Thursday, May 31, 2012

Michael Jackson Death House : Someone Finally Made Offer

The house where Michael Jackson died -- a house that the owner has been trying to sell for 3 years -- finally has attracted a buyer, but it's not a done deal ... yet.

Real estate sources tell TMZ ... an L.A. businessman has written an offer for around $17 million for the Holmby Hills estate. Here's the problem -- it's listed for $23.9 million, so the buyer and seller are in the process of negotiating to see if they can find a middle ground.

Our sources say the businessman who made the offer "couldn't care less" that Michael Jackson lived and died there. He just likes the house.

The owner has had problems selling the house in the past, partly because it has been overrun by tourists eager to sneak a peek.

Mauricio Umansky has the listing on the house. He's married to "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards. Mauricio is having a good week. One of his listings just closed today and it broke a record for prices on Sunset Blvd. -- $35 million.

That oughta keep Kyle happy.

[TAB CLAIM] John Travolta to be Subject of "Explosive Tell All" by Family Members "WTF"

In the wake of his sexual harassment lawsuits , John Travolta's family is "falling apart" due to an "explosive tell-all" supposedly being penned by a close relative, reports the National Enquirer.

According to a source for the mag, the "bombshell book" is set to expose "all his dirty laundry," and it’s already "created a deep division in the family."

So, what sort of secrets will the tell-all allegedly reveal?

The tab claims it will "dig into Travolta’s 21-year marriage to Kelly Preston , as well as the couple’s handling of their late son Jett’s autism."

A "second family source" says, "I think some of the Travoltas don’t like Kelly, and a lot of dark secrets about her could wind up in the book."

Like what?

The tab’s source has no idea.

Anyway, the Enquirer goes on to claim, "Some insiders believe that the Travoltas refused to acknowledge Jett’s autism because Scientology doctrine preached that people suffering from psychiatric and neurological disorders are ‘degraded beings.’"

And that’s not all.

Regarding the Pulp Fiction star’s supposed "gay sex scandal," one of the tab’s insiders says, "The family has known about John’s lifestyle for years — and it will all be in the book!"Whoa, that certainly sounds pretty explosive.

We just have one question.

If the Enquirer's so-called sources have managed to procure all of these alleged details about the book, then why don’t they know the name of the relative who’s writing it?

That’s kind of a big thing to leave out of.

Regardless, Travolta’s lawyer tells Gossip Cop there is "no book," adding, "It’s another made up story."

John Edwards : NOT GUITY !!!

John Edwards has just been found NOT GUILTY on one of six campaign fraud charges stemming from his 2008 run for President -- the judge declared a mistrial on the remaining counts after jurors deadlocked.

Edwards was found "not guilty" of receiving illegal campaign contributions.

The jury failed to reach a verdict on the other charges -- including three additional counts of illegal campaign contributions, one count of conspiracy, and one count of making false statements.

The jury -- 8 men, 4 women -- reached today's verdict after 9 days of deliberations.

The two-time former Presidential candidate was charged with the six counts of campaign finance fraud for allegedly using nearly $1 million in campaign contributions to hide his mistress Rielle Hunter and their lovechild from the public.

Edwards faced a maximum of 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine.

In closing arguments, Edwards' lawyer had told the jury the money to hide his mistress came from a former campaign treasurer and an elderly supporter -- both of whom gave Edwards the money as a gift for his benefit ... not as part of his campaign.

Edwards' lawyer said the money was used to hide his affair from his dying wife, claiming, "John was a bad husband, but there is not the remotest chance that John did or intended to violate the law."

Edwards spoke briefly outside the courthouse after the verdict was read, saying how grateful he was for his children -- and when he got to the 4-year-old daughter Quinn (whom Edwards fathered with mistress Rielle Hunter) he choked up, saying, "My precious Quinn, who I love more than any of you can ever imagine, [who] I am so close to, so, so grateful for."

We don't know if prosecutors will push for a retrial.

One Direction : Fans Twitter Accounts Reportedly Suspended as Spam

One Direction fans are not thrilled with Twitter right now.

On Thursday, the social media platform reportedly suspended tens of thousands of accounts belonging to the boy band’s ardent supporters, apparently in response to a flood of tweets using hashtags that pertained to a One Direction DVD "watch party."

The messages were reportedly considered "spam" violations.

It’s not been established how many accounts were actually taken down.

Directioners, as they’re known, began a "Twitter Unsuspend Directioners" trending topic in response.

Gossip Cop reached out to Twitter for an official explanation of whatever actions were (or were not) taken, but has yet to hear back.

Twitter infamously banned "Justin Bieber" as a trending topic amid the singer’s meteoric rise to superstardom.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Michelle Rodriquez : Her Take on Oscar Nod "WTF"

Michelle Rodriquez said you have to be "Trashy and Black" to get an Oscar Nod .

Michelle Rodriguez has some, um, interesting thoughts about the Academy Awards.

The actress was recently interviewed at the Cannes Film Festival, where Rodriguez raved about Nicole Kidman's

performance in the much buzzed-about The Paperboy.

Rodriguez is quoted in Vulture as saying, "I f**king loved it. One of my friends said, ‘She’s going to get nominated for an Oscar for that.’ I was like, ‘Nah, man. She’s not black!’"

She reportedly continued, "I laugh, but it’s also very sad. It makes me want to cry. But I really believe. You have to be trashy and black to get nominated. You can’t just be trashy."

Rodriguez seems to be implying that Oscar nods don’t get handed out for white "trashy" roles as often as for "trashy" parts played by people of color.

We’ve reached out to Rodriguez for clarification on exactly what she meant.

What do you think of Rodriguez’s commentary ?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jim Paratore : TMZ Founder dies at 58

Jim Paratore

-- the man who founded TMZ and created a slew of hit shows including "Ellen" and "Rosie" -- died of an apparent heart attack Tuesday during a bike trip in France.

Jim was President of Telepictures -- a division of Warner Bros. -- when he dreamed up the idea of getting into the digital business back in 2006. Jim and Harvey developed the concept of TMZ ... and Jim sold it to the big wigs, which was no small feat.

Jim was a driving force behind and then was critical in creating the TMZ television show.

Jim was a huge force in the TV business. After Ellen DeGeneres came out, no one wanted to take a chance on her. Jim recognized her great talent and literally went station to station across the country and convinced very nervous and reluctant general managers that they should take a chance on her -- that she was a talent who could connect with and touch everyone ... and Jim was right.

My friend, producer and champion Jim Paratore died today. He gave me a chance when no one else would. I love you, Jim.

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) May 29, 2012

Jim was a triple threat -- an amazingly creative guy who never let convention get in the way of a good idea. He was also a great producer who could execute the ideas that were in his head. And he was the best salesman in the world -- Jim could convince anyone of anything.

