Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lindsay Lohan : Approved To Work In Canada 'OMG'

Bacon ... hockey ... maple syrup ... Lindsay Lohan -- all things that've received the official Canadian stamp of approval ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay has just been granted a Canadian work permit to film an upcoming Liz Taylor movie in Toronto ... which is a big deal because the Canucks usually aren't too fond of granting permits to foreigners with criminal records.

Sources says ... Canadian officials have realized Lindsay has been receiving positive marks from the court and her probation officer ... and signed off on the permit hours after she completed her community service requirements yesterday.

Bryan Adams could not be reached for comment

Charlie Sheen : Talks About 'Cringe-able' Meltdown On 'Today Show'

Charlie Sheen appeared on Thursday’s "Today Show," ostensibly to talk about his new show "Anger Management," but mostly to celebrate still being alive.

"There were people who probably last year at this time would have placed a bet that you wouldn’t even be around, and I mean literally," said Matt Lauer referring to Sheen’s epic meltdown last year.

"Yeah, I would have taken that action," joked the actor, who went on to describe footage of his 2011 antics as "cringe-able."

Sheen talked about wanting to relaunch his image and defended his decision to still drink alcohol despite his well-documented history of substance abuse.

He also explained that he looks at "Anger Management" as a chance for redemption.

"I couldn’t have the ‘Two and a Half Men’ thing be my television legacy… I couldn’t have it end on that note," said Sheen. "So if this is going to be the swan song, it’s got to be a beautiful experience. And so far, eight days [shooting "Anger Management"] was more fun than eight years [on "Two and a Half Men"]."

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lindsay Lohan : Criminal record Creates 'Issues' For New Movie

Lindsay Lohan has just learned another lesson as to why crime doesn't pay ... because she's having to jump through hoops to get a Canadian work permit to shoot a movie that could jump start her career.

Lindsay has been cast as Liz Taylor in the Lifetime movie, "Liz and Dick," which will be shot in Toronto. Problem is -- Lindsay has 2 DUIs and a theft conviction on her record, and Canada doesn't much like convicted criminals earning cash in Canuck country -- then again, they like money.

So, there is a very complicated process that Lindsay must follow to get a work permit.

Lindsay is in court tomorrow, where Judge Stephanie Sautner is expected to take Lindsay off probation for her Beverly Hills DUI case. The judge is also expected to change Lindsay's status in the jewelry heist case, from formal probation to informal -- meaning she won't have to report to her probation officer or appear in court, as long as she doesn't break the law.

We're told Lindsay's lawyer is filling out the maze of paperwork required to get the work permit, and the results of tomorrow's hearing will make it easier. It's a pretty sure bet Canada will give Lindsay the right to shoot the movie.

The question is : Will she or won't she get into Canunk country to get a work permit ; stay tuned , updates as they become available .

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miss Universe Canada Disqualified "OMG"

She may look every bit the part of a beauty queen, but Jenna Talackova has lost her chance for the crown because she was born a biological male.

The 23-year-old Miss Universe Canada finalist was disqualified from the competition after it was discovered she had undergone sexual reassignment surgery, reports CTV .

National director of Miss Universe Canada Denis Davila told the Toronto Star that while they consider Talackova to be a "real girl," Miss Universe rules stipulate that contestants must be a "naturally born female."

Davila also told the Star that Talackova indicated on her registration form that she was born female. Talackova was disqualified the same day she revealed she was in fact born a male.

According to a statement from Miss Universe Canada, Talackova was disqualified because "she did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form. We do, however, respect her goals, determination and wish her the best."

In a 2010 interview Talackova said she knew she was a female at age 4 and began hormone therapy at age 14. She underwent reassignment surgery at 19.

Talackova told CTV she's "not giving up" and is consulting a lawyer. In the mean time, Miss Universe Canada has removed all photos of the Vancouver resident from their website and another woman has taken her spot.

Monday, March 26, 2012

[Celebrity Hacker] Christopher Chaney Pleads Guilty

Christopher Chaney pleaded guilty Monday to hacking the e-mail accounts of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson .

