Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monkees : Davy Jones Dead at 66 'Heart Attack'

Davy Jones ... lead singer of the Monkees died after suffering a heart attack this morning .
Davy suffered a heart attack at his ranch near his home  , where he was visiting his horses . Davy began experiencing distress while he was sitting in his car  and that's where a ranch hand found him .
The ranch hand told the sheriff's detective  .. the singer began to complain that he was not feeling well and was having trouble breathing . Paramedics was called and Jones was taken to a nearby hosiptal where he was pronounced dead . Authorities say there are no suspicions circumstances surrounding his death.
Jones is survived by his wife , Jessica , and 4 daughters from previous marriages . Davy Jones was 66-years-old . Jones was married to Jessica Pacheco ... his third wife .
Davy's last performance was on February 19th in Oklahoma  ... the night before he preformed  "Daydream Believes" and "It's  Nice To Be With You" at the B B King Blues Club in NYC ... he looked totally fine .
 R.I.P.  Davy Jones ... You will be missed ... The PICs

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dancing With The Stars : Season 14 Cast & Pairs Announced

The full cast of season 14 of "Dancing with the Stars" was announced on Tuesday .

Gavin Degraw , Matha Navratlove and Gladys Knight are among those who will compete for the Mirror Ball trophy beginning nest month , co-hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burks revealed om "Good Morning Americe."


********** Full list below !

They join Sherri Shepherd , Jack Wagner and Millissa Gilbert , whom will also waltz their way into the ballroom .

Also revealed were the pro dancer pairing .

Full list of contestants and dancers:

Jack Wagner (actor) and Anna Trebunskaya

Melissa Gilbert (actress) and Maksim Chmerkovskly

Donald Driver (football player) and Peta Murgatroyd

William Levy (soap star) and Cheryl Burke

Sherri Shepherd (TV host) and Val Chinerkoveky

Katherine Jenkins (singer) and Mark Ballas

Gavin Degrew (singer) and Karina Smirnoff

Martha Navratlova (tennis player) and Tony Dovolani

Roshon Fegan (actor) and Chelsea Hightower

Marla Menounos (TV host) and Derek Hough

Jeleel White (actor) and Kym Johnson

Gladys Knight (singer) and Tristan MacManus

The new season premieres March 19 ... who will you be rooting for .

Friday, February 24, 2012

Judge is Scared To Let Conrad Murray Go "WTF"

Dr. Conrad Murray was just shot down by a judge, denying him bail while he appeals his manslaughter conviction in the death of Michael Jackson.

During today's hearing, Judge Michael Pastor found Murray is still a flight risk because he does not have significant property or family ties here in Los Angeles.

Judge Pastor also believes Murray is a danger to society -- citing the NBC documentary, in which Murray fails to show any remorse for MJ's death.

Pastor said "it scares me" that Murray believes it's okay to use Propofol in a home setting -- and insists he could pose a danger to the safety of other people if he were released.

Murray had previously filed a motion asking for bail so he could spend time with his family while he awaits the outcome of his appeal.

Murray is hoping to overturn his manslaughter conviction on grounds he never had a chance to prove Michael killed himself due to stress ... among other reasons.

Murray's appellate attorney Valerie Wass says she believes Murray is a "scapegoat," who's being blamed for Michael's death because there's no one else to target.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aretha Franklin : Denies Rift With Whitney Houston's Mother "OMG"

............................................The Queen has spoken...............................................
Aretha Franklin angrily denies reports that she was barred from attending Whitney Houston's funeral because of comments she made about parenting last Friday on NBC's Today show .

The 'Queen of Soul,' 69, did not atten Saturday's funeral , citing leg spasms / But some reports said Houston's mother Cissy told her not to attend , after Franklin said on the 'Today' show that "parents have to relly talk to their children before they leave home .

In a statement Wednesday , Franklin said she was speaking generally , not about the Houstons , and that NB C cut a line where she said , "This is no reflection on Cissy or Nippy's (Whitney) upbringing ." Sne then slammed media reports of a rift between her and Cissy .

Extra TV and the New York Post" should stop the BULLSH*T ," Franklin said ina statement , "Cissy Houston and I have been longtime friends for almost 50 years . I have four invitations and parking passes that were sent to me for the funeral ." Those outlets , she added , " are more interested in sensationalism and negative speculations than the truth.

Franklin added ; "Cissy does not need ridiculious speculation and neither do I ... particularly at this time .... knowing Cissy as well as I do , I know Whitney left home right and properly , I was generalizing and it was a well-intended statement of any young adult coming into the music industry . I was not speaking of anyone specifically .