His list of credits is endless. On his watch, a slew of shows were produced, including "The People's Court," "The Bachelor," "Extra," "Judge Mathis" and on and on.

He was also hilarious.

Jim is survived by his wife, Jill Wickert, and his daughter, Martinique Paratore.

Everyone at TMZ was touched by Jim's brilliance and the loss is great and painful.

Jim was 58.

RIP Jim ... The PICs

Monday, May 28, 2012

Justin Bieber : Suspect in Alleged Papazzo Fight "WTF"

Justin Bieber loses his cool while out with Selena Gomez in Los Angeles on May 27, 2012. Reportedly, Bieber simply lost it for a moment and went after a paparazzo, losing his shoe and hat in the melee. Gomez Selena was there to recover his lost items. Fire trucks , cops and an ambulance were called to the scene and paramedics were called in .

Justin Bieber got into a fight with a paparazzo on Sunday in Calabasas, California, and has since been named a suspect in the alleged battery.

Although some of the details are murky, it seems that while the superstar and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, were leaving a local mall where they had gone to see a movie, Bieber and a photographer had a physical altercation after the shutterbug reportedly blBieber supposedly then jumped out of the car and scuffled with the photog.

Next, the paparazzo called 911, while other photographers took shots of Gomez trying to calm down Bieber, who was putting a baseball cap and a shoe back on that had fallen off during the alleged incident.

By the time the police and an ambulance arrived to treat the paparazzo, who was complaining of pain to his chest, The Biebs and Gomez had already split.

After being released from a local hospital, the unnamed photographer later filed a report in which he named Bieber as the suspect in what the police are treating as a misdemeanor battery.

The cops would like to now question the singer about the fight.

Gossip Cop

has reached out to Bieber’s rep for a comment.

Gomez, however, took to Facebook to write, "THANKS YOU SO MUCH to my fans for always protecting me and being there for me. I can’t thank you guys enough. I’m sorry I had to rush out. Love you guys."

Who do you think is at fault — Bieber or the paparazzo who reportedly tried to block his car from driving away?

Just a thought : This what happens when you invade someone's personal space ...after being followed for so long , you start to crack . Look at what happen to Britney Spears !! More strick anti-pap laws need to be created and ENFORCED .

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Propofol : Now Used to Kill People ..On Purpose "OMG"

Dr. Conrad Murray may have been ahead of his time ... because the drug that killed Michael Jackson will now be used to put people to death in Missouri .

The Missouri Department of Corrections has announced it has opted to ditch the previous 3-drug cocktail method for lethal injections ... and replace it with one giant helping of Propofol . Missouri will be the first state to use Propofol for the purpose of executing someone EVER .

So far , it's unclear when Missouri will begin using Propofol to kill people ... but there are 19 condemned men who could go on the chopping block in the very near future .
Stay tuned ... updates as they become available .

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Britney Spears : The Beginning of the X

So it begins ... Britney Spears just showed up for the first day of filming for Season 2 of "The X Factor" in Texas -- wearing a slim-fitting breast-accentuating pink dress, black heels, and a half smile.

Auditions are set to kick off any minute at the Erwin Center in Austin -- and we're told Britney's fellow "X Factor" judges Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid are there too.

There are reports a 4th judge is also present at the auditions. We can't confirm this.

Roy Horn to Caretakers : Turn Over Penis - Grabby video ... OR ELSE !!!

Roy Horn from Siegfried & Roy is LIVID over video footage currently being shopped to media outlets -- depicting the Vegas icon sexually assaulting his caretakers -- and now, he's threatening legal action if the tapes aren't turned over.

TMZ broke the story ...some disturbing video of Roy... who's been going through rehab since a tiger mauled him in 2003 -- surfaced recently, showing Roy groping his caretakers against their will. The video is now being shopped around to the highest bidder.

We've seen the 2010 footage -- and it shows several instances of inappropriate behavior ... including Roy forcibly kissing a caretaker, grabbing two caretakers' penises, tweaking one's nipples ... and more.

Now, Roy's legal team is on the offensive -- firing off a cease and desist letter to the caretaker allegedly behind the tape deal, demanding the footage be turned over STAT.

According to the letter, the caretaker in question signed confidentiality agreements with Roy before his employment, and those agreements prohibit any kind of surreptitious video recording. It's interesting, because we're told Roy was the one who wanted the cameras because he thought people were stealing from him.

Roy claims the agreements also prohibit sharing such recordings with the media.

If the tapes aren't turned over stat -- Roy says he'll make the caretaker's life a legal hell.

Elton John : Hospitalized ... Cancels Concerts

Elton John has developed a serious respiratory infection and been forced to cancel three "Million Dollar Piano" concerts in Las Vegas.

The music legend was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

John’s scheduled performances at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on May 24, May 25 and May 27 have been canceled.

"It feels strange not to be able to perform these ‘Million Dollar Piano’ concerts at The Colosseum," said John in a statement.

He added, "I love performing this show and I will be thrilled when we return to The Colosseum in October to complete the eleven concerts soon to be scheduled. All I can say to the fans is sorry I can’t be with you."

Last winter, a virus forced Celone Dion to cancel her own concerts at Caesars Palace .

Take care and get well soon . That baby boy of yours needs you upright and sniffin' the air .
The PICs wish you a speedy recovery .

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[CLAIM] John Travolta Offers $ 125,000 to 'John Doe # 2' For Silence

The New York Daily News claims John Travolta's legal team offered massage therapist John Truesdale $125,000 to withdraw his sexual battery lawsuit against the Hollywood star and to silence him after he alleged that Travolta tried to initiate sexual contact in an Atlanta hotel.

A "source" tells the newspaper that Truesdale was offered a "six-figure sum" not to pursue his serious accusations against Travolta.

Truesdale was recently identified as the "John Doe # 2" who, along with a second masseur, filed and then dropped a lawsuit through lawyer Okorie Okorocha, who was subsequently replaced by Gloria Allred.

But Travolta’s camp is strongly denying the Daily News report of a proposed payoff.

The actor’s lawyer, Marty Singer, tells Gossip Cop: "This ridiculous story about a purported six figure settlement offer to Doe #2 is false, just like the claim by the New York Daily News that my client had been ‘banned’ from the Peninsula Hotel."

He notes, "The Daily News’ source, Michael Caputo, is quoted on the record in People magazine confirming that my client was never banned from the Peninsula," adding, "It seems like the Daily News will publish virtually anything it is told even if there is no truth to it."

We gave a feeling the fighting is not quite done.

