Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Princess Diana’s death 19th anniversary: Her Iconic Style

Diana grew from being a naive 20 years old girl with a lot of public responsibility  girl struggling with protocol—to becoming a wildly popular young mother and, eventually, into the sleek, confidently stylish independent People’s Princess the whole world loved. Today it’s marked the 19th anniversary of her tragic death.
To honor her we’ve gathered her most iconic styles over the years of her remarkable life.

 RIP Princess Diana ... you will be remember  as  the  people Princess will live on in the hearts of everyone  forever.
The PICs


  1. I am going to steal those photos but not tonight...too sleepy. See you tomorrow
    . Happy dreams
    Love PIC

  2. Get them after you get rest ...
    Dad told me to read the note , I bet you had to go pee Hahaha! Dad is a mess , he thinks he know everything , you have to love him .
    She had style ...
    Happy dreams back at ya ...
    Love PIC

  3. Your pictures are better than mine. I can see that now I look at them a second time. I wanted to include her charity work and some funeral pictures and pretty soon I had too many pictures. Oh well they are both good posts, just a little different angle. Yes Dad does think he knows everything. And it is hard not to love the old boy. That orangutan even had hair like Trump, only neater.
    Your friend always

  4. I don't think you had to many pictures , the only difference is , my pictures is larger .
    Abe told me he was looking for one he had ,Diana scared the shit of Camille .
    I also think the more pictures you show , the more you can tell about her,some people just skip though the story , they will take time to look at the pictures . A picture is worth a thousand words or more .
    Dad is a mess but lovable , we try to give him away , but people keep bringing him back . Hahahaha!!!

    Diana was 5'10" tall , she is taller than I am .
    Your friend always
    Love PIC

    1. PS:
      I asked our in-house expert and he said both was well posted about the same person , about her Iconic style ... the other about her Charity work , that way people could get the complete concept of Princess Diana .
      Love you PIC