Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres :Departs 'American Idol'

Aftre just one season, ellen DeGeneres is bowing out as a judge on 'American Idol,' FOX announced in a statement  Friday. After the news hit , DeGeneres tweeted, "Dim the lights ...I've voted myself off American Idol.
"A couple of months ago, I let FOX and the 'American Idol' producers know that this didn't feel like the right fit for me," DeGeneres said in a FOX  statement. "I told them I wouldn't leave them in a bind and that I would hold off on doing anything until they were able  to figure out where they wanted to take the panel next.
"It was a difficult decision to make, but my work schedule became more than I bargained for. I also realized  this season that while I was discovering , supporting and nurturing young talent, it was  hard for me to judge people and sometimes hurt their feeling . I loved the experience working on 'Idol' and  I am very grateful for the year I had. I am a huge fan of the show and will continue to be.
In the same statement from FOX, 'Idol' creator Simon Fuller shared his thoughts , I loved Ellen's passion for the artists and her nurturing skills. She brought honesty and optimism to our judging panel and I will miss her greatly."
DeGeneres is the second judge to depart after the nineth season - Simon Cowell made headlines earlier this year when he announced his plans to leave to focus on bringing a new show to American audiences, "The X Factor."
In a statement to  The Hollywood Reporter on the occasion of Ellen's resignation, Cowell said, "As I got to know Ellen, I grew to really,really like her. I have huge respect for her because she's always been in control of her own destiny."
Ryan Saecrest also chimed in on his Twitter: I will miss her on  'Idol.' She's one of the kindest and most talented people in Hollywood !"
Rumors are running  rampant in Hollywood about who will succeed Cowell and DeGeneres in the judges chairs. Names thrown around  include Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake and Sean  'Diddy' Combs.
My spin: Best of luck to Ellen and Simon...whoever is picked ...they have some large shoes to fill.

UPDATE :  TMZ is reporting that Kara DioGuardi has been fired and the show is close to locking up Jennifer Lopez and Areosmith's Steven Tyler in a return to the three judge format...stay tuned..updates as they become available.

Lilo...the New Fish on the Block...A Sad Story

Shawn Chapman Holley, Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, updated sources on her client after a visit with her Wednesday. Miz Holley assured everyone that Lindsay was feeling "good," using her time wisely and snacking on Twizzlers. At least she is allowed licorice.  In addition to Twizzlers ( the strawberry ones) she is also allowed her Adderall, Ambien, acid reflux pills,tranquilizers and vitamins. Of  course she had to leave her cocaine behind....on the outside.' C'est dommage'!
As for what else Lilo is doing; "She looks gorgeous...She's writing a lot. She's creating art. She's a beautiful, talented, creative woman and she is going to come out and surprise you all,"according to Dawn.
Writing?? What does that mean?? A biography, an epic poem...possibly a script ?? I expose of the prison system in America. Someone had to do it.

Yes, Lilo is a spoiled, indulged, demanding, dramatic, over the top, sometimes bitchy, little addict, who is not mature enough to own her own blunders and indictable offenses...Sooooo...why do I feel sorry for her?  I want to say that I realize we are engaged in two wars, have a shaky economy, not to mention the worst environmental disaster we've ever seen and that there are, tragically, a number of wrongfully convicted people behind bars. In short, I know that there are a million other things and people that deserve our attention more. But somehow Lindsay engages our attention anyway.

 Some of us are somewhat gleeful that she is locked away. We knew it was only a matter of time. We warned her. Serves the pampered, little, rich bitch right.
 She has become everyone's favorite punching bag, especially on cyberspace. And that's sad. Any of us who read the Vanity Fair cover story in which a defiant Lohan proclaimed, "Yeah, motherf*#~ker I'm fine," (a catchphrase that even inspired its own shirt),  knew that Lindsay definitely wasn't fine. And yet it was as though -- watching a slow-moving,year by year train wreck -- we were powerless stop it. Yet that didn't stop us from watching it all with great  interest and remarking on the potential casualties.

When compared to Paris Hilton, a fellow jailbird, Lindsay does not come off as mean or callous or cold. She seems much more human. I sympathize with her far more. She has never resorted to racial epithets or vicious spats with all and sundry like la Hilton. She doesn't have that sense of entitlement and superiority that Hilton wears so well. And she has genuine talent whereas Paris is a huge void with nothing to offer society.
I can see that Lindsay could have a potentially, wonderful career, up there with the greats, like Meryl Streep, if she just had the stability to hold it together long enough. If she had a supportive family, she could pull it off.

No one's family is perfect. In fact the definition of a "normal" American family is usually one that has simply mastered the art of being functionally dysfunctional. But when you look at Lohan's family, from the mother who's exploited her as a meal ticket for much of her life, to the father who's pimped out her privacy to the highest bidder in exchange for his own shot at Z-list fame, it's enough to drive any sane person to insanity...and  drive a sober person to drink. The biggest difference between the child stars who become Ron Howard or Jodie Foster, versus those who become Gary Coleman? You guessed it. The fam.

Though it's definitely a good thing for those of us who don't want to face drunk drivers on the road, being sentenced to jail time could also, quite possibly, save Lindsay Lohan's life, forcing her to take a break from the host of apparently unhealthy influences around her, from controlled (and not controlled) substances, to her family. Just think about that for a moment. By going to jail and rehab this person might actually be happier, healthier and better off.

