Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skyfall....oo7 Meets a New 'Q'

In a new clip from James Bond's forthcoming big screen adventure "Skyfall"  007 meets with his new Quartermaster (played by Ben Whishaw) at London's National Gallery. If you'd ever wondered what the q in "Q" stood for, now you know. Ben Whishaw is Q in "Skyfall." (Columbia Pictures)
A rather grizzled-looking Bond (Daniel Craig) and the still wet-behind-the-ears Q sit and admire J. M. W. Turner's painting "The Fighting Temeraire" while exchanging introductions. The symbolism of the famous painting — which depicts the great warship Termeraire being towed off for scrap — is not lost on the secret agent, who appears to be going through a mid-life crisis of sorts in "Skyfall."
Watch the new "Skyfall" clip entitled "Quartermaster" below.


Whishaw's Q is certainly a departure from the previous incarnations of the character. MI6's master of gadgets and weaponry was a staple of the series until 2002's "Die Another Day," and was always portrayed by older actors. The 32-year-old Whishaw's appearance in "Skyfall" marks not only the debut of the Q character in a Craig 007 film, but also makes him the youngest incarnation of the character to date.


  1. Love me some 007 and will be looking to see it when it hits the big screen .

    I'm back and ready to roll ... a little jet lagged but can still work my magic Hahaha
    Luv ya ...PIC

  2. I am looking forward to this one, can't wait. I'm glad that you are ready to roll...see ya later