Chaney, who entered his plea to nine felony counts, including wiretapping and unauthorized access to a computer, was immediately taken into custody.

He will be sentenced on July 23.

In addition to Johansson, Chaney was said to be responsible for hacking into the accounts of more than 50 stars, including Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera .

Bobby Brown : Arrested For DUI "WTF"

Bobby Brown has just been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Los Angeles ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources says, Bobby was pulled over in Reseda, CA at 12:20 PM PST for allegedly driving while talking on a cell phone.

We're told 43-year-old Bobby is currently in custody in Van Nuys jail. It's unclear what substance cops believe Brown had been using before he got behind the wheel.

Whitney Houston's ex-husband already has a DUI conviction on his record stemming from an arrest in Georgia in 1996. He eventually pled guilty to DUI and served 8 days in jail.

Brown has been back in the news ever since Whitney died in a Beverly Hills hotel room on February 11 , was turned away from the death scene ... and after a disagreement with Houston's family left the funeral services early .

1:54 PM PST -- Sources close to the singer tell us ... Bobby's "people" are en route to the jail to bail him out.

Fifty Shades of Gray Rights Acquried for Movie

Fifty Shades of Grey," the erotic bestseller that’s become a publishing phenomenon, is heading to the big screen.

Over the course of a weekend that saw another book series generate one of the biggest movie box office opening in history .

Universal Pictures and Focus Features won the rights to turn author E L James‘ sexual trilogy into a movie.

The books tell the story of a college student (Anastasia Steele) in a highly-charged, dominant-submissive erotic relationship with a young billionaire named Christian Grey.

First published by a small Australian independent press, "Fifty Shades of Grey" has since swept the e-book world, rocketing up the Amazon and New York Times bestseller lists.

Interest from Hollywood soon followed, especially given that previously unknown writers such as JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer have penned series that were successfully translated

into billion-dollar film franchises.

Have you read "Fifty Shades of Grey" ? Are you excited about the movie ?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Madonna : Video Too Hot For YouTube "OMG"

Madonna's "Justify My Love" Was too hot for TV back in the '90s and now one of her videos is too hot for YouTube .

The singer’s racy video for "Girl Gone Wild" has been banned from open view on YouTube for being deemed too sexually explicit.

The video, which features some male nudity and orgy-like scenes, is now restricted only to users 18 and older.

According to the New York Post , YouTube chiefs have told Madonna that she must "edit out shots of bare bottoms, a man rubbing his crotch and an implied masturbation scene where a man gyrates before a mirror" in order for the video to be made available to all.

Gossip Cop

has reached out to a rep for Madonna for comment.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kim Kardashian : Flour Bomb "WTF"

Kim Kardashian  responded to being flour-bombed on the red carpet Thursday night.

"It was crazy," she told "TMZ Live" on Friday.

The reality star said of the incident, which was allegedly the work of an anti-fur activist "Whatever your beliefs are… that’s bullying."

Kardashian also felt it’s hypocritical of the woman who attacked her to use violence in protesting violence against animals.

She observes, "If you’re trying to promote nonviolence towards animals… why are you trying to be violent towards humans?"

And while she told the show, "I don’t think someone like that should get away with those types of actions," she didn’t press charges because "I didn’t want to hold up the event."

Kardashian’s family also reacted to the flour-bombing, taking to Twitter to show their support for Kim.

Khole  wrote, "She handled it amazing! What a low to flour bomb someone." She added in a later tweet, "I wish I was with my sister tonight. I bet you that woman wouldn’t have dared tried a thing."

Kourtney said, "Classy to flour bomb my sister at her charity event helping women. I wonder if they would have dared thrown the flour at my hormonal and pregnant self!"

Family matriarch Kris Jenner  also chimed in, posting on her blog, "I am so proud of my daughter for handling this situation so professionally and with such poise! Kim wasn’t phased by the attack and simply walked away from the red carpet, brushed herself off and headed right back out!!"

We’re still waiting for a gem from  Scott Disick .