Finally, it appears that all of the trouble that Lohan has had -- most of it substance abuse related -- never came from a malicious place. Watching Lohan descend even further into her abyss was sort of like watching Amy Winehouse -- an also talented yet tragic figure -- do the same. What they both have in common is that they have never been mean girls at all, just sick and very, very sad. Yes, I feel sorry for Lindsay.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Lindsay Lohan : Mom Says Lilo Is being Treated Like A Common Criminal

                                              Dina Lohan......Lindsay                                         
Ali & Dina Lohan

While reports have claimed cushy conditions for Lindsay Lohan in jail, her mother , Dina Lohan, says it ain't so - and that Lilo doesn't even have a  pillow.
"She doesen't have  cell phone privileges, that's absurd. She doesn't have a pillow to sleep on." Dina told RadarOnline yesterday. "I talk to her through glass. "There's a phone and we put her on speaker, but I can't even hug my daughter. She's treated like a common criminal."
That said, Dina did admit that the guards  and inmates have been  "pretty cool" to Lindsay.
"We're all so happy this is finally coming to a close,"  Dina told Radar. "When this happened, we were hysterical messes. But I'm so proud of Lindsay, she's been so strong and positive, even under what I consider to be extremely harsh punishment." Stay tuned...the saga continues.
My spin :  Dina, for your information, Lilo is a criminal. Jail is not the Plaza. Maybe if you were more of a mother , instead of a friend, Lilo might not be where she is now....and Dina in my opinion, you should be treated like a criminal also. After alcohol ...Lindsay's  other two problems are her  "dysfunctional and enabling parents....nuff said.
Kicking back and keeping it real...having fun of course.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sir Paul McCartney : Reflects 'Emotional' White House Gig

Sir Paul McCartney has praised US President Barack Obama , saying he's "a fan" and that the gig he played at the White House - picking up the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song - on January 2 was 'very emotional.'
In an interview with Billboard, the former Beatle spoke  about his first ever visit to the White House, admitting "I'm a fan of the president . I believe that's he's been dealt a bad hand. He came into that job with a lot of difficulties on his plate that wasn't of his creation."
The idea of playing in the White House was very interesting. We wondered what the acoustics would be like , but they turned out to be great. So we had a great time, just the event of it all. We was all very excited. from me, myself , to the lowliest crew member, we were all buzzing," he added.
McCartney's emotional highlight, he said, was performing  'Ebony and Ivory' with soul legend Stevie Wonder in front of the first family.
To sing it live for the very first time with the very first black president there, it suddenly gave a great significance to the song," he said.
Sometimes you write  a song in a  certain  era and its got a certain  kind of significance. I don't think I would have imagined then that it would be quite so soon that America would elect a black president. It wasn't that soon, but it was relatively short period of time. To sing it with Stevie  in front of President Obama was very emotional. The lyrics to the song suddenly seemed to have more significance to me in that setting."
The gig also featured appearances by Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, White Stripes' Jack White and Elvis Costello, amongst the studded line-up.
My spin: Thanks Sir Paul,  the PIC's think President Obama is a great guy also.
Kicking back and really having fun.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lindsay Lohan : Life Behind Bars

Lindsay Lohan's  fellow famous inmate - "Pretty Wild" star Alexis Neiers - walked out of the Lynwood jail late last week  a free woman - and brought with her the scoop from inside.
According to jail  offcials, Neiers - who was serving a six -month sentence for her part in the "Burglar Bunch's" heist at Orlando Bloom's house - was released after spending less than a month behind bars.
During an inview with  E ! News, Neiers said Lohan "was crying." She was lying  in there  and just trying to calm down."
"She had her head down when she first walked by and she was in  orange, just like the rest of us. I mean, she got to keep her extensions in and everything, which most people don't and the girls were like, ah... they had to take their's out  and cut it all out and you know stuff like that."
Alexis tells TMZ she is very  "humbled," "blessed"  and very "grateful for my family right now." She says her plans are "to shower, get in my bed and relax with my family. I'm very excited for a good meal."
Lindsay, on the other hand, just wants a drink of water, but the only thing that's available  - as one source puts it - is "water from that nasty sink in her cell." Lindsey just can't stomach it. One jailer went as far to tell her, "Just drink the milk from the day before."
TMZ has also learned Lindsay Lohan started  to get some ink done before she got locked up - but she didn't have the time to finish the design.
At one glance, it  appears to be a bruise on Lilo's upper  left arm - but the mark is actually the tattooed outline of a little girl with her eyes closed.
It's said Lohan first went under the needle at the Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in Hollywood, just a few days ago - and ironically  choose the image because "she liked the innocence of "the girl."
My spin : Where is Lilo's family ? Can't they see Lindsay is begging for help ?  I guess this is another of  the young people in Hollywood that's lost between the cracks.  I hope Lindsay's parents wake up and see her need before it's to late... Shapiro was there to help Lindsay , but he couldn't do it along, he needed the help of  Lilo's parents.  Hang tough  Lilo and take this time to evaluate your life and where you are headed.

Chris Isaak to Replace Simon Cowell ??

Folksy rock singer Chris Isaak has met twice with Fox as the search intensifies to replace caustic "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell. Isaak, in addition to penning hit songs like 1989's "Wicked Game," has appeared in a slew of TV series over the years, including "Eastwick," "Cold Case," "Smallville" and his own "Chris Isaak Show" for Showtime.
Another affable crooner, Harry Connick Jr., also has been considered.  Rocker Bret Michaels was given the once-over and even lobbied for the job last week in a Headline News interview ("I would love to do it, I would really bring it to the table," Michaels told Joy Behar). Sources say, however, that Michaels is out of the running.  Even Donald Trump has quietly lobbied to replace Cowell despite his longtime association with NBC as producer and judge of "The Apprentice" franchise.

While Fox insists no decision is imminent, the clock is ticking to replace Cowell as preliminary auditions get under way for the talent show's 10th season. Peter Rice, the network's new entertainment chairman, has said he expects the new "Idol" judge to join the audition roadshow by early September.

