Friday, December 20, 2013

New Harry Potter Story : JK Rowling Working On Upcoming Play

London (AP) -- Harry Potter has traveled from page to screen ... now to the stage .

J K Rowling said Friday she is working on a play about a boy wizard's life before he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Rowling's seven-book saga begins when Harry , an unloved orphan grudgingly raised by his aunt and uncle receives a letter informing him he is a wizard .

Rowling said in a statement that the play will "explore the previously untold story of Harry's early years as an orphan and outcast ."

Rowling will be co-producer on the show , along with veteran British theater produces Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender . The statement said Rowling will collaborate with a writer but will not write the script herself .

"Over the years I have received countless approaches about turning Harry Potter into a theatrical production , but Sonia and Colin's vision was the only one that really made any sense to me and which had the sensitivity , intensity and intimacy I thought appropriate  for bring Harry's story to the stage ," Rowling said .

Writer and director have yet to be chosen . No opening date has been set for the show , will  be developed in Britain next year .

Rowling's Harry Potter novels have sold more than 450 million copies around the world and was adapted into eight Warner Bros, feature films .
Witchy says :
 I have read all seven of the Harry Potter novels . If I graduated from Hogwarts , upon my turning 21 , I would go to Las Vegas . There I would use my magic to , pardon the 'pun' , beat the crap out of the casinos . Then when the muggle management tried to ban me , I would use my magic to wipr out their memories and keep on winning ! 

Things are looking up ...   HeHe


  1. I am happy to hear Rowling is writing another book. I figured she would get around to it. Jakey will be very happy to hear it.
    Luv PIC

  2. I had to re-check my post ...Hahahaha!!
    JK Rowling is not writing another book .Rowling is collaborating on a stage play of Harry's early years before attending Hogwarts school .
    It's going on stage in London , no date as of yet .
    there is no writer or director chosen yet , it will be developed in Britain next year .

    Luv PIC