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Coroner : Whitney Houston Died of "Accidental Drowning," Cocaine Found

Whitney Houston's offical cause of death was accidental drowning , according to the L.A. County Coroner .
She also had cocaine in her system , and both heart  disease and drug use were found to be contributing factors in her death .
The coroner's report lists the official cause of death as "drowning and effects of atherosclerotic heart disease  and cocaine use ," and labels it an "accident ."
In terms of the drugs in Houston's system , the toxicology report reads  ; Cocaine and metabolites were identified and were contributory to the death .
Marijuana , Alpazolam , (Xanax ) , Cycobenzaprine (Flexeril)  and Diphenhydramine (Benedral) were identified but did not contribute to the death ."
The singer was found dead at 48 last month at the Beverly Hilton Hotel .
Stay turned ... updates as they become available .

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dr. Conrad Murray : I'm Rail Thin From Explosure Diarrhea "WTF"

Dr. Conrad Murray has dumped 30 pounds because he's pooping out his guts and he blames the water at L.A. County Jail .
Sources said Murray has been extremely sick since becoming an inmate last November . He claims the water smells and tastes bad , and believes it has given him a horrible case of dynsetery . Murray says the bad water , along with a bad diet , is ruining his health .
Murray says he can't eat jail food and is force to eat what he call's 'cat food' which he buys at the commissary .
Murray buys canned tuna for $4.25 a pop , salmon flakes for $3.50 and canned mackerel for $ 2.50 . Murray is telling friends that aside from cats , he's the only human being forced to eat canned mackerel .
Sources says Murray is filing multiple appeals to get out of jail . Primarily , because his health is compromised .
L.A. County Sheriff's spokeman , Steve Whitman says ... "All inmates receive the proper nutrition and medical care that is required by law , but the Sheriff's Department goes above and beyond what is required .
We don't know how the appellate judges feels about diarrhea , but one thing we know for sure ... jail is really a sh**ty experience .
Well Conrad ... no hard feeling ... that's just KARMA ! Just sayin' ...HeHe

Christian Slater : Fit , Shirtless and Soaking Wet "Oh Yes"

Christian Slater showed off his toned torso during a shirtless dip off a Miami fishing pier with his girlfriend Brittany Lopez this weekekend .

The forty-two-old "Breaking In " star can stomach guys half his age .

Still a hunk .

The Case Of The Disappearing Baby Weight "OMG"

It's been ten weeks since she gave birth to little 'Blue Ivy' ... but a glowing Beyonce showed no signs of any post-baby weight in a form-fitting dress as she headed to the Greenwich Hotel in NYC for dinner with First Lady Michelle Obama on Monday .

It's almost like she never had a baby .

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jennifer Lopez : Tells Vogue About Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez gushes about boyfriend Casper Smart in the April issue of Vogue , calling him "a good egg."
He's adorable . But you already know that ," says Lopez .
Lopez adds , "He really is [sweet and loving] . He's a good egg . I don't want to talk about it too much , it's my private thing .
While Lopez , calls herself a "mushy romantic" doesn't apecifically address the 18-year age difference between herself and smart , she admits she doesn't feel all her 42 years .
"I don't feel older , and I don't fel like I look it either ," she says , "so I am just the same way I have always acted ."
Still , the "American Idol" judge's longtime manager Benny Medina admits to Vogue that the nearly two-decade gap between the lovebirds is a topic they've discussed .
Jennifer's not oblivious to her own reality right now , as in , "Damn, I'm 42 with a 24-year-old . Why ?" he tells the magazine .
Medina continues , "We talked about it yesterday . She was just like , "It's not even the age , Benny . It's actually that I just came out of a relationship where I felt like I was kinf of not getting what I needed , And I'm open ! So somebody who steps in right now and is actually touching me in a new way ... it's very fertile ground !"
Jennifer , a word : remember to take it slow ... you have two kids and you do not need a third unless they are younger than your twins ... I'm just saying .