Complicating matters: Cowell's upcoming Fox singing competition "The X Factor" is similarly seeking judges.
Armed with a list of prospects, Fox is trying to figure out how all the pieces will fit together for both "Idol" and "X Factor" -- a delicate process given the long-standing tension between Cowell and "Idol" executive producer Simon Fuller. 'Oh, what a wicked game it all is.'

What If....

What if your favorite stars were overweight ; would you feel the same way about them? It's an interesting experiment.  If the enchantment fades because of a little excess flesh, what does that say about you and your values, your loyalty, your depth of feeling for people and your obvious discrimination ??

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inception #1, Followed By Salt and Despicable Me

LOS ANGELES - Leonardo DiCaprio's "Inception" has won a battle of superstar action thrillers over Angelina Jolie's "Salt" at the weekend box office.
"Inception" remained the No. 1 movie for the second-straight weekend with $43.5 million, according to studio estimates Sunday. The Warner Bros. thriller featuring DiCaprio as leader of a team that sneaks into people's dreams raised its 10-day total to $143.7 million.

Sony's spy caper "Salt" debuted a solid No. 2 with $36.5 million. The movie stars Jolie as a CIA operative who goes rogue after she's accused of being a Russian sleeper agent.

Coming in at No. 3 with $24.1 million was Steve Carell's family hit "Despicable Me." The animated comedy raised its domestic total to $161.7 million.

In a rare convergence of fresh ideas, the top three movies all were original stories, not sequels or adaptations of comic books, best-sellers, video games or other pre-existing material.
Typically in summer, all we're seeing are rehashes and sequels and reboots. Obviously audiences want more original material in the summer.Studios will have to change their thinking.

Inception  will quickly shoot past the $200 million mark at the domestic box office and has a good shot at topping $300 million, said Dan Fellman, head of distribution at Warner Bros.

"What Salt really has going for it  is just a kick-ass performance by Angelina Jolie," said Rory Bruer, head of distribution for Sony. " We coexisted really nicely with Inception and held our own."

'Despicable Me' is in a class by itself. It doesn't have to compete. It has a ready-made audience with all the kids home for the summer. But I know I loved it and I'm sure it will gain strength when the parents realize how funny and clever it is and what a great character was created by Steve Carell.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sandra Bullock : Will She Give Jesse James A Second Chance ???

It's been said that Jesse James has been working overtime to win back his ex-wife Sandra Bullock, and now source tell me all his efforts have - woh ! - actually paid off.
"Sandra has  made it clear that Jesse is the love of her life,"a friend of  the actress said. "She's not the sort of lady that just stops loving someone , no matter what he did behind her back. Sandra misses him and their life together every single day. You have to remember Sandra raised Sunny [Jesse's 6-year-old daughter ] as her own for the past five (5) years. Packing her school lunches , brushing her hair, reading her bedtimes stories . Sandra even took care of Sunny while Jesse was getting help in rehab."
Sandra and Jesse have been in constant contact since the day in March that Sandra left, however, sources  say that recently their conversations have been less and less about the children and more about the two of them and everyday stuff.
"Jesse has made her smile again. She can finally have normal conversation with him again without focusing on the pain and anger," a friend of Sandra's said. She really is the most amazing person you will ever meet. Her heart is big and open ; holding onto anger makes you bitter and twisted and that's not  and never will be who she is.
Sandra's friend says Jesse has been charming the actress with stories of mundane tasks he's been undertaking at his new home in Austin, which happens to be just 16 miles from her Texas  digs.
Sandra thinks its hilarious listening to him talking about what towels he needs to buy or  that Sunny wants to paint the entire house pink ! She would always be in charge of looking after the home in the past and knows interior decorating  and Jesse is not a good fit.
In her first interview after the split, Sandra made it clear how important  Jesse's children are to her, saying, "I don't want to know what life is  like without those kids." And now the court has approved Jesse's petition to let him take Sunny away from her mother, Janine Lindemulder, Sandra won't have to.
Jesse and Sunny, as well as his other children, Chandler,15, and Jesse Jr. , 12, will all relocate to Austin just mintues away from the place  Sandra call home.And with Jesse's new workplace , a motorcycle shop just steps away from Walton's Fancy & Staple , a deli and grocery that Sandra owns, they will be seeing even more of each other.
However, its not just the children that have brought the couple back together .Famed M.D. Keith Ablow explains , "Infidelity is almost never a reason why educated , introspective and forgiving  people stay separated  or divorced . If other facets  of the relationship are present - including commitment to one's children and an overriding sense that life is more meaningful together than apart - then marriages can not only survive infidelity, but end up stronger , despite of it."
Jesse's ex-wife agrees , telling this weeks issure of Life & Style  magazine , "They want to exclude me. Jessewill do anything to get back in Sandra's good graces." Stay tuned  the saga continues and we are watchin it closely.
My spin : Sandra, hope whatever choice you make it will be the best one for all that's involved....and whatever Jesse is doing, it seems to be working.
Kicking back and keeping it real...having fun as always.

Just to Put Things In Perspective again...Have One More Listen

He admits to beating her and if you listen carefully you'll hear him say she needs a baseball bat up'side the head. He also threatens to plant her in the rose garden. That's close enough to a death threat to get a restraining order. In this tape, that is one of the things he's ranting about...the restraining order.

I have little doubt that Oksana reeled him in with her sexy young body like the little gold-digger she is. And she planned to be the next Mrs Gibson with a solid gold career as a singer.
 But you can hear her desperation just to get away from him. She seems genuinely frightened for her child and no longer seems to care too much about the money or her career.