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daniel v on Bargen : Shoots Himself in Head 'OMG'

Daniel von Bargen , an actor recognizable from roles ranging from "Seinfield" and "Malcolm in the Middle" to Philadelphia and Super Trooper , shot himself in the head on Monday , surviving a suicide attempt.

He's now in critical condition at an Ohio hosiptal .

In a 911 call , v on Bargen tells the operator , "I've shot myself in the temple I need help ."

Stay tuned ... updates as they become available .

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lindsay Lohan : I'm Living & Breathing Liz Taylor

Lindsay Lohan ain't no slacker ... TMZ has learned , the actress is studing up hardcore for her new movie role ... doing everything she can to accurately portary a young Elizabeth Taylor .

In case you haven't heard ... Lindsay just inked a deal with 'Lifetime' to play Liz Taylor in the network new made for TV biopic called , "Liz and Dick ." Production is scheduled to kick off late March , after Lindsay's probation is terminated .

Lindsay is telling friends , she's taking her new gig extremely seriously ... obsessing over getting the part right ," for the film .

According to sources , Lindsay is doing nothing but watching old Liz Taylor movies to help her recreate the Hollywood icon's posture , speech and many other little details .

A close source said , Lindsay has also been watching old Liz interviews online and reading a bunch of Liz biographies .

Lifetime is taking a hard stance with Lindsay too ... demanding she complete 'ALL' her probation .Requirements , before filming begins ... which Lindsay has promise to do .

Just a thought : Whatever happen to Lindsay playing the role of Victoris Gotti ? This a wait and see ... with Lindsay a lot of thinge can happen ... remember all Lindsay's promise . ...A Liz Taylor she is not , young or old , Liz had class . HeHe

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sophia Grace & Rosie Perform Nicki Minaj's 'Moment 4 Life'

Pint-size British imports Sophia Grace and Rosie continue to delight Ellen Degeneres with their enthusiasm for American   music and tutus.
The girls newest performance ... of Nicki Minaj's "Moment 4 Life" ... is aeternately adorable and astounding .
Between their TV rapping and awards show coverage , the duo might have a tough time readjusting to normal life .
Just a throught :  Of course , the United States is a great place to have a bizarre child hood .  Just saying .

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bobby Brown : Won't Drag Lawyers Into Bobbi Kristina Dispute

Bobby Brown has been battling with Whitney Houston's family over seeing his daughter ever since Whitney passed away last week ... but Bobby won't turn this into a legal battle .

Sources close to the New Edition singer says, Bobby wants to be there for Bobbi Kristina , but does not want to make the situation more stressful for her than it already is .

Sources say Bobby was very upset with how he was treated at Whitney's furenal Saturday and feels her family should be more considerate to him as his family was to Whitney when Bobby's mother passed away last year .

According to the source , Bobby won't bring lawyers into the situation and , as another source said , he feels , "this sort of thing you let the higher power handle .

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whitney's Family to Bobby Brown : This Has To be Good "OMG"

Keep Your Mitts Off Your Ex-Wife's Fortune

Bobby Brown is about to make a money grab by leeching onto his daughter , the sole heir to Whitney Houston's fortune ... at least that's what Whitney's mom and other family memebers think .

Family sources tell TMZ ... Cissy Houston is aggressively trying to block Bobby from getting close to 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina , fearing it's just a ploy to line his pockets .

The family is convinced ... Bobby is broke , and he's making a ploy for his daughter's affection to latch on to what could be an estate worth around #20 million , and that figure could double by the end of the year .

As Tmz reported earlier this week ... Bobby tried to see his daughter but the family shut him down .

Friends of the Houston Family have already contacted Bobby and warned him he is 'persona no grata' at Whitney's funeral and in Bobbi Kristina's life.

Their is a lot of bad blood between Whitney's family and Bobby Brown ... Because they believe he was the driving negative force in her life that led her down the substance abuse path . They also believe he's largely responsible for Bobbi Kristina's drug and alcohol struggles .

As for Bobby Brown ... people in his camp tells TMZ ... he's well aware of the family animosity toward him and he wants to bury the hatchet for the sake of his daughter .

HA ! All well and good ... but can we believe Bobby Brown from his past experiences with Whitney ...remember the book he wrote ???

Bobby Brown : Won't Miss A Beat After Whitney Burial

Hours after Whitney Houston is laid to rest , her ex-husband , Bobby Brown will hit the stage at an Indian Casino in Connecticut.

Brown is booked to perform with the guys from New Edition at the Mohegan Sun Indian Casino at 8pm EST on Saturday night .

