox has a vested interest in the movie: he's in it.

"He's got a small piece in it," said Pitt. "He's a zombie who then gets shot. I don't know what that says about my parenting!"

Abigail Hargrove, who plays the Pitt character's older daughter in the movie, confirmed Maddox's acting bug, saying, "I remember one day he was talking to his dad, Brad, and I remember him talking about how he had to shave off his Mohawk because he had to play one of the zombies and I was like, 'No! Not the Mohawk!' But he was very excited to be a zombie. Definitely."

And, PEOPLE asked Pitt, which does he find more difficult, making a blockbuster like this or – because he and Jolie announcd their engagement in April 2012 – planning a wedding?

"Ha, ha, ha!" Pitt replied, suddenly continuing down the red carpet. "I'm movin' on, man. I'm moving on!"

Monday, June 17, 2013

Betty White Will Date You for Money (for CHARITY)

Miami, you've got style and Cleveland brings the hotness, but if you want to meet Betty White, you'll have to head to L.A.

That's where a date with the TV icon is up for grabs – as long as you've got the cash.

An evening with the Hot in Cleveland star is hot on eBay, with a starting bid of $1,500.

Included in the auction: two round-trip tickets to Los Angeles, VIP tickets to the Morris Animal Foundation Gala of Hope – an Evening with Betty White, one night stay at the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey (where the gala is being held) and, of course, a seat at White's table at the event.

Bidding ends on June 24, with all proceeds from the auction going to benefit the Morris Animal Foundation, for which White is a trustee.

Michael Jackson : AEG CEO's Description Offers Jury Different Portrait of Pop Star

LOS ANGELES — A look at key moments this past week in the wrongful death trial in Los Angeles between Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, and concert giant AEG Live LLC, and what is expected at court in the week ahead:
Jackson's mother wants a jury to determine that the promoter of Jackson's planned comeback concerts didn't properly investigate Dr. Conrad Murray, who a criminal jury convicted of involuntary manslaughter for Jackson's June 2009 death. AEG's attorney says the case is about personal choice, namely Jackson's decision to have Murray serve as his doctor and give him doses of a powerful anesthetic as a sleep aid. Millions, possibly billions, of dollars are at stake.
_AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips told jurors he received conflicting information about Jackson's health just days before the singer's death, but was reassured by Jackson's personal physician that everything was fine. Phillips also said he thought Jackson looked good during a meeting five days before he died, alleviating his fears.
_ Phillips concluded his testimony after eight days on the stand and pointed questions from Katherine Jackson's attorney about his memory of events. The executive also tried to bolster AEG's contentions that it was Jackson's choice to hire Murray, telling jurors that the singer was a sophisticated, forceful businessman.
_ Several minutes of footage of Jackson spinning and dancing during a rehearsal of his song "Billie Jean" during a "This Is It" rehearsal in June 2009.
_ A photo of a slender-looking Jackson in a T-shirt being dwarfed by shoulder elements of a costume he planned to wear. The image was shot on June 19, 2009, the day the singer had to be sent home from rehearsals because he was shivering and unable to eat on his own, according to emails from top tour workers.
_ "We seem to be talking about Michael like he's the 5-year-old lead singer of the Jackson Five. ... That was not the man I dealt with," Phillips said, describing the singer as a forceful businessman who dictated who he wanted to work with on the tour.
_ "You can't give up on people – that's not our job," Phillips said regarding working with entertainers who have documented problems of substance abuse.
_ Authorities released a dispatch call related to the hospitalization of Jackson's 15-year-old daughter, Paris. According to information from sheriff's deputies at the scene, Paris Jackson took 20 Motrin pills and cut her arm with a kitchen knife.
_ Jurors will likely hear from an expert witness and should see a return of Jackson's makeup artist, Karen Faye, whose cross-examination by an AEG attorney has been delayed by her work schedule and the availability of other witnesses.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Killing Season : John Travolta Hunt Robert DeNiro In Woods Trailer

Killing Season stars Robert De Niro as a reclusive U.S. military veteran who meets a mysterious European played by John Travolta.

Then they start hunting each other in the Appalachian mountains.

The movie opens in July.

Witchy wants to know:

How were they able to get their walkers up and down the mountains?


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kim Kardashian Is a Mom

The youngest Kardashian will already have playmates her age. Kim's big sister, Kourtney has two children with boyfriend, Scott Disick: Mason, 3½, and Penelope,who turns one on July 8.
"I'm so excited we're having a girl," Kim said on a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, when she learned the sex of her baby. "Who doesn't want a girl? I think they are the best. I know that's really what Kanye has always wanted – he wanted a little girl."

West publicly broke the news of his girlfriend's pregnancy mid-song at an Atlantic City concert the night before New Year's Eve. Kim later confirmed the news, posting on her website, "It's true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us."

Since announcing her pregnancy, Kim experienced some bumps in the road, including criticism for her expectant outfit choices and a seemingly never-ending divorce from Kris Humphries – that was eventually finalized just earlier this month.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Debbie Rowe : Won't Seek Guardianship of Paris ... For Now

Debbie Rowe is NOT at odds with Paris Jackson's guardians, Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson -- and she will not try to wrestle guardianship away unless the situation changes drastically ... because she does not want to split up Michael Jackson's 3 kids.

Sources directly connected with the family tell TMZ ... Debbie has spent a significant amount of time at Katherine's house and "likes and respects" Katherine. We're told Debbie loves TJ, and worries he's taken on so much -- not only is he guardian to MJ's 3 kids, he has a family of his own to care for.

