Tuesday, February 23, 2016


The only thing bigger than Camille Cosby‘s coat was the giant grin on her face as she walked into her first deposition in one of her husband’s legal battles.

Lawyers for 7 women who’ve filed a defamation suit against Bill Cosby grilled his wife on Monday in a Springfield, Mass. hotel.

Camille — who’s been married to Bill for 52 years — tried to get out of the depo, and even filed an emergency motion late Saturday requesting it be delayed, but the judge said no dice.

Nonetheless, she put on a brave face for the occasion, and just as importantly … smart, comfy footwear.

Despite her best efforts, Camille Cosby, wife of accused serial rapist Bill Cosby, is being compelled to be deposed on Monday in a defamation case filed against her husband led by alleged sexual assault victim Tamara Green.

Camille Cosby was questioned under heavy security at the Springfield Marriott, where hotel staff cordoned off an area near a conference room where she gave her deposition.

Camille Cosby has stood by her husband, comedic legend Bill Cosby, in the wake of dozens of sexual assault allegations.

Cammarata said Camille Cosby's truthful answers to those questions could support his clients' claims, regardless of whether she is sympathetic to her husband.

She also asked the judge to not order her to sit for a deposition in the case because it would be an undue burden on her and invade her rights to privacy and claims her husband has chose to not drag her into his counter-suit to testify.

In December 2014, Camille Cosby released a statement regarding the allegations against her husband, saying those who have accused him of sexual assault have been "given a pass" without their accounts ever being vetted.

Cosby's deposition will resume on March 14.
The deposition is going forward in spite of efforts from Cosby lawyers trying to prevent it from happening. Cosby has countersued the women for defamation. A lawyer for the women, Josepha Cammarata, said she spent about 2-1/2 hours answering questions and the rest of the time was a back and forth between lawyers on what she could or should answer.

"We're hoping to learn about issues important to the case involving his relationship with her and his relationship with other women and his relationship with the business", Cammarata said. Earlier this month, lawyers for Cosby filed a breach-of-contract suit against rape accuser Andrea Constand, her mother, her lawyers and the parent company of the National Enquirer.

In all, there are seven plaintiffs in the MA defamation case that's been filed against Bill Cosby. The compelling of a spouse to potentially provide evidence or information against her husband has some concerned with the precedent such a move could set for spousal testimonial privilege in court, although MA law does not provide this protection in civil disputes.

Despite them attempting to quash the deposition, a judge ruled on Friday that it must still go ahead. And based exclusively on Cosby's own admitted brags about "these romantic sexual things" he's had with other women, you've got to wonder about how long his wife's team thought they could hold up the "sanctity" argument.
Cosby has denied wrongdoing.

Mr.Humble from a man's point of view :
      Camille's smile indicates she may be delusional, a symptom of clinical depression. Delusion manifests itself through irrational belief that defies normal reasoning, like when a person remains firm in a belief despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary (40 accusers is overwhelming). Then again, she may be of sound mind (and weak integrity), understanding she must stick by her money dispenser to continue living her high-end life style, no matter what. Camille Cosby is a poor excuse for  all  women, those less than  a lady acting women to stand by their creepy cheating lying pervert husbands send terrible messages to the young women of today. 
      She should have fried him years ago, but to sit back and allow this to continue.....................wow, Camille is as sick as Bill
      She turned a blind eye as so many wives of that generation did. Thank god times have changed!Lets see, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Bill Cosby, and Elliot Spitzer....They all lie, say they didn't do it, but all get caught in the end when the truth comes out. And their wives, all stand there next to them with that same stupid,disgusted look on their face, in the public eye, as they listen to them try to wiggle their way out of the disgraceful mess they got in to. You can hear them swallowing their pride as they listen to the one who disgraced them in front of the whole world to see, as he says he's sorry. But, they stand by them.
      This country is too obsessed with celebrities. If a movie star, athlete or any other rich man invite you (mostly young white woman) to talk business don't be fools, he is thinking I scratch your back are you going to scratch mine.
     She's on her way to a deposition about her husband drugging and raping multiple women,....and they're reporting on her choice of footwear and her fashion sense!?!?

...and everyone wonders whats wrong with this country.
Just my humble opinion !!

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