Saturday, May 5, 2018

Witchy...I think he stole your 'turbo broom'


  1. Aunt Jeannie ,
    I know why poppa liked you , you are so funny poppa laughed whenever he spoke of you . Mama is going to love this , I can hear her now saying how dare that orange monkey ride my broom .

    Go to the secret place .
    Love The Knights
    Wrote by Sha

  2. Aunt Jeannie , Mama came home about 5PM this evening , we put a letter in the secret place late last night , know you are busy with after storm clean up . If and when you get a free moment let us know you got our letter .
    Love The Knights
    Jonny , Dha , Jenny , Man
    Wrote by Sha

  3. Howdy Shadow ,
    I got the 'Orange Monkey' on my radar , that's my spare if my turbo need to go to the shop , when I catch that lying / cheating fart ass , I will kiss his ass and be nice and polite like a canadian , smile and say excuse me and laugh my ass off.
    Good one
    Love Witchy

    Jonny said to go to WAG

    1. BAW my old friend
      I am so happy you are feeling better. It sounds like something pretty serious overwhelmed you and left you gasping.
      Perhaps you'll tell me about it some day.
      Listen WItchy, after you finish kissing his ass please hold him down so I can act like an American and stick a Kentucky long rifle up there as far as it will go. HA!
      Love you my friend
      Be well

    2. PS: If you are feeling up to it and want to chat. I will be home Friday night. Send smoke signal
      Luv luv

  4. Sha and Jonny
    I am so happy Mama is home and feeling better. When Mama is happy, everyone is happy. She is very sensitive. She has more sensors built into her brain than we do and she can pick up feelings and vibes from other people. You could call it a gift but I'm not sure I would want it. I just read your second letter and was relieved that everything is okay.
    I worry about her health. When I found out how ill she had been in Italy, I started worrying about her like I do my daughter Jaye. Jaye has health issues too.
    Sha You are so right we had a huge clean-up. The garden was full of branches from the trees in the woods out back. The gazebo was damaged and some lawn furniture had blown into the creek. But the daffodils are blooming (although they are very late this year). When they bloom, I know the great weather is here to stay.
    My Dad's last wish was that we remember him each year when the daffodils bloom. So I always go and have a little talk with him every spring in the woods where the daffodils are. I always feel him near me then.
    Maybe next year I'll ask him to give me the correct numbers to win the lottery...Hahaha! Laugh my's easier than frowning.
    Love Aunt Jeannie