Thursday, December 15, 2016

US officials: Putin personally involved in US election hack

NBC News     
CYNTHIA MCFADDEN           December  14th 2016 
Ultimately, the CIA has assessed, the Russian government wanted to elect Donald Trump. The FBI and other agencies don't fully endorse that view, but few officials would dispute that the Russian operation was intended to harm Clinton's candidacy by leaking embarrassing emails about Democrats.

The latest intelligence said to show Putin's involvement goes much further than the information the U.S. was relying on in October, when all 17 intelligence agencies signed onto a statement attributing the Democratic National Committee hack to Russia.

"He has had a vendetta against Hillary Clinton, that has been known for a long time because of what she said about his elections back in the parliamentary elections of 2011. "
The statement said officials believed that "only Russia's senior-most officials could have authorized these activities." That was an intelligence judgment based on an understanding of the Russian system of government, which Putin controls with absolute authority.

Now the U.S has solid information tying Putin to the operation, the intelligence officials say. Their use of the term "high confidence" implies that the intelligence is nearly incontrovertible.

"It is most certainly consistent with the Putin that I have watched and used to work with when I was an ambassador and in the government," said Michael McFaul, who was ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014.

"He has had a vendetta against Hillary Clinton, that has been known for a long time because of what she said about his elections back in the parliamentary elections of 2011. He wants to discredit American democracy and make us weaker in terms of leading the liberal democratic order. And most certainly he likes President-elect Trump's views on Russia," McFaul added. Clinton cast doubt on the integrity of Russia's elections.

As part of contingency planning for potential retaliation against Russia, according to officials, U.S. intelligence agencies have stepped up their probing into his personal financial empire.

American officials have concluded that Putin's network controls some $85 billion worth of assets, officials told NBC News.
Neither the CIA nor the Office of the Director of National Intelligence would comment.

A former CIA official who worked on Russia told NBC News that it's not clear the U.S. can embarrass Putin, given that many Russians are already familiar with allegations he has grown rich through corruption and has ordered the killings of political adversaries.


  1. Wonderful post. That's the information that needs to be put out there. How can the public be so blind. It wasn't so long ago that being called a 'commie' lover was the worst insult...but Trump is being hailed as a hero for welcoming Russia to hack his own government.
    Good writing
    Love PIC

  2. There are fools and there are damn idiot fools .
    That's the reason Trump was so smug and knew he was going to win . He is against everything Obama stood for , I know before Obama passed Obamacare, most people couldn't afford health care and ony the big business could afford it for their employees and it was not free , some could not afford it .
    I deal with people almost daily , families in the shelter needs health care and so do our vets .
    have a good weekend ... I am putting the finishing touches on Shas party , bake her cake tomorrow .
    Love you PIC