Now we know one of the accuser's names ... things seems to be heating up , the question still remains ... is Travolta quilty or is this a witch hunt .Remember folks , Travolta is innocent until proven quilty ... HeHe

Johnny Depp Adopted Into Indian Tribe

Johnny Depp has formally been taken in by the Comanche Indian tribe, a group of Native Americans based in New Mexico who love the idea of Johnny playing their beloved Tonto in Lone Ranger.

LaDonna Harris, president of Americans for Indian Opportunity, explains:
I reached out, and Johnny was very receptive to the idea. He seemed proud to receive the invitation, and we were honored that he so enthusiastically agreed. Welcoming Johnny into the family in the traditional way was so fitting. He’s a very thoughtful human being, and throughout his life and career, he has exhibited traits that are aligned with the values and worldview that Indigenous peoples share.
Johnny brought many gifts for everyone, as is customary, and we know they must have had a delightful time!!!  Thanx to Perez Hilton

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Robin Gibb Gone at 62



The British singer lost his battle with colon and liver cancer and passed away on Sunday, according to his family. A statement reads, "The family of Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees, announce with great sadness that Robin passed away today following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. The family have asked that their privacy is respected at this very difficult time."

Born in the Isle of Man, Gibb began his music career as a teen when he joined forces with his twin brother Maurice and older sibling Barry to form the Bee Gees. The stars initially tasted fame in their adopted home of Australia, where the family had moved in 1958, but they were catapulted into the spotlight when they returned to their native Britain in the late 1960s.

Their harmonies helped them score early hits with "To Love Somebody", "Massachusetts" and "I Started A Joke", but Robin, a vibrato who shared lead vocals with Barry, quit the band to embark on a solo career in 1969 after a disagreement. He enjoyed minor success in Europe with his track "Saved by the Bell", but his album, "Robin's Reign", struggled to make much of an impact on the charts and he decided to reunite with Barry and Maurice just a year later.

The trio's popularity began to wane and it wasn't until the mid-1970s that they returned to prominence with the disco hit "Jive Talkin'". Follow-up tracks like "How Deep Is Your Love", "Stayin' Alive" and "Night Fever" - all from the bestselling Saturday Night Fever movie soundtrack - cemented the Bee Gees' place in history as one of the most successful acts of all time with total record sales in excess of 220 million.

The "Tragedy" hitmakers, who also penned songs for Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. The Grammy Award winners disbanded in 2003 upon the death of Maurice Gibb, and it wasn't until 2009 that Barry and Robin decided to reteam and occasionally perform as the Bee Gees.
Goodbye Robin. We will miss you. The Bee Gees  had a unique and original style of music. The body of music you  have left us is a gift we will always appreciate.The Partners in Crime offer sincere condolences to Robin's family.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

John Travolta VS Gloria Allred ... Let The Fun Began

Gloria Allred "illegally" seduced John Travolta's accusers ... and convinced them to fire their attorney ... so says the scorned ex-lawyer.

Okorie Okorocha -- who represented John Doe #1 and John Doe #2 in their separate sexual assault lawsuits against Travolta -- says Allred had been soliciting his clients while he was still working on their cases.

Okorocha claims he warned John Doe #2 that Allred's actions were "unethical and against the law" ... but it didn't matter -- both Does dropped Okorocha and immediately signed with Allred anyway.

Okorocha did not say if he will pursue legal action against Allred -- but did pay her a compliment ... saying, "I know that the case is gonna go away quietly because Miss Allred has successfully made cases go away quietly."

"I'm confident [both accusers] will get justice, it'll just be an under the table payment."

We called Gloria for comment -- so far, no response
 Gloria Allred accused of stealing clients  .  "OMG"

John Travolta : Accuser # 2 Drops Sexual Battery Lawsuit

John Travolta is in the clear.

A little more than a week ago, two unnamed message therapists accused the actor of sexual battery in a lawsuit , and now both men have dismissed their claims.

John Doe #1 dropped his suit last week after it emerged that his claims of being groped in a Los Angeles hotel could not have been true, since Travolta was in New York on the day of the alleged sexual battery.

Days before the suit was dropped, Travolta’s lawyer, Marty Singer, told Gossip Cop, "On the date when plaintiff claims John met him, John was not in California and it can be proved that he was on the East Coast."

And now John Doe #2 is also out.

On Thursday, the unnamed message therapist also asked that his suit be dismissed after having accused Travolta of similar misconduct in an Atlanta hotel.

Okorie Okorocha who briefly represented the two men, gave no reason as to why his second client sought to withdraw his suit.

Singer, who called the allegations "ridiculous" from the start, tells Gossip Cop he has yet to receive confirmation of the case’s dismissal.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

John Travolta Will Face "Hell of a Fight from # 2 Accuser" Lawyer Says

As the sexual assault case of John Travolta's first accuser appears to have all but crumbled, the focus has shifted to allegations made by John Doe # 2 – and his attorney is gearing up for a no-holds-barred trial.

But he wants it carried out entirely in private.

"I want a full trial with a private judge," Okorie Okorocha tells PEOPLE, shooting down a report that he's in talks to enter mediation with Travolta's attorneys. "There is no mediation. There'll never be a settlement. I want privacy for sex crime victims."

"It looks like [Travolta's attorney Marty Singer] wants one hell of a fight, and that is what he'll get from me," Okorocha adds.

Says Bill Waldo, an L.A. sexual harassment attorney not involved with the case, "A mediation is an attempt to settle the case without a trial. But both sides could agree to a private trial instead where all proceedings would be confidential."

Despite a former cruise ship employee claiming Travolta propositioned him in 2009, Singer has denied any claims of wrongdoing.

"People are going to come forward to get their 15 minutes of fame," Singer tells PEOPLE. "This was all started by Doe #1, and everyone else came out of the woodwork with false claims."

Asked if evidence will be presented to refute Doe #2's allegations that Travolta assaulted him in an Atlanta, Ga., hotel in January, Singer replied, "We'll disprove it, but we need specifics first. It's hard to disprove something when you don't have more specific allegations."

John Travolta Lawsuit : Assurer # 1 Hires Gloris Allred

John Doe Number One, whose accusations of misconduct against John Travolta seemed to unravel last week, has a new lawyer.

"I represent John Doe Number One," famed civil rights attorney Gloria Allred confirmed to PEOPLE. "Mr. Doe's lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice which means that he is still legally entitled to file another lawsuit against John Travolta if he chooses. We are in the process of conferring with him regarding the next steps, which he may wish to take. Our client and our firm has no further comment at this time."

Allred has a long history of taking on sexual misconduct cases against A-list celebs, including allegations against Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others.

