Sunday, August 28, 2016

The most sinful city in the US is... (Hint: It's not Vegas)

When people talk about "Sin City" in the United States, they're most likely referring to Las Vegas. But a new study says America's most sinful city is known by a different nickname: The Big Easy (or the City That Care Forgot, or the Crescent City.)
According to online real estate site Trulia, which recently ranked major U.S. cities based on the seven deadly sins -- or cardinal sins -- New Orleans is America's true "Sin City" while Provo, Utah is the most saintly city.

Here's how Trulia measured each city's sinfulness:

Lust: Number of adult entertainment venues
Gluttony: Rates of obesity, binge drinking and smoking
Greed: Number of racing and gambling venues and residents' reported charitable donations
Sloth: Number of residents who have not exercised in 30 days
Wrath: Per capita violent crime
Envy: Inequality in home prices
Vanity: Number of beauty and tanning salons and plastic surgery offices

"With nearly three times the national rate of adult entertainment establishments and twice the number gambling establishments per household, [New Orleans] scores highly in lust and greed," Trulia explains. "Additionally, above average rates of smoking, binge- and heavy-drinking and obesity, as well as high incidents of violent crime make the Crescent City a great place for those looking to explore gluttony and wrath."
According to Trulia, these are the 10 most "sinful" cities in the country:
New Orleans, Louisiana
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tampa, Florida
Toledo, Ohio
Louisville, Kentucky
Shreveport, Louisiana
Las Vegas, Nevada
San Antonio, Texas
Columbus, Ohio

On the other hand, these are America's most "saintly" cities:
Provo, Utah
Ogden, Utah
Fort Collins, Colorado
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Raleigh, North Carolina
Claremont, New Hampshire
Boise, Idaho
Asheville, North Carolina
Greeley, Colorado
Cambridge, Massachusetts

My city made the  list as one of the most sinful ... now ain't that a  chick in the head  (giggling).

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