Monday, December 15, 2014

The Roving Reporter:' The PICs # 1 Celebrity Pick for 2014 : Prince George

Prince George photographs released by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Pictures taken by Prince Harry’s private secretary show toddler wearing sleeveless jumper with guardsmen pattern

Prince George sits for his official Christmas picture. Photograph: Ed Lane Fox/Getty Images
Prince George photographs released by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released three official Christmas photographs of their son Prince George in a courtyard at his home at Kensington Palace. The pictures of the third in line to the throne, who is nearly 17 months old, were taken late last month by his uncle Harry’s private secretary, Ed Lane Fox, who has previously worked as a freelance photographer.

The toddler is pictured wearing a blue sleeveless jumper decorated with marching guardsmen complete with bearskins and red tunics over a white top, dark shorts and matching socks and shoes. The last official photographs of him were published to mark his first birthday on 22 July.
George shows off his guardsman jumper. Photograph: Ed Lane Fox/Getty Images

Prince William and his wife have recently returned from a three-day trip to the United States, where they visited the 9/11 memorial, attended a charity fund-raising dinner, and met President Obama.

The duchess will not be accompanying her husband on his next official visits to Japan and China early next year as she is expecting their second child at the end of April.

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  1. Howdy Dad,
    This is just too cute , George is a big boy and won't be two until July .
    He's going to be a big boy like Man .
    Thanks Dad
    Your only daughter

  2. My dear daughter ,
    Prince George is nnot Price Poopie Pants ... He is now a big boy ready to wear the crown .
    I notice how large he was and such a ham for the cameras .

    Welcome daughter
    Your only Dad