So regardless of how good Mel's lawyers are at turning the tide of public opinion about this and making Mel seem like an innocent victim, reserve your judgement. I don't believe Oksana tried to extort money from Mel with threats of exposure. That is more of Mel's spin doctors at work with their counter suit. However I am sure she tried to sell the tapes to the highest bidder. She wanted those tapes to get the broadest exposure they could. Revenge, maybe? Oh, for  sure. I also think she is using the tapes to ensure she gets custody of the baby, generous child support and maybe a nice settlement. If Mel gets custody, she gets nothing and may even find it hard to arrange to see  her baby. She knows the American justice system is not just and if you have the money and the celebrity you will come out the winner. So, Oksana has to make a strong case or she hasn't got a chance.

I think the violence would have escalated and perhaps ended in grave injury or murder. If that had happened then Mel would have won for sure.We know from experience that celebrities who murder go free. Oksana is leaving at the right time and I hope she learns a very valuable lesson from her experience. Stay away from unstable, loony, drunken  movie stars. Sadly, I think we'll hear of Oksana again, when she walks down the aisle with another older man of fame and fortune.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oksana Grigorieva : Grigorieva's sister may have leaked Mel Gibson's Tapes - "WTF"

Sources confirmed that Oksana Grigorieva's sister was the one responisble for leaking tapes of ex-boyfriend Mel Gibson's rants to
The sister of Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend may have leaked the pair's audio recording, the New York Post reported Friday, citing the entertainment website The Hollywood Reporter.
Several sources confirmed to the website that Oksana Grigorieva younger sister, Natalie, is being examined for her role in the audio tape leaks.
"I suspect that if the authorities look at the sister, they'll find a wire transfer or a check to her from the website," a source said, referring to entertainment website RadarOnline, which released the tapes.
Another source claimed Natalie shopped the tapes to other media outlets before selling  them to RadarOnline.
"All the tabloids said no to the deal because they were asked to purchase the audio tapes before hearing them," another source said.
If Grigorieva's younger sister is found to have brokered the deal at her behalf, Gibson's ex-girlfriend could be found in comtempt of court.
Earlier it emerged a text message sent by Gibson to Grigorieva, in which he admitted  he  ' wasn't safe'  for her, has become key evidence in the domestic violence dispute involving the actor.
"Oksana, I wasn't safe for you last night," Gibson wrote following a January 6 bust up, according to RadarOnline.
The "Lethal Weapon" star sent the text the day after he allegedly punched Grigorieva in the head and tried to choke her while she was holding their two(2) month -old baby. Stay tuned...the Mad Mel saga continues.
My spin :  I will wait and see the outcome of this mess... I think Mel  is showing his true colors...
Kicking back and having fun...keeping it real of course.

David Boreanaz : Sued For Sexual Harassment

'Bones' star David boreanaz is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit, reports.
Gloria Allred, who represents the actress accusing Boreanaz, told Radar, "Today we have filed a lawsuit on behalf of Kristina Hagan, an actress, against David   Boreanaz, in employment , Hagan is a member of the  Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and radio Artists."
"She is an actress who is working towards her goals, but who like many other actress has not been able to achieve them. For some reason she is extremely vulnerable as many actresses are in Holywood," the attorney  added.
"Ms. Hagan's allegations are set forth her lawsuit. We will  have no further comment on them," Allred finished.
TMZ has details on the suit, in which Hagan  claims that in September of 2009, the actor "attempted to kiss her and touch her breasts but she pushed him away," while she was working as an extra on the set of 'Bones.'
Boreanaz allegedly promised to help the young actress with her career, but never did. There were also other reported encounters.
The former 'Angel' star, who is married with  two children, was also involved in an affair with  Tiger woods Mistress number  one (1), Rachel Uchitel, which he admitted to publicly.
My spin : I have one question Mr. you think your wife will forgive for this  affair or what ever you called it also ???  What's gone wrong with the world ???   We think it's  Climate Change...if you can think of something better, please let us know.
Kicking back ...having fun and keeping it real.

Whitney A Bit Bloated....But Not a Ballooning Weight Problem

In this week’s National Enquirer, they have one of the most unflattering photos of Whitney Houston in the middle of a concert on May 27, under the headline “Whitney Soars to 175 lbs”. The piece is remarkably similar to one the Enquirer ran about Mariah Carey several weeks ago, only with Mariah they were all “she gained weight because she’s happy” and with Whitney they’re like “she’s gained weight just because.” Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact photos the Enquirer is using, so this one will have to suffice.  Does Whitney look bigger? Sure, but not 175 pounds.

"Whitney Houston’s weight is spiraling out of control! The troubled Grammy winner has packed on at least 20 pounds recently. While experts believe some of the weight gain has been caused by steroid injections or prednisone treatments to treat a nagging respiratory infection, insiders say that Whitney’s been “pigging out” on room service and fast food during her “Nothing But Love” European tour.
“She ballooned to 175 pounds, and there’s no sign of slowing down," quotes the Enquirer."
[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

She could have gained weight because:

A) Who cares?
B) She’s not smoking crack anymore (while she reads the Bible), and needs something for her oral fixation.
C) She on tour, and she’s hungry after performing and probably snacks on fast food.
D) Because she’s not some skinny young pop star with a crazy metabolism.

All in all, it could totally be worse. Maybe Whitney will become the new Aretha Franklin! Just a big, beautiful woman with an amazing voice, someone who gets so big, their fashion statements are all about boobs and hats. I would really love that Whitney. That Whitney has her voice back. I wonder if the actual Whitney will ever get her voice back? It's not looking that way. Those pure mellow tones have been conspicuously absent during her world tour. Audiences have actually walked out on her. You can't abuse and neglect your voice for ten years and expect to go on stage and sing like a nightingale.
I feel sorry for her. She has waked up and is presently, smelling the coffee.

