Friday, December 13, 2013

Cole Vosbury : After "Voice" Elimination , Cole Heads to the 'TODAY' Show --- Shreveport, La. "OWN"

Shreveport Louisiana's Cole Vosbury was eliminated on NBC's "The Voice" Tuesday night , but his time on TV hasn't ended quite yet .

The 22-year-old singer will appear on the TODAY show , also on NBC , Thursday morning . Vosbury said he was boarding a plane for New York City in a Tweet he posted Wednesday afternoon .

"About to get on a plane to New York for the TODAY show ! First time to New York !" he Tweeted .

TODAY later confirmed the appearance in their own Tweet .

Meanwhile , Vosbury's fans took to social media to express their disappointment in his elimination and to show support for his future in music .

While he's still figuring out his niche , Vosbury now realizes his coach is "proud" of his journey and feels "vindicated," adding his belief in ordered chaos because the sudden addition of an extra steal is what brought him an opportunity to get this far in the competition . "I think I ended up in the perfect spot and I don't know if I'd have made it to the top five if I stayed with Team Cee Lo" Vosbury says .

Although he didn't make it to the end , Vosbury reveals he wasn't surprised by the announcement after discovering his fellow contestants charted high on iTunes , an indicator of the final results . But while dishing some man-scraping advice to MTV News , Vosbury offered another explanation for his elimination .

"Never let 'em cut it [ your beard] because it's the source of all your powers ... Monday night they cut my bread and Tuesday night I went home , so ..."



  1. It would have been awesome to see one of your home boys win. It seems a lot of people have great voices in Louisiana. Cole is very talented.
    We could not see the videos in Canada. I was disappointed.

    Luv ya

  2. Cole is very talented and he makes the rounds at the casinos and Jean books him a lot .

    Hahaha ... we do know how to sing and make babies .

    I am so sorry you could not see them on ... they are on YouTube .
    I guess that the music / videos is getting harder .
    Gil Called his friend in Cambridge Canada and he got them just fine ... I wonder what is wrong .
    Luv ya