Sunday, July 21, 2013

Male Celebrities Who Have Admitted To Plastic Surgery (And Other Cosmetic Procedures)

Getting a nip here and a tuck there has become as regular as going to the dentist in the wonderful world of Hollywood. But it's not all boob jobs and butt implants ... the guys get work done too! And when it comes to these famous men, their transformations certainly have not remained celebrity secrets. From face lifts to mole removals, the nine stars included below have admitted to their plastic surgeries and cosmetic endeavors, and in most cases, we probably would have noticed anyway.
                                         Bruce Jenner
The Olympic gold medalist and husband of momager Kris Jenner has had a nose job and a couple facelifts.
                                        Gene Simmons
The Kiss frontman has had a facelift, which focused especially on the area around his chin.
                                          Barry Manilow
The singer had two facelifts -- an upper one and a lower one -- which he unsuccessfully tried to keep under wraps before admitting to it.
                                         Burt Reynolds
The actor and director has had work done on his eyes and maintains that the surgery stops there, despite rumors of a facelift.
                                         Enrique Iglesias
The Spanish singer had his trademark mole removed in a five-minute procedure.
                                        Howard Stern
The radio host and "America's Got Talent" judge has had a nose job and lipo to remove his double chin.
                                          Kenny Rogers
The country singer had a facelift to look closer in age to his younger wife.
                                       Michael Jackson
The late King of Pop had two nose jobs and a procedure to add a chin dimple.
                                            Simon Cowell
The TV producer and former "American Idol" host has had Botox injections and is not shy about admitting they are part of his standard beauty routine.


  1. I didn't know about Simon but Barry Manilow, Burt Reynolds, and Kenny Rogers are absolutely frightening. And Bruce Jenner don't look like himself either. They all have an alien look.

    Makes me stop whining about my double chin and turkey neck. At least I came by them honestly.

    luv ya

  2. It was a surprise to me also ... as we stated so many times we will grow ols graceful , real beauty comes from within .

    One thing for sure , people will know who we are ... Hahahahaha

    luv ya