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jennifer Lopez : Wears Jockstrap In 'V' Mag "WTF"

****************************Forget nipple slips ******************************
Jennifer Lopez pulls out the gloves for the cover of 'V' magazine ... as well as a jockstrap .
'American Idol' judge embraced the issue's sports theme and voluntarily opted to wear a bulky groin protector .
"I thought it was more graphic ," Lopez asys , adding that it made her feel tougher."
Lopez explains , "I've always felt like a tough girl from the Bronx . But I have a solf core ."
Talking about the hits and misses in her personal and professional lives , Lopez notes she "can take a lot of punches and keep going . I've been trained like a boxer to go 15 rounds ."
And contrary to tabloid rumors , she finds it quite easy to work with estranged husband Marc Anthony on their reality series , "Q'Vival The Chosen ."
"I mean , we're parents and friends first . That will be the thread that ties us together ," she says .
Lopez adds , "I don't know if people expect it to be negative just because the [intimate] relationship didn't work out ."
JLo , you do not have to do things like this ... you're gorgeous enough ... just be yourself ... but hey that's just me .

Saturday, March 17, 2012

How Likely Is It That They'll Split ... HUH ???

It's no surprise that the Hollywood set doesn't have the best firestorm, celebrities' ages, the length of their courtship, their previous marital history, and their fame." But when unions began crumpling far sooner than their predicted end dates (Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger were married for only 291 days while they had a 100 percent probability of making it through the year) or were still going strong after their calculated expirations (happily coupled Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's predicted relationship success rate was less than 12 percent), the equation was revisited.

Now, instead of predicting marriage D-Days based on a variable of Google hits, the formula includes a figure that divides a celebrity's New York Times mentions by the amount of times their name appears in The National Enquirer -- a much needed-update that accounts for the ebb and flow of fame.

"This is a major improvement in the equation," Sundem told the Times. "It turns out that overall fame doesn't matter as much as the flavor of the fame. It's tabloid fame that dooms you. Sure, Katie Holmes had about 160 Enquirer hits, but she had more than twice as many NYT hits. A high NYT/ENQ ratio also explains why Chelsea Clinton and Kate Middleton have better chances than the Kardashian sisters."

So are Hollywood couples aware that the fate of their relationships may lie in a simple game of division? Kelly Ripa certainly is. The "Live! With Kelly" host and her husband, Mark Consuelos, charted the longevity of their own marriage on Tuesday's show. The couple calculated that they have a 93 percent chance of staying together for the next five years, 49 percent for the next 10 years and 38 percent for the next 20 years.

"The way we stack up against the celebrity couples, we are, like, long in the tooth,"desperate pleas for privacy that the Hollywood set doesn't have the best track record when it comes to "till death do us part." It seems that a week doesn't go by without a Tinseltown couple calling it quits, and the attendant media firestorm, desperate pleas for privacy and speculation as to who will walk away with what.

But with the odds stacked against them -- according to the International Business Times, celebrity marriages have a 35 percent success rate -- what if there was a formula that could calculate whether or not a couple was destined for "happily ever after," before they were even married?

In 2006, the Sundem/Tierney Unified Celebrity Theory -- a mathematical equation to determine the length of a celebrity marriage -- was published. The equation, created by "Brain Trust" author Garth Sundem was based on a number of factors, including "the Ripa told her audience. "I'm proud of that."

Forget the writing on the wall; when it comes to calculating celebrities' romantic longevity, the writing looks a lot like your kid's math homework.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Oprah : Responds To Massive Blacklash "WTF"

Oprah Winfrey responded to criticism about her interview with Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina in a new TMZ report.

Oprah scored a huge interview with the daughter of the pop legend in the aftermath of Houston's tragic death. She weighed in on the experience when a TMZ reporter caught her getting into a car.

"I think it went really well," Oprah said. "I think people really responded and I think the whole country now got to see how [Bobbi Kristina] feels and what she's going through."

Oprah seemed shocked when the reporter said that people criticized the interview, according to TMZ. The site reported that she "came under fire for letting the Houston family off the hook ... especially when Whitney's sister-in-law suggested the singer was murdered." She also faced backlash from critics who alleged that she was exploiting the tragedy for ratings.

