Friday, June 19, 2015

Why the Robertsons' 'Duck Commander' musical failed miserably

 On a special episode of "Duck Dynasty" Wednesday night, the Robertson family was brought to tears with how amazing they thought their upcoming musical was.
"I think it was really emotional for the family to hear the songs for the first time," said Korie Robertson on "Duck Commander: 

Making the Musical."
"Kay bawls at everything," said Willie Robertson.
"Well you were bawling too!" said Korie.
"I wasn't bawling I had something in my eye," said Willie.
Sure Willie, something in your eye.
But regardless, it did seem everything was going right. The songs, the family, the food — it all seemed too good to be true. Problem is, it was. 

The show has already been cancelled — it only lasted a month in Vegas and got some pretty scathing reviews.
So after all the excitement from the Robertsons, how did the musical become such a monumental failure?
Well, as a writer for Deadline points out, "The musical blew in on the winds of controversy."

Of course, the outlet is referring to when patriarch Phil Robertson was suspended by A&E after making anti-gay comments in a 2013 interview with GQ.
Veteran Broadway producer Emanuel Azenberg called the show "pretty disgusting," which Deadline noted is "a sentiment shared by many in the generally liberal-leaning, accepting theater culture."

Azenberg told The New York Times, "It's also a reminder that Broadway is mostly about making entertainment today — not art — even if it means getting involved with a family whose members say things that offend a lot of people working on Broadway."
So despite the family's optimism through Wednesday's show, it looked like this musical may have been destined to fail.
Their success on the small screen however, continues. The new season of "Duck Dynasty" airs June 24.

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