Dear G. I must Confess

I deceived you when I sent you  my photograph. The truth is I've gained a couple of pounds since that picture was taken. Fortunately..... you like chesty ladies.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brad Piit - Angelina Jolie : Take Out A UK Tabloid 'Oh Yeah'

Note to the media : If you're going to publish a story claiming the demise of Brangelina, you better have rock-solid information. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie triumphed in British court Thursday after a notorious tabloid admitted  they had published a story filled with "false and intrusive" allegations that the two were planning to split up.
The News of the World, a Sunday tabloid, published a story in January claiming the couple had visited a divorce lawyer and had reached an agreement about division of their assets as well as the custody of their six kids. The headline was "Pitts all over."
Pitt and Jolie, who aren't married , immediately brought legal action against the paper, arguing it had made false and misleading comments about them. The couple demanded a retraction of the sensational story but none was given.
Although the newspaper argued they acted in good faith, they never stood a chance against the power couple . Sorrell Troupe , a divorce lawyer identified by many as the one the couple met with, denied even knowing them.
When  the News of the World  failed publicly to retract the allegations and apologize to them - thereby leaving their readers in the dark as to the true position - the couple felt they had no alternative than to sue, "the couple's attorney, Keith Schilling, said in a statement . "Today's victory marks the end of the litigaion brought by Brad and Angelina."
The publication's owner, News Group Newspapers, has agreed to publish an apology and pay Pitt and  Jolie a settlement, which they intend to donate to charity.
They have declined to comment further.
The couple did not attend the hearing.
My spin : If you have followed our blog  saw the post  PIC  said not to believe all you read and see in the tabloids... a lot of them  spice their stories up to sell more there are still some that  bring you the truth and can be trusted....the old saying is "buyer beware."
Kicking back   and having lets keep it real .

Arnold Schwarzenegger : Pokes Fun At Mel Gibson - "OUCH"

Mel Gibson is not getting slack anywhere ! Even the Governor of California is laying into him. Arnold Schwarenegger threw a few jabs at  Hollywood actor Gibson early Friday , Even comparing him to the  Gulf of Mexico oil leak, the Associated Press reports.
 While speaking with a group of utility commissionors in Sacramento, Schwarzenegger noted that while  BP seems to have contained its well, "no one has figured out how to contain Mel Gibson."  Not bad, Mr. Governor
Schwarzenegger even addressed Gibson's expletive-filled phone calls  that have been monopolizing headlines each day, asking the participants to turn off their cell phones  "because we are expecting a call from him.
In response to the ribbing, Gibson's  spokeman, Alan Nierob, said he's happy to hear Schwarzenegger is keeping a sense of humor and that "He's (Schwarzenegger)  obviously paving the way for a return to showbiz.
In the most recent tape released by, Gibson is accused by ex-girlfriend  Oksana Grigorieva of hitting their baby daughter.
My spin :  Whether  Mr. Schwarzenegger  is returning to showbiz or not, is beside the point...Mel Gibson is the laughing stock of Hollywood , even the governor is poking fun at him.Now more seriously, we all knew what Oksana was after and if Mad Mel wasn't in one of  his many stupors, he would have known also, so lets get real women deserves to be treated that way even if she is a money grabbing, gold-digging bimbo. She was good enough for him to sleep with and have a baby. With all the things Oksana is accused of, she's  still a better human being than Mad Mel. To tell her to suck his cock before he burned the house down [giggles].  Did  the fool just wake up from a  drunken stupor  and realize he  was the one sucking cock and  maybe it was his turn....Hmmm??
Kicking back  keeping it real and really having fun.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mel Keeps Mum...For Once ...Oksana Accused of Extortion

For those waiting for Mel Gibson to make some sort of statement of defense or contrition about the allegations of domestic violence made by his ex, Oksana Grigorieva, don't hold your breath because he probably won't talk for a long time.
According to a source close to Gibson, the actor intends to keep a low profile and not issue any sort of statement until all the allegations between him and Grigorieva (there’s also an ongoing investigation into whether Grigorieva extorted Gibson) are played out in the courts. In other words, the tapes will speak for themselves until a judge makes a decision — then maybe Gibson will comment.
Of course, nothing is ever certain. “You never know what could come up at any time,” said the Gibson source.
A representative for Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has furiously denied allegations the singer attempted to extort $10 million from her famous lover to keep recordings of his telephone rants private.

The former couple, who split earlier this year, has become embroiled in a bitter battle over recent weeks as they attempt to thrash out custody arrangements for their young daughter, Lucia.
The public falling out has seen Grigorieva accuse the Braveheart star of hitting her during heated arguments, and she released audio footage of telephone calls in which the actor can allegedly be heard hurling abuse and vile threats at his partner.
Gibson's lawyers have denied the attack allegations and lodged an official complaint with police, accusing Grigorieva of trying to bribe the star for a big cash payout in exchange for the audio footage.
But Grigorieva's rep, Stephen Jaffe, is adamant his client is innocent of the claims.
He says "To specifically address the allegations, my client, Ms. Grigorieva, has repeatedly stated that there is no credible evidence whatsoever of extortion by her, and she stands steadfastly by that statement."

Wow! It gets meaner and nastier from day to day. I wonder what started all the hostility. One thing has come to light so far; Mel is nuts.