"Really, I didn't know," Oprah said. "I don't look at the criticism. I just move through life doing what I do with the best intentions. I try to be a force for something good - I strive to present something inspirational. And if people don't like it, that's okay. I'm always trying to have the good in mind and if people don't get that it's okay."

George Clooney : Released After Arrest

 George Clooney was arrested on Friday for civil disobedience in front of the Sudanese embassy in Washington, D.C.
The movie star and 17 other protesters – including his father Nick Clooney – were taken into custody for demanding action against Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, whom they accuse of triggering a humanitarian crisis.
After posting $100 bail, the Clooneys gave a press conference to discuss their efforts to bring attention to the bombing of civilians and other horrors underway in the African nation.
The entire protest was about shining a light on the situation that Clooney addresses in the video here  check  out the video above .

George Clooney : From White House to Jail House "OMG"

George Clooney has posted a $100 bail and been released from jail .

The actor and activist was arrested on Friday after crossing a police line during a protest in front of Sudan's Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Clooney , along with other protesters including his father Nick Clooney , Martin Luther King III and a congressman had gathered in front of the building to demand action against Sudanese president Omar al-Basher , whom they accuse of triggering a humanitarian crisis .

Clooney and 17 others were cuffed and taken into custody .

Thursday, March 15, 2012

George Clooney : Trade Stacy Keibler for 1st Lady - For A Night

George Clooney's girlfriend definitely has her priorities -- she missed a night at the White House for a modeling shoot, but George found a suitable sub -- Michelle Obama.

George was at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for a White House State Dinner, honoring British Prime Minister David Cameron. Other famous attendees included Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, producer Harvey Weinstein, and actor Idris Elba.

As for Stacy ... we're told she left last night for Barcelona for a modeling shoot.

So we gotta ask .... trouble in Paradise ???

Dustin Hoffman : Why The Long Face

Not to beat a dead horse ... but Dustin Hoffman didn't look too happy today in L.A. ... hours adter hearing HBO had canceled his new show "Luck."

As reported , the network shut sown the race track themed series after a 3rd horse died on the set .

Russell Brand : Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant has been issued for Russell Brand following the actor-comedian’s altercation with a " in the amount of $700 after the Monday night inphotographer, the New Orleans Police Department has confirmed to Gossip Cop.

He’s been charged with "simple criminal damage incident, during which Brand is said to have wrestled away the paparazzo’s cell phone and thrown it through a nearby window.

No court date has been set.

Brand is currently in New Orleans to film a movie.

In 2010, he tangled with a paparazzo at LAX airport after the photographer attempted to shoot up his then-fiancee Katy Perry’s skirt

Stay tuned ... updates as they become available .

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rachel Uchitel : Baby Bumpin' Around Town "WTF"

With her unborn baby girl due next month , a very pregnant Rachel Uchitel and her hubby Matt Hahn walked the streets of San Francisco on Tuesday .

The former Tiger Woods mistress is looking belly good .

Just a thought : Tiger Woods beware ... if hubby Matt Hahn leave out the picture , Rachel may come after you for more $ millions of dollars . HeHe

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Russell Brand : Allegedly Throws Paperazzo's Cell Phone Through Window "WTF"

Russell Brand got into an altercation with a paperazzo in New Orleans on Monday , wrestling away the photographers iPhone and allegedly hurling it through a nearby window .

The man , Timothy Jackson , filed a police report citing 'criminal damages' after the incident with Brand , which purportedly occurred after Jackson and other paperazzi noticed the actor-comedian and began to snap shots .

Brand is said to have been infuriated , grabbing Jackson's cell phone and throwing it through the window of an abandoned building .

Jackson immediately contacted the police , who confirm that they are trying to get Brand's side of the story.

It's not the first time Brand has had a run-in with a photographer .

In September 2010 , he tangled with a paparazzo at LAX airport after the man tried to shoot up the skirt of Brand's then- fiancee Katy Perry.

Stay tune ... updates as they become available .

