Friday, September 23, 2016

Video shows mom suffering from apparent overdose in toy aisle at store

Published September 23, 2016

A chilling video of a Massachusetts woman apparently overdosing in the toy aisle of a store as her toddler daughter tries to wake her is making headlines. Police released the video to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

The unidentified 36-year-old woman overdosed in a Lawrence, Mass., Family Dollar store on Saturday, the news station reported. Police say it took two doses of Narcan, the brand name of naloxone, to revive her. Naloxone helps reverse opioid overdose.
Although the woman wasn’t charged with any drug-related violations due to a lack of evidence, her 2-year-old daughter is reportedly now in protective custody of the Department of Children and Families. 
Witchy asks :
Due to a lack of evidence? Are you kidding me. Just how much "evidence" do you need?

How freaking sad. No kid should see such a thing or be exposed to such people parent or otherwise. 


  1. The flippin video is the proof , not to mention countless witnesses. The sad part is her baby may not be better off with protective custody and foster care. I have heard horror stories about that kind of care too. Good article.
    Luv PIC

  2. Thank you ... I have heard very negative things about foster care , lot of people take in kids for the wrong reason .
    I cried with that baby and this may affect her for life .
    Love PIC