Sunday, October 25, 2015

Are the Muppets Just for Adults ??


  1. There's a huge difference between adult humor and vulgarity. The Muppet Show of the 70's was pitched as an experimental prime time series for adults. The Simpsons is adult humor. South Park (while I like it very much) is vulgarity. “I want Muppets stories to address things my friends and I are interested in,then I will decide if my kids can watch that peculiar show I never saw them as kiddie characters.” -Jim Henson (1983) I think the characters have snapped back to that form, but updated for our time. No more. No less. And yes, it is adult humor that's also kid-safe.

    Who cares if moms are boycotting The Muppets? Their kids are still going to find a way to watch it. Especially if you tell them that this kids show "contains inappropriate material" or is "too adult" for them to see. These kids are going to think, "Geez, does Ms. Piggy have a leaked sex tape or something on the show? I better check this out!" Instead they're going to find Fozzie going on a date with a human or the implication that Nathan Fillion was getting busy with Ms. Piggy in her trailer.
    A word to the wise ... use your judement about all programs , now I would not let my kids watch 'Soap Operas' bed-hopping low-class trailer trash .
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  2. I think some peoples' comprehension of humor and satire is sadly lacking. Even the earliest Muppet shows had that adult edge. We were all aware of it, but deemed safe enough for our kids. The new Muppets show has stepped the edgy stuff up a bit but is nowhere near the naughty irreverence and controversial content of Family Guy or The Simpsons. I don't hear people protesting too much about them.
    But I guess we should be grateful that people are keeping watch over these things so they don't get too out of line.
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    I don't hear anyone condemning