Friday, March 31, 2017

Omarosa Bailed On The Daily Show

Trevor  Noah says  Omarosa bailed on The Daily Show .
Hang in there folks ,  a lot of  them will be bailing  before the honeymoon is  over.

Damn this is the longest 100 days  , tRUMP's cabinet is coming apart at the seams  . Hahaha!!! This S**T is getting funny by the hour .


  1. It's taking too long for Mr T to self destruct. You guys must be reeling from the nonsense of some of his policies. He keeps on signing stuff. Someone should send him an explosive pen.
    Why, for example, is he putting coal miners back to work when the coal market is collapsing in favor of alternative clean energies and their jobs will disappear. No one is going to go backwards and revert back to coal. Fracking is producing cheap natural gas, much cleaner than coal.
    I like Trevor because he is not afraid to say just what he thinks and damn the consequences.
    Love PIC

  2. It's taking a long time for tRUMP to self destruct . Signing things is the only thing he can do all by himself , the dump kncukle head he-bitch,
    I am so bad Hahahaha
    Love PIC