Thursday, March 2, 2017

The BBC will chart Bill Cosby's fall from grace in a new documentary

Cosby :Fall of an American Icon will air in the summer on BBC Two.
Bill Cosby is facing an indecent assault trial this summer – and now the BBC will chart his demise as a cultural icon in a new documentary.

While he was once a legendary comedian, highly thought of across the States and beyond, the historic allegations against him by dozens of women have led to his swift fall from grace.

According to the Radio Times, the documentary, entitled Cosby- Fall of an American Icon, will include interviews with all sorts of people from Cosby's past – including colleagues, journalists and others who previously tried to draw attention to allegations about his behaviour.

Cosby, who has long denied any and all allegations of wrongdoing, is expected to stand trial in June this year.

He stands accused of three counts of aggravated indecent assault against a Temple University employee, alleged to have taken place in 2004.

Cosby's legal team has tried more than once to have the charges thrown out of court, but each of these requests has been denied by judges.

His attorneys have alleged that the criminal proceedings stem from -racial bias- against him.

Cosby- Fall of an American Icon is expected to be shown on BBC Two this summer, around the time the trial is due to begin.


  1. He can't fall far enough for me. He should drop down a sinkhole straight to hell.
    It will be neat if you follow the trial like we did for Oscar Pistorius.
    Note on WAG
    Have a good one
    Your friend and conspirator

  2. I am with you , I hope the fire is hot .
    I thank you for the idea , I love bashing idiots / fools that's suppose to be helping their people with some positive things in their lives .
    You have a good one and I do hope things get better .
    Note on WAG .
    Your friend always