Whitney's funeral is schedule to begin at noon EST in Newark , NJ . It's unclear if Bobby plans to attend the funeral .

It's kind of like bookends , because hours after Whitney died ... Bobby performed on-stage with his guys in Mississippi .

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Reportedly] Aretha Franklin to Sing at Whitney Houston' Funeral

Aretha Franklin will reportedly perform at Whitnet Houston's funeral .
Multiple outlets report that music mogul and Houston's mentor Clive Davis personally asked the soul legend ( Houston's godmother) to sing .
Gossip Cop has reached out for confirmation .
The private service is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark , New Jersey .
It's the same church where Houston sang while growing up .
Other expected guests include Chaka Khan , Rev. Jesse Jackson , L. A. Reid , Ray J and Brandy .
Marvin Winans , the pastor who married Whitney and Bobby , will deliver the eulogy .
Stay tuned ; updates as they become available .

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston : Hotel Death Room

It's only been three days since Whitney Houston died in room 434 at the Beverly Hilton hotel ... TMZ has learned ... the room has already been RE-OCCUPIED.

A hotel reservations agent tell TMZ , room 434 is officially back in rotation ... and someone is staying in it right now .

According to the rep , the room has become a prize for the MACABRE-OBSESSED ... the agents says they are getting flooded with requests for the death room .

But don't count on getting in there soon ... it's said the room that rents for no less than $375 / night is booked for the "foreseeable future." The rep would give the next available date .

[UPDATE] The Beverly Hilton's publicist is now saying Whitney's room is not available yet ... which is a different story than a reservation agent and the Executive assistant to the manager said . They both said the room is being rented out and is currently occupied .

Whitney Houston : "The Death Tub" OMG

TMZ has obtained a photo of the tub in which Whitney Houston died .

The photo was taken moments after police and EMTs removed Whitney's body from the bathroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel .

The Photo shows the tub still filled with water . There's a gravy dish at the bottom of the tub , which Whitney typically filled with olive oil to keep her skin soft.

Notice the two circular objects ... they're hair ties .

And there's a towel at the bottom of the tub ... possibly worn by Whitney to keep her hair dry while she was bathing .

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston : Final Film

WHitney Houston,s final movie , 'Sparkle' originally positioned as a huge comeback role for the singer-actress before her shocking death on Saturday , is scheduled to be released as planned in August .

The film will include the final songs ever recorded by Houston , reports Billboard.

"Like all those who knew and loved her , we are shocked and saddened and the world has lost an incomparable talent ," read a statement from Sony Pictures , the studio behind the project .

A remake of a 1976 movie , Sparkle stars Jordin Sparks as one of the three singing sisters who try to achieve stardom despite travels such as drug addiction .

Houston plays the girls' mother .

Howard Roseman , one of the producers , said on Saturday that he had just watched a rough cut of the movie , and that Houston "was unbelievably fantastic in it ."

She previously starred in the 'Bodyguard , Waiting to Exhale and The Preacher's Wife ."

The movie is set for release in August .

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston : Dead at 48

Whitney Houston is dead at 48 . The singer's publist Kristen  Foster  Has con firmed today ...(February 11) that Whitney Houston has passed away . Allegedly , the icon's bodyguard found Houston's body . Stars are mourning the fallen legend's tragic passing in an out pouring of messages on Twitter .
Updates as they become available .
RIP ...Whitney , you will be sadly missed .

Katy Perry : Hat's Off To Her ! "OMG"

Katy Perry showed up to the 2012 "MusiCares Person of the Year Gala Honoring Paul McCarthney in Los Angeles last night , wearing a hat .

Let's just leave it at that ... He He

Friday, February 10, 2012

Nicolas Cage Addresses Rumors He's A Vampire "OMG"

Nicolas Cage was put side-by-side with the Civil War era  picture that's been sweeping the internet in conjunction with a theory that he is in fact a vampire on "Late Show" . David Letterman presented the picture to him and while  Cage acknowledged a resemblance , he didn't see a flattering one .
"How can I be polite about this ," he said of the man in the picture . "It's a somewhat slowed version of me ."
Futhermore , he posited that the very existence of the picture would seem to denouce the vampire theory . After all , it's common knowledge that vampires pictures can't be taken  . "I don't drink blood and last time I looked in the mirror , I had a reflection , so I'm not going with the vampire theory ," he concluded .
But there are two ways to interpret what's happening here . Perhaps the myths about vampire reflections and be able to take pictures of vampires are just that . Nicolas Cage could be a vampire following "RULES" that humanity simple doesn't know yet . On a far simpler explanation could be that he's just immortal . Meaning fans can look forward to more Nicolas Cage movies for the rest of our lives , as he'll outlive them all .

