Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Police recover gun from Zimmerman, 2 guns from other man

"He is not looking for trouble. He did not want trouble," NeJame said of Apperson. "He's not following George Zimmerman around. He's not wanting anything to do with George Zimmerman, as it relates to any of this."

Zimmerman suffered minor injuries from flying glass and debris.
Two guns were taken from Apperson's car, including a revolver that had a spent shell casing. Police officers will also execute a search warrant on Zimmerman's pickup truck, said Lake Mary Police Officer Bianca Gillett. Both men had the guns legally.

"He never waved it, displayed it or brandished it," said Zimmerman's attorney, Don West. "He did not threaten Mr. Apperson in any way with a firearm."

Detectives are still investigating and no charges have been filed against Zimmerman or Apperson. Gillett said the investigation could take time. Documents released Tuesday show that detectives are investigating the shooting as a possible aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

"It was a busy time of day on a very busy street," Gillett said. "We are thinking there is someone that saw something that they could come forward and provide that information to the Lake Mary Police Department."

Zimmerman and Apperson were involved in a road-rage episode last September. Apperson said Zimmerman had threatened to kill him, asking "Do you know who I am?" during a confrontation in their vehicles. Apperson decided not to pursue charges and police officers were unable to move forward without a license plate number or witnesses.

Two days later, Apperson called police to report that Zimmerman's truck was parked outside, near the disability-benefits office where Apperson works. Zimmerman told police officers that he had an appointment in the same office park, and no charges were filed.

Zimmerman had just recently moved out of Florida. He had returned to the Orlando area for Mother's Day on Sunday and was heading to a doctor's appointment when the confrontation took place, West said.
West refused to say where Zimmerman was now living. Zimmerman would like to continue his education and was looking at taking online classes, the attorney said. He doesn't have a regular-paying job.

Other than Monday's shooting and the incidents in September, Apperson and Zimmerman have had no prior relationship, NeJame said.
"He doesn't know him. They do not have a relationship," NeJame said.

Zimmerman was acquitted in the February 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, in a case that sparked protests and a national debate about race relations. The Justice Department later decided not to bring a civil rights case against Zimmerman.

Since then, Zimmerman has had several brushes with the law, including two unrelated cases in which he was charged with assault based on complaints from two girlfriends. In both cases, the girlfriends refused to cooperate and charges were dropped. His estranged wife also accused him of smashing her IPad during an argument days after she filed divorce papers. No charges were filed because of lack of evidence.

Witchy Sez this crap  will drive  you to drink :

Zimmerman should relocate to another Country if at all possible. For him, anyplace will be better than here. It doesn't matter that he was acquitted in the Martin case. The hatred against him will continue no matter what, and the current climate in the U.S. will only make matters worse.

How much more do we have to put up with this jerk? How much more of our tax money is going to be waisted on this jerk? If isn't a matter of "IF" he is shot ( possibly killed ) or he shoots or kills someone. Enough is enough. Stop playing around with him, stop giving him the spot light with all his news coverage. Our system is a good system, but it appears not to be working right or might even be broken. We are all concerned about his rights and trying to make sure that he is protected, in the mean time he is getting away with everything. 
He is going to keep it up just as long as we let him. STOP STOP STOP STOP playing his game.

Can Zimmerman just GO AWAY? If he continues to be a nuisance throw his sorry ass in jail until he smartens up.
as far as Apperson, throw his ass in the same cell and whoever comes out after their sentence wins.

Problem solved...at least 1/2 of it


  1. Here ,here , you always say exactly what you think and always on spot .
    Old George Zimmerman is going down .
    Witchy , I live in Florida and you get the news before I do .
    Mr.Humble is your husband , boy would I like to be at your house when the two of you get into a heated discussion . Mr. Humble with his no nonsense attitude and you with your sassy talk .
    Thanks for the update .
    Ardis Whittin

    1. Howdy Ardis ,
      I do so agree with you Old GZ is going down ... the sooner the better and all the rest of the thugs and bullies , they are nothing by cowards .
      yes I do get news quickly , just know the right people in the right places . bake them something see that they can't refuse and you go he hooked / line / sinker . hahahaha!!

      Yeap , Mr Humble is a wise a** but I got his number , he is wiser that GZ , he know when to haul his a** ... oh I am so bad .
      stay tune more on the way.

      Later gator

  2. Mr Zimmerman will piss off one too many people one day and get his head blown off. He has been begging for it. Ever notice his eyes are very close together ? Or maybe he just has a fat head. Anyway he looks like he has a criminal mentality....a dumb criminal. Justice will definitely find him one day. I hope I get to see you write about that.
    Luv you girl

    1. Howdy PIC ,
      GZ is an asshole / coward of the worse kind . I think he has pushed his luck too far .

      It's like the old west , a new and younger gunslinger is in town and wants to take GZ's crown .
      I did notice GZ's eyes ... no not a fat head , the bastard has snake eyes , just like Putin hahahaha!!
      love you back sweetie