Doe Number One alleged in a $2 million lawsuit filed May 4 that the actor exposed himself and acted inappropriately while receiving a massage in L.A. on Jan. 16. But his lawyer, Okorie Okorocha, withdrew him from the suit after Travolta's attorney, Marty Singer, provided evidence that suggested the actor was in New York at the time.

A second lawsuit filed by Okorocha on behalf of an Atlanta-based massage therapist still remains active.

Singer has vehemently denied the allegations as "false" and "absurd," adding, "People are going to come forward to get their 15 minutes of fame."

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

John Travolta : Accuser # 1 Dismisses Suit

The first man to accuse John Travolta of sexual assault has just filed papers dismissing his lawsuit against the actor ... TMZ has learned.

The masseur had claimed Travolta assaulted him on January 16 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. But as TMZ first reported, flight records show Travolta was in NYC that day ... and was even photographed inside the Greenwich Hotel.

The dismissal papers were filed this morning in California and specifically state that it is only John Doe One who is dropping his claim.

A second masseur -- John Doe #2 -- is still pursuing his claim, which alleges Travolta sexually assaulted him in an Atlanta hotel.

Just a thought : Wonder how much accuser # 1 was paid to drop his suit ? Well , Johnny Boy is loaded and can afford it . It do not prove Jonny Boy is innocent or guilty ... it just prove the guy got his price in the shakedown . He He

Tom Cruise : Conforts Controversies & Rumors In Playboy

Tom Cruise opens up in the June issue of Playboy, talking at length about past controversies, Scientology and Katie Holmes .

The actor, who’s about to turn 50, reflects on a long career in film that was nearly derailed several years ago by heightened media scrutiny, especially following bizarre TV appearances with Matt Lauer , Oprah and an explosion of tabloid attention concerning his religious beliefs and marriage.

Of the incessant gossip, Cruise says, "There’s what people say, and there’s reality, and you can’t worry about stuff like that. Do you wish they wouldn’t say certain things? Yeah, you wish."

He explains, "There comes a point when you just have to go, ‘You know what? Here’s how I’ve lived my life: I’ve never been late to set. I make films I believe in. I feel privileged to be able to do what I love.’ You just have to keep going and remember that."

"The other stuff? I hear it, I read it, I get it. But life is not a matter of trying to prove anything to anybody," says Cruise.

The star says he’s not afraid to battle false claims through legal means, especially when it comes to protecting his family.

"They know I mean it, that if I have to, I will sue," explains Cruise. "You start with a letter saying, ‘Okay, you know it’s not true. Apologize.’"

As for his wife, Cruise says of Holmes, "She’s funny and charming, and when she walks into the room, I just feel better. I’m a romantic. I like doing things like creating romantic dinners, and she enjoys that. I don’t know what to say—I’m just happy, and I have been since the moment I met her. What we have is very special."

Perhaps the biggest controversy around Cruise is his devotion to Scientology, which led the actor to criticize psychiatry during an infamous "Today Show" appearance with Lauer.

"What’s interesting is, if I don’t talk about my religion, if I say I’m not discussing it or different humanitarian things I’m working on, they’re like, ‘He’s avoiding it.’ If I do talk about it, it becomes, ‘Oh, he’s proselytizing.’"

Cruise explains, "I have respect for what other people believe. What I believe in my own life is that it’s a search for how I can do things better, whether it’s being a better man or a better father or finding ways for myself to improve. Individuals have to decide what is true and real for them."

Monday, May 14, 2012

John Travolta ... Another One Comes Out The Woodwork !!

Ex-Cruise worker claims actor wanted neck massage ... and MORE !!!

John Travolta asked a room steward on a Royal Caribbean cruise line to give him a neck massage in his stateroom back in 2009 ... this according to an official incident report obtained by TMZ, but the documents don't mention anything about any overt sexual overture on Travolta's part.


The steward, Fabian Zanzi, claims he was delivering something to Travolta's stateroom when the actor asked him for a neck massage. Although the report doesn't expressly name Travolta, we've confirmed the actor was indeed the guest in question.


Fabian claimed he obliged -- and Travolta "then told him he was a beautiful person and invited him to return to visit him later that night."


Fabian claimed he refused because of a strict company policy banning RC employees from fraternizing with guests.


Fabian reported the incident and was disciplined for the neck massage, which is a violation of the no-fraternization rule. He subsequently left the company.


Fabian now says the encounter was much more than described in the incident report, claiming Travolta opened his robe and gave him a big hug while his penis was erect ... and offered him $12,000 for sex and silence..


Travolta's attorney Marty Singer tells TMZ, "The incident report now confirms Mr. Zanzi fabricated his story about my client. He never stated that my client did anything wrong. Obviously, if he had engaged in any inappropriate conduct he would have reported it to his supervisors."


A rep for Royal Caribbean tells TMZ, "Fabian Zanzi worked for Royal Caribbean International from October 2003 until May 2011 on various ships. In June 2009, Mr. Zanzi was working as a Room Service Phone Operator onboard Enchantment of the Seas."

The rep claims Fabian was NOT fired by the cruise company, but rather resigned on May 18, 2011 -- two years after the alleged incident .

Just wondering : Is Tiger Woods and John Travolta playing on the same playground ... just with different types of sex playmates . HeHe

Mitchell Guist Dead : "Swamp People" Star Dies In Louisiana

Sources close to Mitchell tell us ... Guist had recently fallen ill ... but the nature of his illness is still unclear.

Story developing ...

Swamp People" star Mitchel Guist died Monday morning after suffering an apparent seizure , according to TMZ.

Louisiana's Assumption Parish officials confirmed to that The alligator-hunter died alng the Belle River at roughly 9:00 AM.

Those with Guist reportedly attempted to perform CPR on The History Channel star who fell on his boat before suffering what appeared to be a seizure. An onlooker phoned 911 and Guist was transported to a nearby hospital. Guist's official cause of death has yet to be reported.

Exclusive Details [UPDATE]

10:19 AM PDT -- Law enforcement sources tell us ... Mitchell was out in his boat along the Belle River ... when he "fell." Witnesses say he appeared to have been suffering from a seizure.

We're told another person on the boat returned the vessel to the dock and called 911. Emergency personnel responded to the scene and transported Mitchell to a nearby hospital ... but it was too late.

12:15 PM PDT
-- A rep for the History Channel tells us, "We are extremely saddened to report that our friend and beloved member of the Swamp People family, Mitchell Guist, has passed away earlier today. Mitchell passed on the swamp, doing what he loved."

Mitchell Guist
-- one of the bearded alligator-hunting brothers featured on the reality show "Swamp People" -- has died.

According to, Mitchell was discovered at 9 AM in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... someone tried to perform CPR on Guist ... but attempts to resuscitate the reality star were unsuccessful.

Stay tuned ... story still developing ... updates as they become available .

