Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Your Roving Reporter : Widower Eats Breakfast with His Wife's Photo Every Day

 George Travis' wife of 50 years, Billy Mae, passed away last year. Since then, the 88-year-old has eaten his breakfast next to her photograph at the same restaurant every day. "I bring her with me everywhere I go ... I never go anywhere without my precious wife," he told KSLA.

Travis orders bacon, two eggs and a waffle every morning at Another Broken Egg restaurant in Shreveport, Louisiana, and sits in the same seat where he has a special place for her. According to the Daily Mail, Travis was divorced and feeling low about his family life when he was set up by a friend to meet Billy Mae decades ago. He found his blind date beautiful, and they were later married, working together for several years in Shreveport at Travis Shoe Stores.

Of her death, Travis says, "It was the hardest thing that's ever happened to me." When other customers started noticing him eating at the restaurant next to his wife's picture, they decided to share his love story.

As reported by KSLA, Travis suffered a heart attack on November 13, but he's doing well and is ready to have breakfast again with his wife very soon.


Your Roving Reporter :   G.


  1. Howdy Dad , Now this is a wonderful story , Another Broken Egg restaurant is a nice place to have a nice quiwt meat or just to meet friends and talk over coffee .
    Geraldine , [waitress] said that since KSLA TV and you picked up this story lots of ladies has stopped by to chat with Mr. Travis .
    What a great story and true to your nature to want to do them about seniors .
    Your only daughter

  2. My dear sweet daughter ,
    I so enjoyed talking with Mr. George Travis . At 88 , his mind is as sharp as a tack .
    The ladies will love him , he is a Southern Gentleman .

    KSLA TV said when they get more stories of human interest they will let me know . People need to know there is still some good in the world .
    Now get in the kitchen (laughing my butt off)
    Your only dad