Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The secret Life of Pets

In Theaters Summer 2016


  1. Aunt Jeannie , we are going to love watching this movie , everyone wants to know what dogs think about .
    poppa will find out when it will play here this summer , we told poppa we wanted him to find out when it will come out on DVD , mama told us you have the wolves back . keep your dogs safe and in the house . get a hammer or a skillet like mama .
    Mama said you was feeling a little better , that is good aunt Jeannie , you are getting better in time to sit in your garden , be careful , keep your club by your side .
    Thank you aunt Jeannie we really enjoyed it .
    We are having fun listening at poppa and uncle Harvey and Mr. Larry talk about uncle Sal , poppa said he bet uncle Sal and his friend is having fun chasing the girl angels .
    Thank you so very much and we love you aunt Jeannie .
    Wrote by Jenny

  2. Hi Jenny
    When I saw this trailer I laughed so hard. I bet the whole movie will be very funny. I know my dogs do weird things when I leave them at home. They always look guilty when I get back. I know the puppy buried Uncle Brian's slipper in the yard because we never found it again. But she's not talking. Another time we got home and they were both on my bed eating toast. We never found out where they got the toast. If they made it themselves,I can't figure out how they spread the butter.
    Yes the wolves are back in the woods behind our house. And they often come into my yard. They are not afraid of humans any more and that makes them scary. They stay a few months and then move on to another hunting ground.
    We make sure the dogs don't go out alone and I always carry my big stick.
    There used to be hundreds of cats in this neighborhood, even some wild ones back in the woods but after the coy wolves came a few years ago all the cats disappeared and no one has bought a new cat since. I don't blame them.
    I hope Uncle Sal is having fun doing whatever he loved to do best. He deserves a good rest. It's good to talk about Uncle Sal and remember the good times and laugh. That's how Uncle Sal would want to be remembered.
    Jake and Sam's Great grandmother is 104 years old and is very sweet. She always wears little woolly hats even in bed. She hasn't got much hair left. I take her a new hat whenever I visit and a bag of mini marshmallows. They are her favorites.
    Thank you for the nice note my Crusader and have a nice weekend. Love to you and our loyal knights.
    Talk to you soon
    Aunt Jeannie