Friday, November 21, 2014

Your Roving Reporter :Explosion on Gulf platform; 1 dead, 3 injured

An explosion has occurred on an offshore oil and gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico, killing one person and injuring three.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement said Fieldwood Energy reported the explosion on its Echo Platform just before 3 p.m. Thursday about 12 miles off Louisiana's coast. A telephone call to the Houston, Texas-based company was not immediately returned.

The bureau said in a statement that the platform was not in production at the time of the explosion and damage was limited to the area. The statement said there was no indication that any oil had spilled into the ocean.

Bureau spokeswoman Chauntra Rideaux said the injured workers were being treated at a medical facility. She did not say where or have their conditions.

She said the explosion is under investigation.
The explosion occurred about two months after a contractor was killed and two others hurt during maintenance work in September on a Chevron natural gas pipeline, also off the Louisiana coast. The cause remains under investigation.

Stay tuned : Updates  as they become  available .
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  1. Howdy Dad ,
    You are up on the latest happening around the state . I am so proud and happy to know you are back .
    I am back , still a little weak , but LA says that's because I have been laying on my lazy butt ... Hahahaha !!! I enjoyed every minute . just taking it one day at a time .
    Love you
    Your only daughter

    1. My daughter ,
      I was in the library talking with Gil and seeing what news AOL had and this came over , so I grabbed it .
      Love you
      Your only Dad

  2. Good reporting HB,
    Glad to see you are up and around. Just what you need....another disaster in the Gulf. At least, so far, there has been no oil spillage but I can't help feeling that it may happen again..
    Thanks for your loyal support. Tell that lazy witch to get back on her broom soon. She's just gold-bricking now.
    Love you both
    Bad Genie

  3. Hello Bad Genie ,
    I am not quite at full steam yet , but doing fairly well for a man of my age , 39 (laughing my butt off)
    No my lady as long as they drill in the Gulf or anywhere else , it's going to keep happening .
    You and Gil is saying the same think , you know she sleeps in on Saturdays and Man went back to his room Friday after they had movie night .
    Gil told Eloise to make pancakes , everyone was grinning . He told the kids to help Eloise and he would be back later . he went in and Nee told him she was hurting and rub her , Gil said he got buck-naked and climbed into bed and Nee shot out of there so fast , He know she was gold bricking . He told her okay baby get dress you are eating breakfast with the rest of us . I laugh so hard when he told us . Nee just rolled her eyes .
    We love you .
    The man with the gun