Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump administration struggling to fill White House communications director role

President Trump has been gradually filling his cabinet positions, but there's one key position in his administration that's proving tough to find a candidate for: Communications director.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been doing double duty in the role, but it's unusual for the same person to hold both positions.

CNN has reported that a source tells them Trump has been unhappy with Spicer's performance.

Jason Miller, who managed communications for Trump's campaign, was going to fill the post but stepped down during the transition.

Politico reports that White House chief of staff Reince Priebus has been attempting to find a new candidate but has been having trouble due to the challenges of working in Trump's unusual administration.

Former John McCain campaign strategist Steve Schmidt told Politico, "[W]hen you look at the complete and total chaos emanating from the White House on a number of issues, it's clear they have no strategic planning function."

Witchy wants to Know :
 We have the most inept administration we have ever had. Trump has botched every move he has made, with the exception of signing his name to several documents. The implementation of the travel ban was as inept as you can get, and his first military mission was a complete failure. Why did The Trump team come up with year old info, that we already had, as a justification for this failed mission? Why?
Now for some laughs :
Larry, Moe and Curly are already on staff.... what about Shemp?
Now really?? 3 weeks in , get a grip!!  He has done more damage in 3 weeks than any so called president has done in 8 years!  Such a dividing figure!
Wanted: WH Communications Director: Must be able to keep a straight face in all meetings, be able to say the phrase "bad dudes" in at least 12 languages, be able to stand in front of an 8 alarm fire and claim that you do not smell smoke and be able to help other staff members find pesky light switches in dark rooms. Resume and salary requirement to: Trump House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC
Would  you  want to be the communications director if you worked for a president who tweeted all the time.  waste of time for any serious professional ?


  1. That guy just gets better looking all the time, doesn't he?? hahahaha! Boy Witchy really sounded off this time didn't she?? She hit every point spot on. And looks like she's pounding Trump into the carpet. I thought she lost that weight.
    I hope Mr T does get rid of Spicer. I detest that man and that feeling is pretty common among the population. Any of the 'Stooges' could do a better job than him and be more convincing. I wonder if they have found the light switches yet or do they carry candles and flashlights ??
    Justin Trudeau is meeting 'T man' this week I believe. I wonder how that will go. I just hope another wall isn't erected. hahaha!
    Great post
    Take care Luv
    Your pal and PIC

  2. I think Trudeau will hold his own with tRump .
    Trudeau and his family has been in politics for a very long time And he know a fool when he see one ... tRump is beginning yo see he wasn't prepared for the White House and this is only day 12 Hahahahaha!!!!
    Your Pal and PIC