Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Birthday 'Sha'

Happy birthday to a  'Princess'
Who we love to the moon and back
You are  the fairy in our lives 
Giving us everything that we lack

Your  smile is like a magic wand
Your  hug is like a secret potion
Our lives have become celestial 
All the magic  you  has spun 

You're always  very special 
And you should know today
That you are wished the nicest things
That life can bring your way 

Like warm and loving wishes 
And happiness and cheer 
And everything you need to start 
Another happy year 

Happy Birthday   to  our Miracle Baby 
Daddy , Mama , Poppa
Jonny . Jenny , Man  Carano


  1. I love all of you you very much , the love you give me is the most precious gift in the world to me .
    I am thankful and grateful to be born in a loving family that really wanted me . Poppa said any man and woman can make a baby by accident or not trying , but I was made from the love of my mama and daddy .
    I hope other kids has parents that love them as much .
    My brothers and sister , I am so happy I have you and the smiles we bring to our family.
    For that I will always be thankful.
    I love you all so very much
    Miracle baby Sharon Carano

    1. Our darling little miracle , what joy we had watching you grow into a beautiful young lady and the love you brought to so many I cannot find the words to express .
      You were made from pure love my darling and we do love you so . If not for you , it would be just daddy and me ...
      I will never forget the first time I held you ,the nurse washed you up and laid you in my arms , you was the most beautiful baby ... you were red and looked like you put your finger in a light socket . (giggling)
      Love and all the best my darling
      Your family