Friday, June 28, 2013

Paula Deen : Dropped By Publisher

The demolition derby known as Paula Deen's empire rolls on -- she's just been dropped by one of her publishers, which says it will no longer release her next project ... which was expected to be a best seller.

In a statement released Friday, Ballantine Books announced it has cancelled the publication of "Paula Deen's New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up".

But get this ... even though the book wasn't set to come out until October, it's already #1 on Amazon with pre-order sales.

Ballantine adds its name to the long list of companies abandoning ship in light of Deen's n-word controversy ... The Food Network, OVC , JCPenney and Smithfield Hams ,etc ...

Witchy thinks this is a very serious matter :
Wonder if Paula is still planning the big plantation, southern style wedding for her brother? If she still goes through with the plans, there is no way she can make a come back.
For those who say that all Paula did was say the 'N' word 30 years ago, it was much more than that. It's just business sense. You don't want anyone representing you who makes offensive statements and has admitted that they don't know what statements offends people.
She hasn't made apologies about the slavery-themed wedding that she thought was a great idea for her brother. That was in recent years and she admitted this in her deposition.
Jewish people wouldn't tolerate a holocaust-themed wedding. She never made any apologies for the wedding idea because in her heart she thought nothing was wrong with the idea. She also thought nothing was wrong with the comment she made during her interview w/the NY Times where she asked for her personal security guard to come out on stage and laughed about him not being able to be seen against a black board.
Paula didn't realize what she said was wrong and still has yet to apologize for it. It also doesn't sit well with people when you ask them if they've ever said the n word and they say "of course." It makes it very hard to believe that they've used the word only once in their lifetime (like she told Matt Lauer on the Today show) but said something different under oath in her deposition. Again, it's not just the 'N' word. These companies are dropping their business relationships with her because she is bad for their brand. She said she does not know what offends people. As a result, it's too much of a risk to have them representing their products/services. Nothing more to it than that, people.
The bottom line is money .

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