Friday, June 5, 2015

Bill Cosby hopes to block subpoena issued by 3 women suing for defamation

Three women who claim Bill Cosby molested them in the 1970s are now suing the comedian for defamation in Massachusetts and issued a subpoena, which his lawyers moved to block Tuesday. 
Tamara Green, Therese Serignese, and Linda Traitz believe documents from a Temple University-related case will help get Cosby into court, the AP reports.

In the 2006 case, Andrea Constand, a former employee of Cosby’s alma mater Temple, sued Cosby for drugging and sexually assaulting her in his suburban home. Lawyers for the three women issued a subpoena for the papers, as the settlement is protected by a confidentiality agreement. Cosby’s lawyers’ attempt to block the subpoena was founded on the basis that the confidentiality agreement “should not be set aside lightly.”
The papers were filed in Philadelphia, where defense lawyer George M. Gowen asked the Pennsylvania court to wait until a judge rules on Cosby’s bid before dismissing the Massachusetts case. 
Green, Serignese, and Traitz believe they were defamed when Cosby’s agents denied their claims that the actor molested them, and they land among more than two dozen women who have accused Cosby of sexual misconduct. Still, the comedian has denied all claims and is yet to be charged with a crime.
Cosby’s lawyers did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.

Mr. Humble our in-house expert sez :
So an alleged serial rapist is allowed to run free because being drugged and having little or no evidence kept these women from reporting a famous celebrity for drugging and raping them in a timely manner. 

Please tell me what DNA evidence in those days would have proven when it couldn't even positively identify anyone and was only allowed as circumstantial evidence before the early 90's. Cosby could have explained anything away as consensual sex since there was no signs of force and they were with him willingly. 
Let's be real about this. The police report that Lachelle Covington filed in a timely manner didn't even include Bill Cosby's name and there are articles written that claim there is insider information that the reports withheld information. 
I would like to see the 'Victims' given an opportunity to face Cosby in a court of law and present their evidence so that a judge and jury can decide who is telling the truth. Then the  neutral people  that are reserving judgement can make an informed opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.
Witchy has  other ideas  of how to punish  old 'Cosby'  her  idea  is  great and  also "HILARIOUS" is it not so (smiling) ?
Just my  humble opinion .

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