Sunday, March 11, 2012

[REPORT] Stephen Hawking Set for Cameo on 'The Big Bang Theory '

Stephen Hawking has reportedly filmed a 'Cameo' appearence on 'The Big Bang Theory."
The worlds most famous theoretical physcist will have a "run-in" with Sheldon , the scientist character played by Jim Parsons .
Their scene is reportedly part of the hit sitcom's April 5 episode according to TV Guide .
As it happens , Hawing's guest spot will come just one week after another icon , Leonard Nimoy , drops in on the CBS show .
In the past , Hawking has appeared ... as himself ... in animated series "The Simpsons" and "Futurama."
"The Big Bang Theory" has tried in the past to land him , but he'd reportedly been too ill .
The episode will air ... April 5 th ... CBS.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dick Van Dyke : 86 Weds 40-Year-Old ""OMG"

**************************It was a 'Leap Day ' wedding**************

Actor Dick Van Dyke , 86 , tied the knot with Arlene Silver , 40 , on February 29 th , reports .

The 'Diagnosis Murder' star met Silver , a makeup artist six years ago at the SAG Awards . After being boweled over by her beauty , "he hired her to be his personal makeup artist and the two became friends .

"The last couple of years we kind of fell in love ," Van Dyke tells . "She keeps up with me ."

As the unique wedding date , Van Dyke says , "It was on the spur of the moment , we just decided Leap Day would be the gest time to do it .

Van Dyke has four children from his first marriage , which ended in divorce . He later lived with longtime love Michelle Triola for more than 30 years , until her death in 2009.

The actor admits he's a relationship guy : "I'm not a loner . I have to have a life partner . I found the perfect one ."

A little wisdom : Dad (G.) says older people are just young people in older bodies. I believe him ... he is a very young man to have an old body . HeHe

Congratulations ...Dick and Michelle ... many happy years together .The PICs.

[WATCH] 'On The Road' Official Trailer

Adapted from Jack Kerouac's iconic 'Beat  Generation"  book  On The Road   star's Sam Riley , Garrett  Hedlund and Kristen Stewart .

Kisten Dunst , Amy Adams , Viggo Mortensen and Tom Sturridge are also featured in the highly anticipated film .

Will you be going to see it in theaters later this year ?

'Reno 911 Star' Suffer From Post-Flight Stiffness "OMG"

Reno 911 star  says he suffer from post-flight stiffness ... in my pants .

Thomas Lennon suffers from a crippling medical condition ... a condition that makes it incredibly hard to walk through an airport .

A condition known as post-flight boneitus .

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dance Moms Coach " Shockingly Makes Girls Perform "TOPLESS" Showgirls Routine

                  This is Horrible !
Controversial  "Dance Moms" coach Abby Lee Miller  has raised eyebrows again by having her team of young girls perform an inappropiate risque "showgirls"  routine , complete with  nude tops and feathers.

Miller tells the girls , "The audience should think you are nude  ... completely topless."

Miller even shows the girls how to c over their private areas.

Looking into the camera , Miller gripes about the parents : "This is show business get used to it ."

Then , as she instructs the little girls how to suggestively shimmy , Miller tells them  they  need to project to the audience , "I;m hot  ... you can't have me ... you can't afford me .

Check out the highly distrubing video , and tell us if you think Miller has gone to far (again).

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rush to Rush Limbaugh : Stop Using Our Music --- Or 'ELSE'

The '80 have come back to bite Rush Limbaugh in the ass ... Rush (the band) has followed Peter Gabriel's lead and have demanded Limbaugh stop using their music on his radio show ....ASAP .
Rush (the band) was FURIOUS when they discovered Rush (radio guy) was playing their song "The Spirit of Radio" as he ranted about wanting to see sex tapes of Sandra Fluke . The band got even more upset when they learned it wasn't the first time Rush (radio) has used their music on his show .
The band has since fired off a cease and desist letter to Rush (radio) ... saying , "The public performance of Rush's (band) music is not licence for political purposes and such use is in breach of public performance infringment ."
The letter contains ... "Accordingly we hereby demand that you imediately stop all use of Rush's (band) music and confirm that you do so ."
As for Peter Gabriel ... his song ..."Sledgehammer" was playing on Rush's radio show when Rush (radio) called Flucke a "slut" and , shocker , Peter's pissed too.
Gabriel's rep said the singer has demanded that his music also be pulled from Limbaugh's radio show .
A lot of Rush Limbaugh's largest sponsors left him high and dry ... WOW ... now that's what I called getting out of town in a hurry . Updates as they become available ... stat tune ...HeHe