Rielle Hunter : Mistress Tragic History

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Rielle Hunter's life had a lurid, supermarket-tabloid quality to it – full of deception, betrayal, reckless behavior and broken dreams – well before she became a party to one of the biggest lies in recent American political history.

Her father had her beloved show horse killed for insurance money. An ex-boyfriend used her as his muse for the "cocaine-addled, sexually voracious" narrator of one of his novels. She went to Hollywood to become a star and left about a decade later with only a few bit parts.

Through it all, Hunter considered herself a truth-seeker.

"For as long as I can remember, I had a relentless desire for truth," she said on her personal website in the mid-2000s.

Then she met John Edwards in the bar of a New York hotel in 2006. Hunter said they had a connection the instant their eyes met, and a few hours later she was spending the night in the Democratic presidential candidate's room.

Their relationship led to a landslide of lies.

First, they had to hide their relationship. She stayed silent as Edwards publicly professed his love for his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, and the two renewed their wedding vows.

When she got pregnant with Edwards' child, she agreed to protect his presidential ambitions by letting the candidate's devoted right-hand man claim paternity. Then she had to listen on TV as Edwards said it was impossible for him to be the father.

Whether Edwards is telling the truth or not is now at the center of his campaign finance trial, under way in North Carolina. Edwards' lawyers said the candidate had no idea nearly $1 million from a pair of wealthy benefactors was being spent to hide Hunter and keep her away from the tabloids during Edwards' run for the White House. Prosecutors said Edwards orchestrated the cover-up.

Prosecutors rested their case Thursday without calling the 48-year-old Hunter to the stand, despite granting her immunity. They refused to say why. But legal experts said she can be flighty and unpredictable and could have proved dangerous to the government's case.

Edwards' lawyers have not said whether they will call her to testify, but she could be hazardous to the defense for the same reason. Also, legal experts said, her appearance on the stand might only hurt Edwards with the jury by emphasizing his cheating and lying.

Hunter was born Lisa Jo Druck. Her father was a prominent lawyer, and she lived a privileged life growing up in Florida. Hunter, who adopted her new name in 1994 while out in Hollywood, said both her parents cheated in their marriage.

She loved horses, especially her show horse Henry The Hawk, which her father bought for $150,000. But in 1982, he was short on cash. He had an insurance policy on the animal worth $150,000 and taught a man named Tommy "The Sandman" Burns how to electrocute a horse so that it would look like a death from natural causes.

Hunter found her beloved horse dead in its stall, and her father later confessed to the scheme, according to a Sports Illustrated story on Burns, who eventually went to prison for his role in a string of horse killings. Hunter's father died in 1990 before any charges were brought against him.

Hunter spent her early 20s in New York. There she met writer Jay McInerney, best known for his novel "Bright Lights, Big City," about the 1980s party scene in the city. They dated for several months, and McInerney modeled the sexually aggressive narrator of his 1988 novel "Story of My Life" on Hunter. Hunter has said the portrayal of her in the book was quite exaggerated, but she still thinks McInerney is a great guy.

She was later married to a lawyer for nearly a decade and went to Hollywood to become a star, or at least a writer. The Internet Movie Database lists just four acting credits, all brief parts, and a writing and producing credit for a 20-minute short. It also lists her 2003 appearance on the game show "Lingo," where she split $500 with her partner.

It was her relationship with Edwards that would net her biggest show-business payday. Despite Hunter's lack of filmmaking experience, the politician arranged a $250,000 contract for her to make a series of behind-the-scenes documentaries from the campaign trail.

Though Edwards' aides quickly grew suspicious and derided her work as shoddy and unprofessional, the job gave her a reason to travel with the candidate while his wife was home in North Carolina fighting breast cancer.

Word of the affair got back to Elizabeth Edwards and Hunter lost her job. But the candidate continued to arrange for his mistress to meet with him on the road. She became pregnant in the summer of 2007.

As her belly began to show, tabloid reporters tracked her down in New Jersey. She fled to North Carolina and moved in with one of Edwards' most loyal aides, Andrew Young, his wife and the couple's three children. Within weeks, the Youngs set up Hunter in a $2,700-a-month rental home not far from the Edwards estate in Chapel Hill.

That December, in an attempt to contain the scandal, Young issued a statement claiming the baby was his.

Then Hunter went on the run with the aide and his wife. Edwards' campaign finance chairman let them stay at his vacation mansion in Aspen, Colo., and paid for them to live in a $20,000-a-month manor in Santa Barbara, Calif. Hunter chose the location because it was close to her New Age spiritual adviser, Bob McGovern.

Hunter so relied on McGovern that when an Aspen restaurant served her a Reuben sandwich with the wrong sauce on it, she made an angry call to him to ask him to fix it, according to testimony at Edwards' trial.

Her daughter, Francis Quinn Hunter, was born in February 2008, a couple of weeks after Edwards suspended his campaign because of poor showings in early primary states.

Hunter told Oprah Winfrey in an August 2010 interview that the decision to have Young claim paternity was the biggest mistake in her life. She said she had banked on Young's wife rejecting the idea.

"It was a horrid time, Oprah. Devastating. Devastating," Hunter said.

She deflected questions about whether she hurt Elizabeth Edwards, who died of cancer in December 2010. She vehemently denied she was a home-wrecker.

"I believe the problems exist before a third party comes into the picture," she told Winfrey.

Hunter now lives in Charlotte with her daughter, now 4. She has spoken little about her relationship with Edwards since his wife's death.

Before the trial, Hunter vowed through a spokeswoman to tell the truth if called to testify. In her interview with Winfrey, Hunter spoke about the unusual turns her life had taken.

"Being a person who's committed to truth and living a life where you're not hiding, it's almost like a cosmic joke to fall in love with someone who's living a big lie," she said.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Jennifer Hudson :

Jennifer Hudson's former brother-in-law was found guilty of murdering the singer’s mother, brother and seven-year-old nephew in a grisly killing spree in Chicago in October 2008.

A jury on Friday found William Balfour guilty on three counts of first-degree murder for fatally shooting Hudson’s mom Darnell Donerson, brother Jason Hudson and nephew Julian King.

He was also found guilty for home invasion and residential burglary.

Hudson was present in court for the reading of the verdict.

Balfour was estranged from his wife, Hudson’s sister Julia, at the time of the killings.

Hudson Broke down in tears when she testified in the trial last month, telling the court of Balfour, "We did not like how he treated [Julia], and I didn’t like how he treated my nephew."

Balfour faces life in prison.

The relief jennifer and her family must feel . We're glad justice prevailed for them.

The PICs

Willow Smith : Discusses The Challenges Of Fame


Willow Smith discusses the challenges of Fame : 'Red Table Talk !

