Monday, July 15, 2013

Al Sharpton on Zimmerman :We Won't Stop Until Justice Is Served

A battle was lost, but the war's not over ... Al Sharpton says he WILL NOT REST until justice is served for Trayvon Martin's death -- after yesterday's not guilty verdict for the man who pulled the trigger.

Our photog spotted Rev. Sharpton at LaGuardia Airport Sunday -- and asked if he was disappointed that 6 jurors acquitted Zimmerman of all charges. His answer ... a resounding YES.

However, Al says this is not the end ... "We always had a plan B. We now go to the Justice Department seeking civil rights charges." He adds, "We're not gonna stop until we get justice."

FYI -- a similar thing happened in the O.J. Simpson trial regarding the death of Nicole Brown Simpson. O.J. was acquitted of criminal charges, but then sued in civil court for wrongful death -- and ordered to pay $33.5 million to the families of NBS and Ronald Goldman.

Zimmerman could face a similar civil suit OR possibly be tried in federal court if the Justice Department decides to go through with criminal civil rights charges.


  1. He is right I live in Florda and have a gun permit have not felt the need to shoot and kill a teenager. Yes I have been in heated conversations with teenagers still did not feel the need to kill them it just was not necessary.
    I hope Omara the attorney chokes on the money he made Omara is a S****bag just like Zimmerman.
    I am white, just don't kill a kid because of the color of their skin and the clothes they wear, think about it..
    FYI I almost never agree with Sharpton

  2. A person has no right to take another person life unless it is in a situation of life and death or war .
    Zimmerman took it in his hands when he got out the car ... why not just call the police HUH ???

  3. Good point Witchy...both of them.

    Anonymous...You are right. The shooting occurred because of the color of Martin's skin and the clothes he was wearing. Had he been white, the incident would never have happened. Same, sad, old story. Racism is so deeply ingrained and so very hard to change.