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[SNEAK PEEK] Oprah's Interview With Whitney Houston's Family

A sneak peek of Oprah Winfrey's interview with Whitney Houston's family , including daughter Bobbi Kristina , older brother Gary Houston  and sister-in-law / manager Patricia , has been released before it's air date ... March 11th .
In the promo for 'OWN's' hour long episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter," Bobbi Kristina is seen embracing the talk show host , who poses a series of questions to Houstons to Houston's family members .
 The show airs March 11th  on OWN  " Oprah's  Next Chapter .
Will you be watching  ???  

Monday, March 5, 2012

[CONFIRMED] Snooki is Engaged & Pregnant "WTF"

*******************Snooki is engaged and pregnant **************************

The "The Jersey Shore" star and boyfriend Jionni LaValle are not only expecting a baby , as reported last week , but is also set to wed .

Snooki and LaValle became engaged around Valentine's Day .

No wedding date or due date has been announced .

Snooki and "Shore" co-star JWoww are currently filming their spin-off in Jersey City .

A source says that after that show ... MTV hopes to do a series revolving around Snooki and LaValle .

What the hell ... just another show with 'Start ...Finish' and nothing in between .
Well ladies and gentlemen back to the book stores . HeHe

Friday, March 2, 2012

Nick Cannon : Has Lupus-Like Autoimmune Disaese "OMG"

Nick Cannon has open up about his health problems after he was hospitalized for kidney failure in January and then treated for blood clots in his lungs the following month .

The "America's Got Talent" host has revealed he suffers from an autoimmune disease that is similar to Lupus .

Cannon says his kidney failure was the result of an "Autoimmune that [doctors] found inmy system ," whis is "like a Lupus type of thing.

He says his kidney condition is "something I'm going to be living with for the rest of my life."

Cannon recently stepped down from his New York radio show to focus on his health .

The deejay told 'People' , "I feel blessed to be alive ." If it wasn't discovered I don't know [what would have happened]."

Good Luck & good health to you Nick ...PICs

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Billy Crystal's Blackface 'OMG'

Sammy Davis Jr.'s daughter says late rat packer wouldn't have been offended.
Sammy Davis Jr.'s daughter ... Tracey Davis has spoken out on Billy Crystal's Oscar blackface controversy , and Tracey insists her late father wouldn't have been offended .
"I am 100 percent certain my father is smiling ," Tracey Davis told The Hollywood Reporter , "Billy previously played my father [ on Satursay Night Live ] when he was alive , and my father gave Billy his full blessing ."
Tracey Davis also noted that she knows Crystal's impressions come from a good place .
"I know the mutual love , respect and admiration that you had for each other and for his kids , Jeff , Mark and I ," she continued . "Thank you."
Regardless of Tracey Davis' feeling on Crystal's decision to appear in blackface during the first five minutes of the Academy Awards , other's didn't take the impression as light .
"Shows just how far we've come since Billy Crystal appeared in blackface ," comedian Paul Scheer tweeted when Octavia Spencer took the award for Best Supporting Actress in "The Help."

Whitney Houston's Portrait Hard To Swallow 'WTF'

Crack is whack , but pills are ... a work of art ?

A portrait of late singer Whitney Houston made up entirely of pills has been created by mosaic artist Jason Mecier . In the past , Merier has made similar portraits of Amy Winehouse , Michael Jackson and Courtney Love among others .

Ibeprofen , Xanax , Midol and Amoxicillin were among some of the pills found in Whitney's hotel room when she died last month .

[UPDATE}Some Target stores around the country have pulled Whitney Houston's portraits from their shelves.