Saturday, December 6, 2014

Discovery Channel : Eaten Alive

This Sunday at 9/8C on the Discovery Channel, naturalist Paul Rosolie will attempt to be consumed by a giant green anaconda on a two-hour television special called "Eaten Alive." 
Rosolie, 27, is an expert and advocate for the Amazonian habitat that the green anaconda and countless other tropical species call home. The Internet has been buzzing about Rosolie since the announcement of "Eaten Alive" by Discovery. e snake-proof suit Paul Rosolie  will wear while being eaten by an anaconda Rosolie and Discovery have since drawn criticism from some groups over concerns about the welfare of the giant snake as it attempts to devour Rosolie, who will be wearing a customized suit that will keep him from being crushed by the giant reptile during the encounter.

Rosolie  insists that the snake was not harmed and that he would never do anything to endanger the animal. His stated purpose for being eaten alive is to do something so big and attention grabbing that it draws public focus to the plight of the Amazon basin and the creatures that live in it.

"I think that this is something that can be used to bring attention to the jungle. I think that this is something that would be really exciting for people to see," Rosolie said.

In response to his critics, Rosolie  told the New York Post, "Anacondas are a major player in the Amazon ecosystem that provides 1/5 of our planet's oxygen and contains 1/5 of the planets fresh water. For those worried about animal cruelty, I invite you to research my work – read my book. Then ask yourself: would this person ever hurt an animal?"

In order to survive being crushed and consumed by the anaconda, Rosolie  will wear a customized suit of "armor" consisting of many layers. One layer will protect Rosolie  from the snake's powerful stomach acids, one from the intense Amazonian heat and another from its toothy bite. 

Finally, an outer layer comprised of composite materials specially formed to Rosolie's  body will protect him from the crushing forces of being constricted. Rosolie  will breathe and communicate with his team using the same kind of mask worn by firefighters. 

To make Rosolie  appetizing to the anaconda, the suit will be covered in pig blood before the encounter.

"Eaten Alive" will premiere  Sunday 12 /7 at 9/8 Central  on the Discovery Channel.
Witchy  is  wondering  will you watch  ...HeHe

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