In celebration of Mother’s Day on May 13, Jada Pinkett-Smith, discusses motherhood, quality time and life in the limelight with her daughter, Willow Smith , and mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, in an upcoming video discussion, "Red Table Talk".

During the candid discussion, the 40-year-old actress questioned Willow’s career interests and asked her whether or not she would change anything about her life.

"If I had to change one thing about my life, it would probably be, I wouldn’t be famous," the 11-year-old singer admitted. "Because when you’re famous it’s so hard. Let’s say if a regular girl is going to the book store, it’s ten times harder to go everywhere [when you're famous]. But some people are like, ‘Oh, it’s so easy,’ and I’m like, ‘As fast as you can get there, it’s going to take me ten more minutes to get there.’ Because I have to call security."

Echoing her daughter, Pinkett-Smith said that security has been a "real issue" for Willow and asked her for tips on how to make her lifestyle more seamless.

But the actress acknowledged that fame has its advantages, too.

"It’s not like I can’t reverse being famous," she added. "Sometimes I don’t want to be, but then sometimes I do because when there’s a problem in the world, more people will listen to me… it’s kind of like helping people and if I’m not, then I can’t help people as much as I would if I was famous."

The former "HawthoRNe" star says she hopes to advance the conversation into a series of ongoing discussions.

"My belief is that communication is the best way to create strong relationships," she asserts in the series trailer . "Just for people to be able to sit down together and have a conversation, that's the power of love. Love is what sometimes holds us and binds us when we're not so happy. If we concentrate on how much we can love one another, we can get through all the other stuff."

As an added bonus, check out an exclusive sneak preview of "Red Table Talk" in its entirety before its May 13 online debut.

Wioow , you are very wise and hopefully you will carry it through life with you .It is love that holds us together and without it we are lost .
Keep the lines of communication open and the love will stay .

Jimi Hendrix : Biopic Hits nag "OMG'

Plans to make a Jimi Hendrix biopic starring Outkast's Angre 3000 may have hit a snag: The family of the late rock legend is against it, saying that they won't allow rights to the music.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Experience Hendrix LLC, the family-owned company that manages Hendrix's music and publishing, released a statement saying that it does not support the film .

"[The Estate] has made it known many times in the past that no such film, were it to include original music or copyrights created by Jimi Hendrix, can be undertaken without its full participation."

That said, Experience Hendrix doesn't necessarily oppose all projects, it just won't sanction any films without the group's approval. "CEO Janie Hendrix, sister of Jimi Hendrix, and the EH board, have not ruled out a ‘biopic’ in the future, though producing partners would, out of necessity, have to involve the company from the inception of any such film project if it is to include original Jimi Hendrix music or compositions."

Author Charles R. Cross who wrote the 2005 hendrix biography, "Room Full of Mirrors," tells Moviefone, "Since the day Jimi died his estate has been complicated, with three or four different owners over the years, multiple lawsuits, and millions spent fighting for his legacy. It is one of the messiest stories in music industry history. But one day there will be a great movie of his life because it truly was legendary and oversized."

A Showtime TV movie titled "Hendrix," was released in 2000 starring "The Wire's" Wood Harris faced the same problem: Their workaround was to use covers of Hendrix's songs instead of the originals.

Thanx : Sharon Knolle

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bruce Willis : He Still Got It "OMG"


Bruce Willis and Emma Heming shared a photo of their 6-week-old daughter Mable Ray on Thursday.

Heming tweeted the shot of Willis cradling their baby and wrote, "A beautiful day in Budapest with the loves of my life. Daddy and Mabel cracking each other up."

The adorable baby girl is the couple’s first child.

Willis has three older daughters (Rumer, Scout and Tallulah) with ex-wife Demi Moore .

The action star and Heming wed in 2009.

[ UPDATE] John Travolta

John Travolta was not in L.A. the day a masseur claims the actor sexually assaulted him ... in fact, Travolta flew to New York the night before ... TMZ has learned.

We checked flight records which show Travolta's jet took off from Los Angeles International Airport at 8:21 PM on January 15, 2012 and landed at 3:59 AM the next morning in Westchester County, NY.

The Masseur's Lawyer claims Travolta met the masseur in question at the Beverly Hills Hotel at 10 AM on January 16, but the flight records show differently.

We've also learned Travolta stayed at the Greenwich Hotel in NYC on the 16th. We posted pics of Travolta taken for a wardrobe fitting on the 16th in the late afternoon -- pics that were taken for his upcoming movie. Notice the photo showing the hotel bathroom ... the tile floor, the marble on the walls and the bathroom door match the photos in which Travolta appears.

Travolta also went to Mr. Chow in NYC in the evening on the 16th.

So the actor was firmly ensconced in The Big Apple during the time frame the masseur claims the assault occurred.
Awwww damn ... we will have wait and watch for this one to play out take a closer look folks ... Johnny Boy do look younger and thinner in these pics. Stay tuned ... updates as the become available . HeHe

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Celebrities React To President Obama Supporting Gay Marriage "OMG"

Moments after footage was realeased in which President Obama said, "I think same sex couples should be able to get married," a slew of celebrities began to share their reactions of Twitter.

Ellen DeGeneres

wrote, "Thank you President @BarackObama for your beautiful and brave words. I’m overwhelmed."

Neil Patrick Harris

tweeted, "@BarackObama: President Obama announces his support for same-sex marriage… Bravo, Mr. President, and thank you."

Jane Lynch

said, "Obama: Marriage? Gay is okay!" She added, "Pretty darn happy today. Thanks Mr President, for supporting the dignity of my family and so many others!"

"Obama gets it right on gay marriage. Bravo," applauded Alec Baldwin.

Tyra Banks

noted, "A fierce day for my gays and my prez @BarackObama – way 2 stand up 4 luv for ALL!"

"Viva Obama who has just endorsed gay marriage. right on time drop a dime blow your mind," said Sandra Bernhard.

Adam Levine

expressed, "thank you @BarackObama

for reminding us all that true leadership is not dead."

Sophia Bush

stated, "Thank you Mr. President. @BarackObama speaks up for #Equality today.

Russell Simmons

added, "thank you Mr. President for your support of gay marriage."

Ryan Seacrest

retweeted an NBC News post that read, "In an interview with ABC News, President Obama said today: ‘I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.’"

"Yes! Go Obama! #MarriageEquality #LGBT," cheered Ellen Page.

Meghan McCain

observed, "Even though he did it a little late under political pressure – very happy to hear the President come out in support of gay marriage."

Andy Cohen

simply wrote, "THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT."

"President Obama, on the right side of history!" exclaimed Chad Lowe.

Evan Rachel Wood

reacted, "Wooooooo! @BarackObama."