Angie Could Play Liz in Bio Movie...Also Cleopatra

"I have never heard that before! I don't think anybody can be better at being Elizabeth Taylor than Elizabeth Taylor."
—Angelina Jolie's reply to the rumors that she's in the running to play Hollywood  goddess, Taylor, in Mike Nichols' movie based on the new book 'Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century'.
It's a shame because she could pull it off. Angelina and Taylor both have the Hollywood glam looks, but it's their similar personalities that would make this a casting choice made in Tinseltown heaven. They are both shameless maneaters and yet their elegance and charitable endeavors often make you forget about those notch-mark qualifications. Plus, they're both intoxicatingly beautiful and  are not afraid to publicly voice their opinions or give someone proper hell  when they need to.
But it sounds like Angie has almost comitted  to play power goddess Cleopatra.... a film that's in development about the legendary ruler, who was short and had a big schnoz.
"I would be honored," Jolie told reporters earlier this week about the Cleopatra role. "I'm fascinated by her and the mystery...but we haven't gotten a script yet. If the script is well crafted enough we'll try and make it.
And yes, Taylor played Cleo as well, even  though she thought it was kind of ridiculous casting at the time—not the least of which because the woman was, to quote Liz, "very homely."
'Listen Ange,' Liz Taylor can get you access to the man you really want:...Oscar. We know you're dying to nab Best Actress eventually and this kind of role could be your chance to do it...'Just sayin'.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mel Gibson : Australia Say Stay Away - You Are Not Wanted "OUCH"

It seems everyone is mad at Mel Gibson these days. and now , in an effort to get out of the spotlight  and win back his ex-wife Robyn, the movie star plans to pick up his family and move back to Australia. But, do the Australians want him back?
Australian native, and Bravo's most colorful Real Househusband ever, Simon van Kempen, says  exactly what he thinks about Mel Gibson and what the actor once ment to Australia.
"To see Mel's implosion over the last 5 years has been maddeningly sad  to say the least," van Kempen said.. "As a young Australian in the late 70's and early 80's Mel was The Australian (although American) in the international film business and not surpassed until Russell Crowe (although a New Zealanderland) came along."
The reality star continued, "Once we got to know the real Mel...we could see he was a little different ; a member of an extreme religion, the son of a father with a pretty disgusting views and then , when he was arrested for a DWI, his anti-Semitic tirade showed the apple hadn't fallen far from the tree."
"Once he fell for the beautiful Russian Oksana Grigorieva, his 24-year marriage publicly crumbled. And after claims of domestic abuse surfaced, Mel is now seen as a vile and disgusting human being whose career is surely done for," he said.
van Kempen concudes, "How ironic that after the demise of his relationship with Oksana, reports are now surfacing that he and Robyn are headed back to Australia where  perhaps escape the wrath of the U.S. media. Australia might be 14 hours by plane from Los Angeles, but it's still just a nanosecond away via the internet. And I doubt Mel will get much peace there."
"For Mel. it seems his epitaph may well  come from his movie titles as he's certainly no longer  'What A Woman Wants,' and so it seems he's reverted to the movies that made him famous. But instead of 'Mad Max' he's now Mad Mel."
The saga continues, so come back  ya hear.
I can't wait to hear what Bethenny, Jill and Alex think.
The following post is from our very on roving reporter :
Mel's meltdown may be about something else:
Oh dear, another  one of those "we don't talk about."
But could it actually be possible that what is being said about Mel Gibson's sad, but all too entirely public, emotional decomposition actually is a case of a gold-digging woman using sex and ultimately the birth of a child to sexually and  emotionally manipulate , and even abuse, a mentally ill, albeit (formerly?) wealthy older man.
Not that  it ever happens,( of couse it does).
Telling in his surprisingly sober-sounding angry tirades is the rant " I left my wife for you !" and "I was never like this before !" Sounds surprisingly lucid, particularly coming from an alcoholic now also famous for his drunken, word-slurring public antics. But also extremely Bi-polar (this coming from one who knows.)
Unfortunately another part of my experience applies here in the near legions of men I have now watched melt down similar to this and eventually lose all their ambition and potential, ultimately, either their amounting to nothing resembling their former  commitment promise and drive.. Or only end up in jail.
In the years I did my own volunteer violence prevention work in the Queensborough neighborhood, I saw young men used sexually like this by older girls and women, then recruited into gangs.
Of course they ended up with babies and a life-long emotional attachment to a no-good manipulative woman from for love of their own child...we all know that sad story.
But of course we know that it is really all the man's fault because he's older , wiser, bigger and stronger...and after all, wouldn't everything be just fine if he'd only listen to his peers ( translate : do it the right way ) get a job, pay the bills and support your own family , for Gawd's sake !
This, after all he's known from the age of 12 or 14 is sex. Particularly in a day when condoms are easily available  and not just leave the birth control  to women only.
All I'm saying  here is that perhaps it's time we women grow up and become responsible for the detritus our own rampant sexual "freedom" causes in the lives of  all of those around us.
Especially our men.
My spin : Our thanks go out to our roving reporter  for her opinion on Mel's meltdown. Her name is Chris Taylor and she lives in Shreveport and writes fot our local newspaper and Chris will be joining us from time to time. 
Again Chris...the PICs thank you for your input......
Kicking back having fun  and keeping it real.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mel Gibson (Allegedly) Screamed Here : Malibu Home on Market For $ 14.5 million

Lavender Hill Farm  has a peaceful sounding name, perfect for a Malibu mansion, which might be why current owner Mel Gibson is selling the over 5,ooo-square-foot property for $14.5 million.
Gibson put the house on the market months ago, but no one has snatched up the 9 bedroom - 8 1/2 bathroom home, which has a pool,tennis court, three guest houses, two offices, a detached gym and some of the most beautiful grounds in a private and beautiful area of Malibu, California.
In fact it's so private that no one will here you scream - as Gibson is alleged to have done at the mother of one of his children. This is the infamous house where he had ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and their baby daughter lived while the two were still a couple, and where "IT"all went down.
Gibson has been selling off  his U.S. property over the last few years, according to the "Associated Press," he recently sold his  Greenwich, Conn. home. Old Mill Farm for $24.5 millions. The farm and its 16,000-square-foot Tudor Mansion  had been on the market since 2007, with it's original asking price of $39.5 million. Gibson bought the 1928 estate in 1994 for $ 9.3 million.
Stay tuned  the saga continues and there's plenty more to come...come back  ya hear.
My spin:  Looking at the two women in Gibson's life  you can tell he's a drunken alcoholic  and the fool can't see ... well maybe, she gave him good 'oral' sex' well thats what he said he wanted before he burn the house down... so Gibson love oral sex...huh...well, Oksana may have waited until Mad Max was in a drunken stuper and put the vacuun cleaner hose to it....oh yeah, I'm hot today....
Kicking back having fun at old Mel's expense  But keeping it real.

