Monday, August 31, 2015

'Mama & Aunt Jeannie'---Obama will be focusing on climate change when he arrives in Alaska today

How much longer can 'Nanooks' family hold on ?
My name is Jennifer Carano ,I am 11 years old, in the 6th grade Shreveport ,Louisiana .
I joined GREENPEACE in the second grade to help my mama and Aunt Jeannie in Canada to share with you how we need to work together on climate change. 
Now I need your help . I am not asking for money , just a little of your time to let all our voices be heard.
I receive updates from GREENPEACE , this one is very important ,for you ,me and our future generations.


Jennifer  Carano-
I wanted to make sure you saw this important update from last week on the fight to save the Arctic. 

President Obama arrived in Alaska today to talk climate change, just weeks after granting Shell final approval to drill for oil in the Chukchi Sea. That means — now more than ever — we have a chance to make sure he hears our message: the President can't be a leader on climate change and give Shell the green light to drill in the Arctic Ocean. Will you write a letter to help make sure President Obama does the logical thing and ends oil drilling in the Alaskan Arctic?

President Obama hopes to use this Alaska trip to build a climate legacy, but opening the Arctic to a destructive company like Shell is hardly the leadership we need on climate change. We’ve created a new tool to help you send a more personal message to President Obama. 

Tell President Obama why saving the Arctic and fighting climate change matter to you. Write your letter right now.

The President can still stop Shell from drilling for oil in Alaskan waters. Give him the wake up call he needs to protect Arctic communities and prevent runaway climate change. 

For the Arctic, 

April Glaser
Arctic Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

P.S. If you’ve already written a letter, that’s great! Be sure to share it on social media and consider joining Greenwire, our growing team of grassroots activists around the country fighting to save the Arctic.
Jennifer Carano, 
Speak your mind to save the Arctic.

Send your letter to President Obama today!
Next Monday, President Obama will visit Alaska to highlight the impacts of climate change on the region. 

The President recently said, “Alaskans are on the frontlines of one of the greatest challenges we face this century: climate change.” Then just days later, he granted Shell final approval to drill for oil in the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska. 

Are you confused by that logic? So are we! Write a personal letter to President Obama and tell him you think he should protect the Arctic and our climate.

Activists have taken to the water in kayaks, hung from bridges, and rallied around the world to save the Arctic; more than 7 million people have signed the petition calling for the president to stop Shell. If you haven’t been able to join us in person yet, this is the perfect time to lend your voice. We’ve created a new tool to make it easy for you to speak personally about why you care about the Arctic. 

Send a letter to President Obama telling him why you care about saving the Arctic.

It’s clear that with this trip, President Obama wants to secure his climate legacy. Unfortunately, he is also opening the Alaskan Arctic to what be a destructive oil rush — hardly climate leadership. 

The fact that the President thinks he’s making real progress on climate change while allowing Shell to drill shows that he isn’t in tune with the demands from people around the country (and the world) to keep Arctic oil in the ground. 

Tell President Obama why true climate leadership means stopping Shell from drilling in Alaska. Write your letter today.

We will deliver these letters to President Obama so that he can hear personally from individuals around the nation and the world who oppose Arctic drilling. The President can still revoke Shell’s permission to drill for oil in Alaskan waters. Doing so is essential to avoiding runaway climate change and potential devastation for Alaskan communities and wildlife. 

It’s crucial that we show President Obama this fight’s not over. 

For the Arctic, 

April Glaser 
Arctic Campaigner, Greenpeace USA 

P.S. President Obama has said that the impacts of climate change in Alaska should be “our wake up call.” We think President Obama needs a wake up call on Arctic drilling. Will you help us send him one? Send your message to President Obama today.

I am depending on you .WHY? We have nowhere to go .
My poppa helped me post this.


  1. My precious Angel ;
    Thank you so very much ... you have gotten over 700 hits at last count .We are so proud of you and ever so proud you was trusted in our care to cherish and not to ever settle when things get touch .

    Ms . April Glaser email your daddy , she will be in this area soon , she wants to meet you ...Ms. Glaser informed him you told her you are going to be an environmental lawyer . Your daddy called her and invited her down and to here you conduct one of the meeting . Ain't that great news.

    I was very surprise and very happy and so glad Dad was here to help you . Dad said the cubs went over the compound with pamphlets and instructions where to send their letters . Send them to April Glaser ...Greenpeace , USA

    Again I thank you my darling

  2. Wow! Great post!
    I am so proud of you Crusader. You and the other cubs are our future and you have found a most worthy cause to support. You are all so dedicated.
    It will be an honor to meet Ms. Glaser. She could teach you so much more than I will ever know. I know you will impress her at the meeting.
    I felt in my heart you would become an environmental lawyer some day. And we need them so badly.They are the best advocates for the planet and the voice for wildlife who have no rights and cannot speak for themselves.
    Bravo! Well done.
    Love and a big bear hug
    Aunt Jeannie