Michelle Branch

tweeted, "YAY Obama!! #EqualityForAll"

"Better late than never!!!! Obama supports same-sex marriage," offered Samantha Ronson.

Ricky Martin

tweeted, "I applaud President @barackobama

for affirming that ALL Americans should enjoy equal rights. Historic! I will be a very proud host on Monday."

Kim Kardashian

blogged, "Wow… I just heard that President Obama has officially announced that he supports gay marriage!! This is such a huge step forward in our country’s fight for civil rights and I hope that today this will give hope to so many young people across the country."

Just a thought : He who is not contented with what he has , would not be contented with what he would like to have . He He.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

John Travolta : Is He Or Isn't He "OMG"

John Travolta's camp slams second masseur's sexual harassment allegations .

A second masseur is accusing John Travolta of unwanted sexual advances — and the Hollywood star’s camp is slamming the latest allegations as forcefully as the first round.

On Monday, news broke that an unidentified male massage therapist was suing Tavolta for $2 million , claiming the actor had sexually harassed him at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Travolta’s lawyers blasted the plaintiff and said the star was not even in California on the day in question.

On Tuesday, a second accuser anonymously filed a sexual battery lawsuit against Travolta, using the same attorney as the first masseur.

The new allegations claim Travolta tried to initiate sexual contact during a massage in his 15th-floor room at an unnamed hotel in Atlanta in January.

While the specifics vary slightly from the alleged Beverly Hills incident, "John Doe #2″ describes in similarly graphic detail how Travolta supposedly masturbated and made sexual overtures to the masseur.

Travolta’s lawyer, Marty Singer, hammers the latest charges in a just-released statement blasting both accusers and their attorney.

The statement reads, "This second ‘anonymous’ claim is just as absurd and ridiculous as the first one."

It continues, "The attorney who filed the lawsuit on behalf of his second anonymous client, who does not want to disclose his name although he is required to do so, was notified that his first client’s claims were totally false and fabricated, since our client was not in LA when anonymous "Doe #1" claims he interacted with John Travolta."

Singer adds, "That fact is easily provable since John Travolta was on the east coast working on a movie on the date that anonymous ‘Doe #1′ claims he interacted with our client. After we were able to establish that anonymous ‘Doe #1’s’ claims were totally absurd, the same attorney has now filed a claim on behalf of another plaintiff, whom he identified as ‘Doe #2.’ Significantly, although the same attorney made the fabricated claim for Doe #1, there was never any claim made by anonymous Doe #2 before he filed his specious lawsuit."

"Before the attorney for the two anonymous plaintiffs filed the claim on behalf of the second person who refuses to disclose his identity although required to do so, it is obvious that he checked media reports that my client was in Atlanta working on a movie," continues the statement, concluding, "However, the claim by Doe #2 is just as fabricated as the claim by Doe #1. Our client will be fully vindicated in court on both of these absurd and fictional claims.

Just a thought : more & more will come out now .

Johnny boy is in trouble . If Johnny boy like taking it up the pooper , his business ... if he doesn't come out the closet , then he will be dragged out kicking & screaming . HeHe

Michael Jackson's Bodyguard

Michael Jackson's former bodyguard claims the singer was a paranoid maniac ... who ordered members of his inner circle to kill his younger brother Randy ... this according to The Sun.

In the interview with The Sun ... ex-bodyguard Matt Fiddes claims, "Michael was caught in a war with his brothers for years, They were desperate to sign him up to a $500 million deal for a Jackson 5 reunion tour."

Fiddes -- a martial arts expert who worked with MJ in the UK and in the US -- explained, "Things reached a head when Randy was trying to force his way past the bodyguards to speak to him in one of his rented homes. Michael ordered him to be shot."

Of course, no one shot Randy ... but Fiddes says, "Randy was so scared he got on the phone and threatened to call the Press. He told the bodyguards, 'If you shoot me the whole world will know about it.'"

Fiddes continued, "[Michael] was out of mind on drugs and luckily Randy was OK."

Fiddes has been dishing MJ dirt to The Sun for a while now ... just last week he claimed the singer despised Madonna and poked holes in a Voodoo doll of Steven Spielberg after MJ became a Nazi sympathizer.

None of Fiddes' accusations have been corroborated.

Reached out to the MJ estate for comment ... so far , no word back.

Monday, May 7, 2012

John Travolta : Sued By Massur "WTF"

John Travolta is being sued by a masseur who claims the star touched his penis and tried to initiate sexual activity during a session at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The massage therapist, who originally made the allegations in March in the National Enquirer, has filed a lawsuit in which he says Travolta responded to an online ad and drove the masseur to Travolta’s bungalow at the hotel.

According to the lawsuit, the massage was interrupted when Travolta allegedly rubbed the masseur’s leg and genitals before masturbating and requesting sexual favors.

The masseur, who is seeking $2 million plus punitive damages, says he repeatedly declined Travolta’s advances and was eventually sent home.

Travolta’s camp is strongly denying the charges, saying Travolta was not even in California on the date in question.

In a statement to Gossip Cop, reps for Travolta declare, "This lawsuit is a complete fiction and fabrication. None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred. The plaintiff, who refuses to give their name, knows that the suit is a baseless lie. It is for that reason that the plaintiff hasn’t been identified with a name even though it is required to do so."

The statement continues, "On the date when plaintiff claims John met him, John was not in California and it can be proved that he was on the East Coast."

Travolta’s camp claims, "Plaintiff’s attorney has filed this suit to try and get his 15 minutes of fame," adding, "John intends to get this case thrown out and then he will sue the attorney and Plaintiff for malicious prosecution."


According to the suit, Travolta and the masseur, who says he saw Trojan condoms in the center console, drove to the Beverly Hills Hotel and went to Travolta's bungalow.

The suit claims Travolta stripped naked, appearing semi-erect. The masseur says he told Travolta to lay down on the table and the first hour went without incident. Then, according to legal docs, Travolta began rubbing the masseur's leg, touched his scrotum and the shaft of his penis.

The masseur claims he told Travolta he did not have sex with his clients, but Travolta was undeterred, offering to do a "reverse massage," adding, "Come on dude, I'll jerk you off!!!"

The suit goes on to allege Travolta then masturbated and told the masseur he got to where he was "due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his 'Welcome Back Kotter' days," adding "Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity."

The masseur -- who is only listed as John Doe -- claims Travolta called him a loser, but then doubled the hourly rate and sent him on his way.

The suit seeks $2 million plus punitive damages.

Travolta's reps could not be reached for comment.