Mel Gibson : The Faded Love Story of Mel and Robyn Gibson : 'What a Waste'

With rumors that Mel Gibson and his  former wife of nearly 30 years, Robyn, may be headed toward a reconcililition  in wake of domestic abuse allegations against the braveheart actor, its time to examine the relationship between the two.
According to PopEater's Rob Shuter,  the pair may be headed back to Australia together to flee the circus that surrounds Gibson. But what happen to them over the course of three(3) decades ?
Gibson met Robyn in the late 1970's in Australia , when mel was a struggling actor and she was a dental assistant. They both happened to live in the same house in the Australian of Adelaide.
The pair married in 1980, in a catholic ceremony in New Wales. That same year , Robyn gave birth to their oldest child, daughter Hannah.
They would have six (6) more children over the years - all boys. Twins Edward and Christian were born in 1982, William in  1985, Milo in 1990 and Thomas in 1999.
The Gibson's also have two (2) grandchildren by Hannah, who married musician Kenny Wayne Shepherd in 2006.
Over the course of nearly 30 years, their marriage did survive Mel's alcoholism, which took him to rehab several times. He often credited his wife with his recovery."The real medal goes to my wife , who, who's a wonderful woman," Mel told Diane Sawyer in 2004.
Although Mel's traditionalist Catholic beliefts put him at odds with his wife's own religious upbringing, he still had the utmost respect for her. "My wife is a saint. She's a much better person than I am," Mel said in an interview in 2004.
Even right after his DUI in 2006, a source told People  that Robyn was still standing by her man. "She's as supportive a wife as you'll ever see. My marriage is as strong as ever."
But everything wasn't as it seemed . That same year, the pair became estranged and separted. However, the actor's wife didn't file for divorce until 2009. Citing "Irreconcilable differences," the documents indicated that they separeted on August 26,2006, just a month before his 2006 arrest.
The couple issured a joint statement concerning their split. "Throughout our marriage and separation we have always strived to maintain the privacy and integrity of our family and will continue to do so."
At stake was Gibson's $900 million, but  most believed the divorce would be amicable. There's a lot of mutual respect and they've worked hard on their marriage and also worked harded on their separation," an insider explained to People shortly following the break-up.
The "irreconcilable differences" between the two could have had something to do with Gibson's relationship with now ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. In May of 2009, Gibson announced that he and Oksana was expecting their first child together. Their daughter was born in October last year.
Meanwhile, in the midst of Grigorieva's allegations against Gibson, Robyn has spoken out. "Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage. Mel was a wonderful and loving father," she told  the court in a statement , in an effort to protect their children together.
Robyn's  tried to stay out of this, but she wanted to make sure ther was no speculationof what happened within her family," a source expained
And since their divorce has   yet to be finalized , many speculate that they could be back together in the future.
"Meeting Oksana Grigorieva and leaving my wife  was the biggest mistale of Mel's life. Robyn and the seven children they have together  are heartbroken to see what has happened to him. Seeing the man they know as a husband and father being betrayed as a monster is very painful and not the man they thought they new. However, neither is the man  who would walk away from them  for a younger Russian gold-digger," a friend of the actor told Rob Shuter....the saga continues, stay tuned...more to come tomorrow.
My spin :  Robyn, Please take you head out the clouds and come back to the real's a well known fact  you left the cheater when he moved his bimbo a couple of blocks from you . There is no way in hell  you can stay will an alcoholic and not not he's an abuser, lady, please, we know you are trying to save face because you don't want the general public to know  Mel abused  for  some years... His friends tried to warn him , even his children told him Oksana was a gold-digger.
Wake up before it's too late and smell the roses.  If Mel don't get very serious help , I  really pity the people around him...which everyone knows is going to  be few and far between...with all  Mel's money I don't tink he can buy his way out of this mess.
Kicking back  keeping it real and having fun.

Jen is Stripping Again

The Daily Mail published some grainy, previously unseen promotional ads for Aniston's Lolavie perfume. Aniston will debut the fragrance on Wednesday in London at Harrod's. Earlier Lolavie ads have similarly undressed shots, and Aniston has also showed off her abs for SmartWater ads. You still got it girl.

LiLO Has First Jailhouse Visitor

Lindsay Lohan has her first jailhouse powwow with her lawyer, (guess who) Shawn Chapman Holley, who represented Lindsay Tuesday morning in court after her supposed replacement Robert Shapiro passed the baton back to her. At least LiLo got to see a familiar face after the key was turned in her cell. Holley  wouldn't comment on how the troubled 24-year-old is holding up or what they talked about. But here's hoping Lohan said her piece, because company's not coming again for awhile.

At the Century Regional Detention Facility, where Lohan is expected to spend the rest of July and a day or two of August, inmates can only get visits from friends and family members on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 7:15 p.m.Week days, between the hours of 9:15 a.m. and 12 p.m., are for meetings with lawyers and other professionals. None of which are the hours Lohan is used to keeping, but we're betting she'll get with the program eventually; no choice.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Shapiro Hit the Road

Robert Shapiro has made himself scarce much like Lindsay's last lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley. Holley is thought to be back by default, though. It turns out that when Holley quit working for Lohan two weeks ago she neglected to sign the paperwork to officially remove herself as counsel. So now she may have to deal with some last minute drama due to her own negligence.

