Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jack Nicholson's 23-Year-Old Son Ray Looks Just Like His Dad! – See the Pic

Jack Nicholson and his 23-year-old son Ray attended the 6th annual Apollo event in the Hamptons together this weekend, and it pretty much looked like the 78-year-old was hanging out with a younger version of himself.
Seriously, the father-son duo look just alike.
The photo below is of Nicholson in 1970 – talk about doing a double take!
Ray is also in the movie industry and has worked behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Most recently he was an assistant director for the 2014 film A Reunion.

Witchy says are you serious ?

I think he looks a lot like Leonardo Decaprio, more than his dad.
I would never guess that's Jack's son.......good looking guy, however.....HeHe

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