The old saying goes where their is smoke ... there is fire ... looks like this smoke has been hanging around a long time just waiting to ignite. He He

Lindsay Lohan : Settles Lawsuit "OMG"

Lindsay Lohan has called a truce in her war with a former worker at the Betty Ford rehab clinic ... the woman who sued the actress , claiming Lindsay brutalized her after being ordered to take a breathalyzer test.

TMZ broke the story ... the worker -- Dawn Holland -- claimed she tried to administer the breathalyzer after Lindsay had returned to the rehab clinic one night in late 2010 and appeared intoxicated.

According to Holland, Lindsay recoiled in anger, grabbing Holland's right wrist ... "twisting and pulling it for 8-10 seconds."

Lindsay acknowledged there was a scuffle -- but insisted she was provoked by Holland ... and any injuries she may have caused were in self-defense.

The case settled for an undisclosed amount -- we're told Lindsay paid something to make it go away, although we don't know how much.

Just a thought : Do you think Lindsay Lohan is getting her life bac k in gear ... inquiring minds wants to know ???

Sunday, May 6, 2012

George 'Goober' Lindsey ... Dead at 83

George "Goober' Lindsey 'Andy Griffith Show' star dead !
George Lindsey, who starred as Goober Pyle on "The Andy Griffith Show," died on Sunday after a lengthy hospitalization.

He joined the hit show in 1964 when Jim Nabors, who played (Goober’s cousin) Gomer Pyle, left the series.

Lindsey also portrayed Goober on "Hee Haw" from 1971 until 1993.

Long-time pal Andy Griffith said in a statement, "George Lindsey was my friend. I had great respect for his talent and his human spirit. In recent years, we spoke often by telephone. Our last conversation was a few days ago… I am happy to say that as we found ourselves in our eighties, we were not afraid to say, ‘I love you.’ That was the last thing George and I had to say to each other. ‘I love you.’"

Lindsey, grew up in Jasper, Alabama, where he will be buried there.

He was 83.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ashton Kutcher & Miranda Lambert

What you know ... Ashton & Miranda meet up ... make peace at the Kentucky Derby party .

Ashton Kutcher and Miranda Lambert seem to have smoothed over whatever awkwardness there was between them.

Lambert had questioned Kutcher’s sincerity in April after the actor appeared at the Academy of Country Music Awards to present her with the honor for Female Vocalist of the Year .

Kutcher donned a country-style outfit to the ceremony, leading Lambert and others to wonder whether he was mocking them.
"Was Ashton Kutcher making fun of country or is it just me?" asked Lambert on Twitter at the time. "Watching it back now and I’m kinda wondering?"

But when they caught up at the pre-Kentucky Derby Barnstable-Brown Gala in Louisville on Friday, everything seemed to be OK.

Lambert tweeted a photo of herself with Kutcher, along with the message, "@aplusk here it is y’all. He is sweet and loves country music! For real!:)"

So while Kutcher finds himself embroiled in yet another controversy this week, it looks like he and Lambert have made peace.

Boy Ashton sure didn't waste time finding a new woman after he go a job ... sorry Demi , but you can do better .

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Michael Jackson Estate "WTF"


Deal with the Devil?

Michael Jackson's Estate has just made a huge deal with Pepsi -- the company whose 1984 commercial arguably ruined his life, and some say it's a deal with the devil.

You'll recall, MJ's hair famously caught fire during a pyrotechnic mishap while filming the commercial -- causing severe burns on his scalp that led MJ to become a hardcore prescription drug addict ... and that addiction eventually led him to Dr. Conrad Murray

The MJ Estate feels Pepsi is the right company to join forces with for a couple of reasons. First, Michael himself worked with Pepsi twice after the incident, once in 1988 and again in 1991, so the singer obviously didn't hold a grudge. And a spokesperson for the estate tells us, "We're here to market the re-release of the 'Bad' album and Pepsi is the most effective place to do it."

But lots of people blame the Pepsi shoot for putting MJ on a drug-fueled path of self-destruction -- including one of the singer's former managers Frank Cascio, who said MJ was introduced to Demerol (a heroin-like opioid) following the accident ... to help deal with the pain.

The Jackson/Pepsi promotion will vary country-to-country -- but will include a TV commercial, special edition cans with Jackson's image, and chances to win downloadable remixes of Jackson's songs.

Kevin Federline Sued "OMG"

You destroyed my manison ...deadbeat !!!

Kevin Federline is an inconsiderate homewrecker ... so says his former landlord ... who

claims K-Fed trashed his L.A. mansion ... and then screwed him out of rent money.

Federleezy is being sued by Joseph Malek ... who claims Britney's ex moved in to his mansion in Tarzana, CA back in 2008 ... wrecked the place ... and then bolted without forking over a check for 7 months of rent.

Malek had threatened Federline with legal action back in 2009 ... claiming KFed turned the sprawling Valley property into a cigarette-riddled, spit-stained dump ... complete with broken smoke detectors and glass bottles littered all over the yard.

Malek had previously claimed KFed caused more than $110k in damage -- and now he wants a judge to force the former rapper to pay up.

Attempts to reach KFed were unsuccessful

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tyler Perry : Film Studio Catch Fire In Massive Blaze "OMG"

A four-alarm fire broke out at tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta on Tuesday night.

Fire department officials confirmed the blaze caused significant damage to at least one building in the filmmaker’s complex.

Nearly 100 firefighters were called in to help fight the flames, though no injuries have been reported.

It is not yet known what caused the fire to start.

Perry’s facilities reportedly include several sound stages, as well as a 400-seat theater.

The director hosted a public reception for President Obama on the property back in March.

Jaleel White & Kim Johnson Exits 'DWTS'

Another couple waltzed out of the ballroom on Tuesday’s "Dancing with the Stars."

Jaleel White and Kim Johnson were eliminated after failing to win the Dance Duel.

The pair went toe-to-toe with Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower whom the judges unanimously thought deserved to stay in the competition another week.

Interestingly, both White and Fegan had won Dance Duels in the last two weeks.

What's going on ? Have they picked the winners ? It do seem that way ... or is it just wistful thinking and people has lost interest . HeHe

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sofia Vergara Does Rique Photo Shoot For GQ Mexico

Sofia Vergara dons a see-through top as part of a new photo shoot for GQ Mexico.

The "Modern Family" actress leaves little to the imagination in the uncensored version and talks about what it’s like to be a (nearly) 40-year-old sex symbol in the accompanying interview.

"I’m included in the lists of the best butt or breasts with [actresses] like Megan Fox [or] Mila Kunis who are 20 years younger than me. That’s a great satisfaction."

Vergara also talks about her famous accent, which "Modern Family" has embraced.

She says, "At the beginning, here in America, I tried to correct my accent. Now I don’t care, I speak with a Spanish accent, people laugh… I have fun."