Thursday, February 25, 2016

Celebrity Grandparents and Their Grandkids

                                    Whoopi Goldberg
You'd never think Mick Jagger and Whoopi Goldberg would have so much in common, but they do. They're both great-grandparents. "The View" funny lady is great-grandmother to Charlie Rose, the daughter of Whoopi's granddaughter Amarah Skye. Whoopi calls the baby, "My bobo." Too cute.
Here, Goldberg is hanging with another granddaughter, Jerzey Dean, during New York Fashion Week last year.
                                       Blythe Danner
Gwyneth Paltrow's mom is a renowned actress and grandma to Paltrow's two kids, Apple and Moses. But when it comes to being called Grandma, Blythe Danner wasn't having it and asked to be called "Woof."
"My mom's hot and she didn't want to be called Grandma," the actress told talk-show host Chelsea Handler. "So she kept trying to make the 'Woof' thing stick. It's even her email address."
                                       Goldie Hawn
The "Private Benjamin" star is still known for her adorable personality, svelte body and childlike enthusiasm. So when daughter Kate Hudson gave birth to her first son, Ryder Robinson, Hawn wanted to jazz up her moniker.
"My son Oliver decided I should be called 'Glam-Ma,' which I thought was quite brilliant and made us all laugh so hard," Hawn wrote in her memoir, "A Lotus Grows in the Mud."
Here, Hawn is spending the day at Disney's California Adventure with her grandson Wilder, who is Oliver's 8-year-old son.
                                        Kris Jenner
The 59-year-old "momager" is the brains behind the Kardashian clan's empire. But she's also a doting grandma to Mason, Penelope, Reign and North. And with daughter Kim pregnant with a boy, Jenner's soon to be a grandma five times over.
When asked how she feels about the "G" word, Jenner admits to talk-show host Chelsea Handler, "Too many people [are] calling me Grandma!"
                                          Bill Clinton
The 69-year-old former U.S. president became a grandfather for the first time when his only daughter, Chelsea, gave birth to daughter Charlotte in 2014. And if you think a former president is above changing diapers, Bubba's all for it, telling Rachael Ray, "I'd be happy to change diapers. But today, you gotta put all that anti-chafing stuff on their rear. There are more moving parts than there were when I was a dad."
                                       Priscilla Presley
Elvis' ex is a grandma to four, thanks to daughter Lisa Marie. But like other famous grannies, Priscilla prefers not to be called Grandma, saying, "There's just such a connotation with Grandma, and I just liked [Nona] better."
Priscilla definitely didn't look like a grandma on "Dancing With The Stars," did she? Even Elvis would have been impressed.
Here, Priscilla is with her twin granddaughters, Harper and Finley.
                                        Tom Hanks
The "Captain Phillips" star is grandpa to his son Colin's two kids, including 4-year-old granddaughter Olivia pictured here, and brags about the joys of being a grandparent.
"I get to do the thing of come in and have a great time for a few hours or maybe overnight on occasion, but hey, this is like ... parenthood fantasy camp," Hanks tells "Entertainment Tonight." "You have all the fun without any of the long nights."
Who wouldn't want Tom Hanks as their grandpa?
                                           Jim Carrey
The elastic-faced funny man may seem young to be a grandpa, but when he was 47 daughter Jane gave birth to baby boy Jackson. Carrey tweeted out his excitement along with a picture of his grandson, calling him "California dynomite."
Total score getting Jim Carrey as your grandpa!

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