Chelsea Handler to LeAnn Rimes : "You're Seen Me Talking Sh*t About You" WTF

LeAnn Rimes  visited "Chelsea Lately" on Thursday , and the singer was a good sport about Chelsea Handler  making fun of her .
Handler told Rimes bluntly , "I know that you're seen me talking sh*t about you on the show ," to which the tabloid favorite responded , "Absolutely . I have , which is more why I wanted to come on [the show].
Rimes proceeded to tell the comedian she watched "Chelsea Lately" religiously," when she was going through her divorce from Dean Sheremet  after she'd had an affair with now-husband Eddie Cibrian , saying , "I was watching your show thinking I could get a laugh out of it , instead I was laughing at you laughing at me ."
"It was the first time I could cry and laugh at the same time ," noted Rimes , adding , "Those are great memories for me ."
Handler deadpanned , "Well your divorce was great memories for me too."
Rimes also dished about anorexia rumors , paparazzi and why she seems to be constantly wearing a bikini .

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone pose shirtless in the hosiptal after surgery .
Having a friend with you always makes things a little easier.

Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger .

The actor-turned-politician-turn-actor seemed positively delighted to run into pal Slyvester Stallone while both were hosipitized for procedures .

Schwarzenegger even posted a photo on his WhoSay account Wednesday showing the pair smiling and chatting whilr shirtless and laying in their hosiptal beds .

Stallone can be seen with an IV in his hand , while Schwarzenegger has his right arm in a sling .

"After all the action, stunts and physical abuse shooting 'The Expandables 2' and 'The Last Stand', it was time for a little tuneup on my shoulder ," Schwarzenegger explained in the photo caption .

He added , "Look who was coincidentally waiting in line behind me for his shoulder surgery . Now we're ready for another round of great times and action when we shoot "The Tomb."
The PICs with both of you a speedy recovery !

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[WATCH] 'Safe House' Trailer

Danzel Washington ... Ryan Reynolds  stars in 'Safe House.'

In theaters  March 12.

Ryan Reynolds Gave Danzel Washington A Blackeye "OMG"

Ryan Reynolds  accidentally gave Danzel Washington a blackeye .

Don't worry they're still friends.

The mishap occurred while the two stars were filming "Safe House," which Reynolds visited the 'Today Show' to promote on Tuesday .

"I look at moviemaking  ... it's like a prison," joked the actor . "You've just got to hit the biggest guy on the first day as hard as you can ... just make a statement for the crew."

In reality , Reynolds and Washington's heads collided during a car chase scene .

"He gave me a look like, ' you can't believe you just gave danzel Washington a blackeye," recalls Reynolds.

Monday, February 6, 2012

M.I.A. Flips Bird During Halftime Show; NBC Apologizes

Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show has gotten a lot of attention (because it was the Super Bowl halftime show), but it pretty much went off without controversy .
Until people pointed out that guest performer M. I. A. had given viewers the middle finger .
Even though most viewers probably didn't consider it a big deal , flipping the bird is always a source of media hyperventilation .
Plus, ever since Janet Jackson's nipple made a surprise appearence for a half-second during the 2004 halftime show , Super Bowl observers ( and politicians , advocacy groups , the FCC , etc.) always seem primed to declare controversy .
[UPDATE] NBC is now apoligizing .
"We apologize for the inappropriate gesture that aired during halftime ," said the  network in a statement . "It was a spontaneous gesture that our delay system caught late ."
Do you think M.I.A.'s fin ger warrants controversy ?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Willow Smith Shaved Her Head "OMG"

Willow Smith  shaved her head !

The girl famous for "Whip My Hair" doesn't have much to whip any more . Shedding her locks and tweeting a shot of her new look .

What do you  think of Willow going bald and  beautiful ??? 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

[WATCH] 'The Hunger Games' New Trailer

There's a new trailer for  'Hunger Games' which hits Theathers in March.

The teaser was posted on Thursday to mark 50 years until the premiere .

Stars Jeffifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are prominently featured as are supportly player like Stanley Tucci and Elizabeth Banks .

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[Watch] Michelle Obama Visits Jay Leno

MIchelle Obama made her late night debut as first Lady on Tuesday's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and talked turned to her husband's recent singing at the Apollo.

The President's talents comes at no surprised to Mrs. Obama .

"He does have a beautiful voice . He sings to me all the time ," she told Leno, mentioning that the President favors Al Green , Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.

Her daughters are less impressed.

"Anything we do is highly embarrassing," explains the First Lady .