As for why Shapiro quit, E! News has it down to Lindsay’s irresponsible and disrespectful behavior while she was staying in the “sober house” he founded. They report that she had people over all the time and was generally disruptive. It’s not known at this time whether Lindsay will issue a last minute appeal and who exactly will be representing her. Given the way she ended up receiving jail time in the first place - by consistently messing up the multiple chances she’d been given, I think it’s safe to assume that she’ll be unsuccessful if she even manages to scratch together an appeal.

Last week, she checked into Pickford Lofts, a sober-living house started by Shapiro after he lost his son Brent to a drug overdose in 2005. Shapiro was spotted heading into the building on Thursday, as was Lohan’s assistant.Though ostensibly a positive step, it may have been Lohan’s brief stay at the Los Angeles residence that made things worse. A source tells us that Shapiro was not happy with her behavior there.
“She was unruly,” the source says. “She was having people over at all hours of the night. She acted like she ran the place.”
 The Deputy District Attorney  vows to fight an appeal if Lohan manages to mount one. The Deputy DA says that she should have been informed about a meeting Shapiro had with Lindsay’s judge yesterday. It’s thought that Shapiro told Judge Revel in chambers that he was no longer representing Lohan. She was moving out of his sober living house around that same time.

This girl could have potentially put off going to jail a few months if she even bothered to mount an appeal. She didn’t manage to secure a lawyer willing to deal with her drama in time, though, and picked a guy who made a public statement that he would represent her only if she went to jail. She managed to piss him off somehow, is still headed to jail, and we don’t even know who will be representing her as she’s hauled off amid a circus of camera crews and paparazzi.

Lohan recently tweeted that she’s scared of jail and wrote “the only “bookings” that I’m familiar with are Disney Films, never thought that i’d be “booking” into Jail… eeeks.” It’s surprising that she even remembers her bookings for Disney movies, considering how she’s addled her brain in the five years since she’s done one. The latest news on her upcoming film, Inferno, is that she’ll show full frontal nudity but that it will be “violent nudity,” according to the film’s director. He compared it to “linked images of the Vietnam war – that kind of context.” We’ve already heard that the film will involve violent, degrading scenes for Lindsay’s porn star character, Linda Lovelace. All Lindsay remembers are her Disney bookings, though.
Oh and as for what Lindsay can expect in jail. She’ll be housed in the solitary confinement area, where she’ll be alone around 20 hours a day. She will be allowed to shower every other day and exercise three times a week. It’s not known whether she’ll be able to take any of her prescribed medication.

Mel Gibson : Will Robyn ( Australia) Take Mad Mel Back ??? "OUCH"

Mel Gibson has made some huge mistakes lately but nothing compares to the biggest mistake of his life; letting Robyn Gibson, his wife of nearly 30-years go. Now the troubled star will do whatever it takes to win her back including moving his entire family back home to Australia.
"Meeting Oksana Grigorieva and leaving his wife was the biggest mistake of Mel's life," a friend of the actor said. "Robyn and the seven children they have together are heartbroken to see what has happened to him. Seeing the man they know as a husband and father being protrayed as a monster is very painful and not the man they thought they knew. However, neither is the man who would about from them for a younger Russian gold digger."
Mel and his wife split in April 2009 when Oksana became pregnant with his child. Mel and Robyn continues to speak regularly and raise their children as a team but that doesn't mean Robyn will ever be able to forgive him and take him back.
Robyn's declaration to an LA judge last week stating that her  ex-husband had never engaged in any physical abuse of and kind toward her before, during or after their marriage, may have given Mel the wrong signal. It's said Mel is now convinced he has a second chance and begging Robyn to take him back.
"Mel didn't ask Robyn for the affidavit and wept when he found out abotut what she had done for him. He just wants his life to return to normal. Before he ever  met that woman, " a source says. "He knew his Hollywood career was over. Now he just wants to return to Australia with his ex-wife and children. Buy a ranch in the outback and live the rest of his life out of the spotlight."
My spin : There's one problem here I'm not sure Robyn or Australia wants hm anymore ! What do you think??  Now the monster  part, it was there all the time, if you believe Robyn  it just surfaced...I wonder how Mel kept it hidden  for so long.  Now for the crying part when he heard Robyn came to his defense, he cried...hell, Mel is an actor, I  would expect no less. One more you think Robyn was only trying to save face and not let the world know  that she knew what a monster he is,  and had lived in that nighmare hell for almost  three (3) decades . More to come ...the saga continues. 
The Mel series continues and I will bring you  the opinion of our  roving reporter on Mel's meltdown ....come back you hear.

Mel 6...The Saga Continues

Apparently he hit the baby too.

Shapiro Quits Lindsay

Attorney Robert Shapiro has reportedly turned his back on Lindsay Lohan by quitting as her lawyer on the eve of her surrender.  Shapiro was to step in officially in front of the court as Lohan’s new counsel as the actress prepares to surrender for her 90-day jail sentence Tuesday.  It is unclear who will represent Lindsay tomorrow when she will turn herself in. We do not know why Shapiro has left the case. He said publicly he would represent Lindsay only if she agreed to go to  jail and follow his instructions (" She must  comply with the terms of probation, including a requirement of jail.”)  Since Lindsay  is in deep denial about going to jail  we can only assume..........

Earlier Shawn Chapman Holley, who had been representing the actress, resigned after Lohan was sentenced for violating her DUI (driving under influence) probation. Interestingly, Chapman Holley never signed the substitution of attorney form last Friday to get out of the case. So Shawn may be on the hook.

After Shapiro took over, Lohan checked into the Pickford Lofts, a sober living house founded by Shapiro; basically, a rehab centre founded  in memory of his son who died of an overdose of drugs five years ago.
The lawyer has refused to comment over the reports. You have sadly disappointed me Mr Shapiro. I was counting on you to save Lindsay from herself. You have helped so many other young people to rehabilitate. Don't abandon her like everyone else has, including her family.