As for Debbie's relationship with Paris, we're told it's "intense." Paris calls Debbie "Mom" and the two interact as mother and daughter, with Debbie often correcting Paris and "laying down the law."

We're told as much as Debbie loves Paris and wants to be with her, she does not want to yank Paris out of the family house and away from her brothers, Prince and Blanket. We're told Debbie is especially worried about Blanket, who is vulnerable and feels abandoned after Michael's death.

Now here's the problem -- We're told Michael's brothers and sisters -- with the exception of Janet -- have been on a campaign against Debbie being part of Paris' life.

Not a big shock, right?

Now Witchy is really pissed :
Not for nothing, Debbie should just take all three kids. If she respects Katherine and TJ, then she can let them come visit. This family is toxic and especially to Paris. I feel that she is in severe emotional distress being around them.

Katherine is flaky and TJ puts on a good image from a distance. That is not what being a good parent is about. Of course these people know how to seem nice, they are entertainers. The real proof is in how they treat others.

They seem to do everything they can to emotionally sabotage Paris. Why in the world would they discourage her from seeing her mother? I think the mother is even maybe intimidated by them, so she is trying not to make waves. She must have heard an earful about them from Michael.

I don't know how things could get much worse. If they do get much worse, there might be no turning back.

Poor little Blanket. Has so little.
No real Mommy or Daddy.

His money means nothing in what matters in a person's life.

Not even a real name!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Michael Jackson: So Broke He Needed Tour To Buy a Home

It's a shocking testament ... Michael Jackson -- who amassed hundreds of millions of dollars during his storied career -- needed the "This Is It" tour so he could afford a house for his children.

During the wrongful death trial Wednesday afternoon ... AEG honcho Randy Phillips told the jury about an emotional meeting he had with MJ around Halloween, 2008. Phillips said a tearful Jackson told him his 3 kids were living "like vagabonds" -- shuttling from a Las Vegas rental to the Bel Air Hotel in L.A.

Phillips said Jackson wanted a home the family could call their own, and needed the "This Is It" tour to make enough money to realize that dream.

Phillips said the meeting was so emotional, both he and Jackson cried.

But get this ... the next day Phillips met MJ again, and the singer revealed the home he wanted to buy --- a 40,000-square-foot estate with a $93 million price tag. Phillips told MJ he thought it was ridiculous to blow his wad on the property.

MJ eventually settled on renting the house where he died.

What in the HELL is wrong with Michaels youngest kid Wet Blanket?...He always looks so disturbed in pictures...What is he Korean? Samoan? Tongan? Filipino? Eskimo? Jamaican? He may also have some Columbian in him. Which I find odd because Michael made sure his kids DNA came from SMART Countries..And the ones mentioned are NOT!

Waste money like a king, live like a homeless queen.

Born a beautiful black boy...died an old white woman.
Not funny ... but true ...HeHe!!!

But on the other hand ...
He was delusional from all of the drugs flowing through his veins. Maybe Paris had a breakdown because she's discovered there isn't a red cent left for her or her siblings after Jackson spent like a fool and his parents siphoned off anything else. It's all so absurd and Katherine Jackson seems more and more senile and out of touch. No wonder the judge wants a complete review.

Paris Jackson: She Hasn't Grieved Over Dad's Death

 Paris Jackson is stable and doing OK ... but she's dealing with some pretty heavy issues, including the fact that she hasn't dealt with Michael Jackson's death -- this according to sources connected with the Jackson family.

Our sources say Paris -- who's currently receiving psychological help at UCLA Medical Center -- has indeed felt bullied, but NOT by schoolmates. We're told Paris has had an obsession with comments people leave about her on social media and websites -- and the negative comments "really get to her." Our sources say she currently does not have access to her phone or the Internet, so the problem is temporarily solved.

Paris, one source says, is a "rebel." We've learned Paris almost got expelled from school after punching a student who "talked smack about her father."

We're told Debbie Rowe has expressed deep concern about some of the friends Paris has been hanging with -- friends who she believes have been a bad influence.

And there's this ... we're told the shrinks who have been helping Paris believe she has not really gone through the grieving process over her dad's death. In other words, a lot of emotional upset has been building for nearly 4 years.

It's said when Paris gets out of UCLA ... she and Debbie Rowe are going away together for 6 to 8 weeks so she can get better. Our sources say Debbie feels very strongly it's important to get her the hell out of L.A. for the summer.

I'm keeping an eye on this story...HeHe

Melissa McCarthy Addresses Being Called "HIPPO" in Nasty Review of 'Identity Thief

Back in February, when Melissa McCarthy starred in the hit film Identity Thief, New York Observer critic Rex Reed

caused a firestorm when his review of the film focused on the actress’ weight, calling the comedic star "tractor-sized" and a "female hippo."

Now, McCarthy herself is addressing Reed’s insults.

The actress tells the New York Times that her initial reaction had been, "Really?" and that she wondered, "Why would someone O.K. that?"

Still, McCarthy seems to have more pity for Reed than anything else.

She says, "I felt really bad for someone who is swimming in so much hate. I just thought, that’s someone who’s in a really bad spot, and I am in such a happy spot."

McCarthy notes that had she read Reed’s comments when she was 20, she would’ve been "crushed." These days, however, the actress is more worried about the effect of this kind of attack on "all those younger girls, that are not in a place in their life where they can say, ‘That doesn’t reflect on me.’"

HaHaHa!!!Now that's a riot:
Rex Reed. Just another uppity little shit. Melissa is a beautiful woman and he's just a hateful little man.

A heavy person can always lose weight ,,, but a nasty little person will always be nasty and a little a**hole.