Sunday, February 19, 2017

Trump isn't adjusting well to life in the White House — he's reportedly experiencing 'cabin fever'

Business Insider     JEREMY BERKE    February  19th 2017 
President Donald Trump reportedly isn't adjusting well to life in the White House after his first month in office.

That's according to Axios' Mike Allen's latest newsletter, in which he writes that a Trump adviser told him the president is experiencing "cabin fever" in the White House.

Trump is reportedly experiencing headaches and frustration that he can't spend his evenings dining at restaurants like he could around Trump Tower in his old neighborhood in New York City.

Trump's campaign-style rally in Melbourne, Florida yesterday — where he mentioned a nonexistent incident of refugees committing crimes in Sweden — was "partially about Trump management," Allen writes.

The rally was a chance for Trump to escape from the pressure-cooker environment in Washington after a month of turmoil, and bask in the adoration of his most passionate supporters.

Trump will spend Sunday interviewing candidates to replace Mike Flynn, the president's former national security adviser who was ousted over his connections to Russia.

Witchy wants to know :
Could those who believe in Teump explain to me what he has done that makes you feel so confident in placing such trust in him, that you don't even see the need for the media to report on him?
Is it  because this loose mouth charlatan doesn't know anything about world events or domestic  affairs for that matter. He is completely clueless just like his staff.
Let the truth be told ...tRUMP  will never be able to adapt to any lifestyle where he is not the total king and ruler, he really did not anticipate the power of our constitution and the resolve of both republicans and democrats to protect our way of life. It will be our constitution that is his downfall.
A womanizing racist bigot obviously can convince enough people to vote for him but he CANNOT convince the real Americans to join him in dismantling our constitution....Nuff said .


  1. Well said Witchy.
    You have an eloquent constitution that states citizen's rights with great clarity. The only ones trying to get around it or overcome it are Trump and his team of yes men. It will protect Americans ... and all the checks and balances built into your government, to keep any one person from taking over the country's destiny, should get Trump gradually under control. It's not as easy as he thought to run a country. As it is, he has caused so much damage worldwide, it will take a while to clean up.
    Good article and Witchy is always right on point.
    Luv PIC

  2. I want someone to ask tRUMP why is he afraid for the media to report on him ... the people wants to know the truth so they can make up their own minds , people is not idiots and has a right to know the truth for themselves not what some dictator tell them ... tRumps has to know he is not a King , he is an elected official and works for the people ... what type of boss is he that will fire someone because they have a mind of their on ... this is not a reality show , this is real life .
    Thank you .
    Love PIC
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