Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lostprophets Ex-Singer Ian Watkins Sentenced to 29 Years for Child Sex

The former lead singer of the rock band Lostprophets was sentenced Wednesday to 29 years in jail , with a British judge saying that Ian Watkins had "plumbed new depths of depravity" in committing a string of sexual offenses against very young children .

Watkins , 36 , pleaded guilty last month to 13 charges , including trying to rape a baby , sexually touching a 1-year-old , encouraging a fan to abuse her child and making child pornography .

Judge John Royce called Watkins a manipulative and dangerous sexual predator who had abused his famed to help satisfy his "insatiable lust."

"Those who have appeared in these courts over many years see a large number of horrific cases ," Royce said in the sentencing at Cardiff Crown Court . "This case , however , breaks new ground ."

Watkins ... who was visibly shaking during sentencing ... must serve at least two-thirds of his 29-year term , then spend six more years on strict probation .

Lostprophets ... which formed in 1997 and had a chart-topping album in 2006 with Liberation Transmission ,,, announced it was disbanding after Watkins arrest .

Police are investigating whether Watkins had other victims elsewhere in the world , given his extensive touring schedule .

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle said detectives were pursuing leads in Germany and the United States . He said police have been in touch with Interpol , the German Federal Police and U.S. Homeland Security .

Two female accomplices , described by prosecutors as "active participants in the most  shocking abuse of their own children ,: were jailed for 15 and 16 years , respectively . They have not been identified in order to protect the identities of the children .
Mr. Humble : Lets hear it from our in-house expert :
What a disgusting POS .
He may not ever see the light of day again , other inmates don't like these type of people . Doubt he will finish his time . He will regret the day he ever thought about touching a child .
Should we be surprise ! You bet your 'ASS' !! Children nowadays are exposed to the most blatant sexual exploits possible before they are able to process what they are looking at and when a misfit like this piece of trash is exposed , we say "On My" how can this be --- Wake up people !! This sort of thing is Not the problem --- it is a result of a complete disregard for decency and respect brought by the media and lax of standards of behavior . Why can't we see this and say 'NO' to this shameful behaviors   that distorts the thinking of children . Our lax of standard  condoning everything and anything has brought this kind of sad abuse , Wake up . Speak up . Stop the trend toward "everything and anything " before we are destroyed , remember our kids are our future .

Now for my humble opinion that will help to stop all this nonsense . Just one good town hanging or cutting these pedophiles heads off would put a quick halt to these sicko;s .

If Watkins make it to the end of his sentence I'll be shocked . Because with all that unwanted unprotected 'ADULT SEX' he's going to be having  (diseases and all).

You think that was the reason Watkins was visible shaking in his boots , because he knew what was waiting for him in prison (smiling) I think that's what Witchy would say .

Just my humble opinion .


  1. Oh boy , you are true to form , I hope they put a poker up his ass and also a poker in his mouth all at the same time ...Hahahaha , hey that's just me and the way I roll .

  2. Gil aka Mr.HumbleDec 18, 2013, 11:17:00 PM

    Baby ,
    You are much to kind , want my pay tonight .

  3. Lower than slime...
    He deserves to get exactly what he was dishing out, by every convict in the joint. And as a coup de gras...remove his testcles...slowly.

    Disgusted and horrified Genie

  4. Hahahaha!!!
    I agree with you all the way , I- year- old babies , he was shaking in court ... he will be shitting in prison ... Hahahahahaha I'm Baaaaaaaaad

    Luv Ya