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Kanye West fires back at Amber Rose's NSFW diss: 'I'm not into that kind of s***

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If you want the reader’s digest version of Kanye West’s feud with rapper Wiz Khalifa before we get into the nitty gritty here it is.

West went off on Khalifa after the rapper commented about West’s new album title “WAVES.” Khalifa alluded to the fact on Twitter that West shouldn’t take credit for a sub genre of hip hop that he knows nothing about. Khalifa then went on to say in a series of tweets, that the hip hop community owes it to Max B who started the Wavy genre.

Kanye either heard about these tweets from Wiz or read them himself, because he lost his mind in a series of tweets directed at Wiz. West, who deleted half of the tweets hours later, dissed the rapper’s fashion sense (Kanye has his own fashions now with his Yeezy clothing line and his sneakers.) Kanye also decided to talk about his ex girlfriend Amber Rose, who has a baby with Khalifa.Going off of various reports, it doesn’t seem to take a lot to get Amber Rose in on any conversation involving her ex Kanye and the Kardashians. So, seeing a tweet by West that said he “owned” her child because he reportedly dumped Rose and left her for Wiz, it was only a matter of time before she shot back at Kanye. That said, no one was expecting Amber to reveal such an intimate detail of their sex life, which West denied in the worst way possible.In a tweet Amber, clearly fed up with the way Kanye was coming for Khalifa and their child, put Kanye’s sexual proclivities on blast. In the tweet, she wrote the following.
***“Awww @kanyewest are u mad I’m not around to play in ur ass—- anymore? #FingersInTheBootyA–B—-.” You get the idea.

Followed by, “Lol @kanyewest Now u wanna delete ur tweets cuz Muva has arrived?         TwitterFingers#UrGettingBodiedByAStripperN—a”

Kanye lost his mind over these tweets and took them as accusations.
Of course, the celebrity world had an opinion about this feud, especially the way West responded to Amber’s tweet. Orange Is The New Black star Matt McGorry decided to make this a teaching lesson on how not to defend oneself.
This is not the first time that rumors circulated claiming that Kanye West is gay. Back in April of last year, reports claimed that the rapper was stepping out on Kim Kardashian with a friend from the fashion world. The rumors connected Kanye to French fashion designer Olivier Rousteing, who had been a longtime friend.

The rumor originated from a the far reaches of the internet, a gay dating site called BlackM4M, a man claiming to be Rousteing’s ex-boyfriend of allegedly posted photos and emails that Kanye and Rousteing exchanged.

To many, the rumor seemed to confirm past reports that Kanye West could be gay. The previous year, some claimed that Kanye and another major player in the fashion world — openly gay designed Ricardo Tisci — were in a secret relationship. In Touch reported that Kanye West spent more time with Tisci than with his pregnant wife.

Some even dug up statements from Tisci claiming that he had a secret affair with a well-known celebrity, which some took to be Kanye:

“I have several but the one I think immediately is an experience I had with a man who is known. I never imagined that something could happen between us and it’s still the hottest weekend of my life. Nobody really knows if this guy is straight or gay, it is a mystery. However, I was attracted to him, his way of speaking, thinking, walking, dressing. I love what he does as an artist. This weekend both, this intimate moment has only reinforced my attraction to him.”

Some of the rumors could be fueled by Kanye’s open interactions with the gay community. He has been openly against the homophobia that often pervades the rap industry, and has even been seen hanging out at gay hotspots.

The news outlet Out noted that Kanye and actor Jared Leto were seen at a popular gay nightclub in Paris.

“New couple alert! Just kidding. Kanye West and Jared Leto are sure being adventurous, though. They both have been attending the women’s collections at Paris Fashion Week. We know Kanye’s looking for new outfits to dress up his real-life Barbie doll Kim, but Jared’s presence there is less clear. However, in one of the weirdest fashion moments of the season so far, they were spotted at Le Dépot, a landmark on the Parisian gay cruising scene.”

But it can often be difficult to tell truth from fabrication when it comes to Kanye West’s life. The rumors that he may be gay come amid countless other baseless reports, including near-constant reports that he and wife Kim Kardashian are splitting up. For nearly their entire marriage there have been rumors, sometimes weekly, that the couple is either fighting or split apart by jealousy. The reports always rely on unnamed sources, and to this point have never panned out.

Witchy Wants to know  :

What's happening with the  Kardashian women ...HUH ... one guy  change genders' ... one guy go to  the   'Ho' ranch , pigs out on drugs  , liquor and sex  , has a stroke  and one has  turned  her man gay . Stay tune , I have to find out what the  rest of the  girls are up to ......    HeHe

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