Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Happy Birthday to a wonderful Son & Brother

Today you have added another year
to your age , 
may it come with hope ,
joy and enormous wishes of life for you .

We can hardly believe 
that our little boy & brother 
has grown up to be 
a wonderful young man .

Wishing you success , 
joy and happiness always .

Happy Birthday 

Daddy , Mama , Sha , Jenny ,Man
Grand-poppa  , MeMa 
Caranos , Landrieus and all the family and friends to numerous to mention .


  1. Thank you everyone , I am a very happy young man . I am thankful to be guided by my daddy who always have time for me , my sisters or brother , no matter how busy he is . My mama is always there to hold you when you are sick or hurt and tell you everything will be alright . Poppa loves you because you are who you are , poppa you have taught me so much and I love you . MeMa , I love you for raising my mama to be a loving mama , she is like you MeMa in so many way , loving and giving . I love you Sha and Jenny and will always be here for you . Man , I will help daddy teach you to be a man and to treat ladies with respect. To the rest of my family I say thank you for loving me . My friends , I hope our friendship last a lifetime .
    Daddy had the man talk with me , poppa told me to ask daddy about the drug store when he was my age . Lets bring on the party and the first dance is with you mama , I love you so much .
    Happy Birthday to me .

  2. My darling Big Boy , now you are my big Man , what a delight and joy you have brought into our lives , like a ray of sunshine so cozy and loving .
    We can't dream of how our lives would be without you . You are very special and you are meant for great things , you have so many strong men to guide you along your way , hold your head high my darling because your family has your back .

    Love and friendship go hand in hand , you need both to be complete your goals .
    Love you much my 'Big Man' ... be proud you are a Carano/ Landrieu and they take a back seat to no one .
    Mama and everyone ....LOooooooove you