Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Washington mom accused of injecting 3 kids with heroin, calling it 'sleep juice'

SPANAWAY, Wash. (PIX 11) -- A Washington mother faces multiple counts after allegedly injecting heroin into her three children, calling it "sleep juice" and "feel good medicine."

Ashlee Hutt, 24, pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree child assault, child endangerment and delivery of a controlled substance to a person under 18. The children's father, 25-year-old Leroy McIver, also pleaded not guilty to the same charges in September.

During the arraignment Monday, chilling details from the affidavit emerged, KIRO reports.

"Some of the statements (the children) made were very disturbing about how they would get sleeping juice to go sleep," said Ed Troyer, spokesperson for the Pierce County Sheriff's Office.

The 6-year-old son said "his mom and dad (gave) him and his sisters the 'feel good medicine,'" which he described as a white powder mixed with water. The boy said his parents "used a needle to inject the 'feel good medicine' into him and his sisters" before bedtime, according to the document.

Child Protective Services launched an investigation in 2015 after getting a call from a witness who allegedly watched Hutt injecting her children -- ages 2, 4, and 6 -- with heroin.

CPS investigators also said they found discarded needles and rat feces in the home during their investigation, which lasted from May to November, 2015.

Tests revealed trace amounts of heroin in the blood of two of the children, but not the third. Investigators reported that the children had bruises and marks on their bodies that were consistent with needle injections.

As soon as the investigation concluded, CPS placed all three children in foster care.
Witchy is  giving  her thoughts : 
 Devastating! This is heartbreaking and it is going on all over our country! People complained about the photo recently showing a mom on heroin with a needle in her hand passed out in her car while her baby cried in the back seat? A picture is worth a thousand words, and there are no doubt so many pictures unseen!
I'm guessing there's gonna be some "feel good " medicine waiting in prison for these people, even in jail they have a code of ethics when it comes to kids
The drug epidemic is raging across this country.  People are overdosing daily and dying.  The supply needs to be stopped.  Yet, it seems like no one is talking about it.  Children are suffering at the hands of drug addicted parents. 
Kids will go to sleep on their own, if they are on a routine schedule. No need to give them heroin to go to bed. Obviously, no need to give it to them at all!!! 
We  spade  or  neuter  animals  so  they  can't  bear  any  more... That's  what  needs  to  be  done  to  people  such  as  this  woman   and  the  woman  that  was found passed out in  her  car  with  a crying 10 month  baby and lets not forget the woman passed out in the aisle in Walmart with her toddler crying trying to wake her up . They  should  not  be  allowed  to bring  children into  the  world...  They  only   have  them   to  get  that welfare money...costing  us  taxpayers   $$$$$$   with  their  addictions..   I  hope they  find, decent and loving  homes  for those children....
This is exactly what "white trash" looks like , do you not agree?
Nuff said  , but hey , that's just me and the way I roll .


  1. I could not believe this. So shocking. What kind of place are we creating for our kids? A chemically dependent world with no morals. It needed to be addressed. I am glad you gave em shit Witchy.
    Good post
    love PIC

  2. PIC ,
    I just couldn't help it .
    Some women have babies so easy , all my life I wanted kids and when the doctor told me it would be a miracle for me to have a baby . I met my second husband , he said he wanted me to be happy and he started asking questions , he found a specialist and it was a ordeal and cost a bundle of money , when i held my precious little girl in my arms , she was worth it , what joy she has brought into our lives , I was able to have 2 more without any help from the doctors . now I have 4 wonderful babies ... what a lucky woman I am , got my cake and eating it also .
    I could spade that bitch myself with a very dull knife .
    Thank you
    Love PIC