Thursday, August 13, 2015

To Mama :6 Climate Myths 'DEBUNKED'

 MYTH -- If global warming were an issue , blizzards would be on  the wane .
 FACT -- We are seeing stronger blizzards because of global warming . As the air , land  and sea get warmer , more H2O evaporates . So when a storm comes along  there is more water to pick up and dump , meaning more snow when it is out.

MYTH  -- It is all a natural cycle ; humans can not affect something as big Earth .
FACT -- Yes , Earth's temperature goes up and down  with the ice ages . But  scientists think temperatures should be dropping in preparation for the next ice age , and instead they are soaring . According to NASA , thermometers  around the world find that the average global temperature has been rising since the 1880s; 2014 was the hottest year yet . Before the Industrial Era , natural levels of CO2 were about 275 parts per million (ppm). Now , due to all the coal ,oil and gas we burned , level have topped 400 ppm . The explanation ? Us.

MYTH -- It may be real , but it is not affecting my family right now .
FACT -- Climate change is already hitting every ones pocketbooks : U.S. losses  due to natural disasters like storms , floods , droughts and wildlife rose between 1980 and 2014 . Your family may also be affected by worsening allergies from plants that bloom earlier and produce more pollen due to climate change .

MYTH-- Living "green" takes to much effort and cost .
FACT --  Many of the reforms that help Earth can also ease your bottom line  , and they are simple to implement . Food waste is the largest component  of landfill, so by reducing it --- eat leftovers --- we can all significantly lessen methane-emitting landfill material and save cash . More efficient appliances and cars may cost extra up front , but they use so much less energy over the lifetime of the product that you come out ahead .

MYTH -- Even if we did do something about it , China  is building a coal plant a week . Why bother ?
FACT -- our per person CO2 emissions are almost three times China . Yes , China has a lot more people , but the Chinese  are doing something about it : They are number two in the world  in solar power (we are number five), and they are also beating us on wind power -- they are first , we are second .

MYTH  -- I am just one person , I can not make much of a difference .
FACT -- Our lifestyle decisions controls a shocking 75% of emissions in the U. S.  If we all improved the energy efficiency of our homes by just 10% , it would be the equivalent of taking some 25 million cars off the road ! And as for voters , they control  a portion of the other 25% . Check out the non-profit Citizens Climate Lobby   ( ) , Which can help you write letters to Congress in support of Earth-friendly legislation .

Jenny is presenting this to your next meeting , we know it will be in September , mama, all the cubs is so excited , we all have something to bring to the table .  Daddy watched us do the post and said job well done , now we know how to do pictures from  magazines and the web and other places  and write on them .
We will be going to school half days until after Labor Day.   Your Babies , we love you .

Jonny  , Sha  ,  Jenny ,  Man  Carano


  1. My precious babies ,
    What a delightful surprise .. I've heard all the myths and so happy to learn the facts from my darling babies all make my life worthwhile and me proud to tell the world you 4 kids are mine .

    Jenny said she had a surprise for me , I know I will enjoy Jenny's presentation ... I know all of you will be right at her side . Your daddy / poppa /MeMa and a lot of the family will be there .
    Your daddy / I are so very proud of all 4 of you and will guide everyone in their endeavors for a stronger and richer life .
    How do I love you so my darlings .

  2. What a great post Cubs,
    You are so well informed. I am proud to know you are out there educating the world. This will be an awesome presentation at Mama's next meeting. Kids sure are smarter than adults these days.
    GO CUBS!!
    Love and hugs
    Aunt Jeannie