Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cracker Barrel : Employees Given Script To Explain Phil Boycott

Cracker Barrel took such a ridiculous position by boycotting Duck Commander products with Phil Robertson's photos  on it ...They had to give their employees a script to deal with pissed-off customers .

TMZ obtained a copy of a script Cracker Barrel created so its employees could justify the boycott . And this is funny ... the script is actually a modified of how employees generally deal with unhappy shoppers . Seems to be a problem at Cracker Barrel .
The script was 86'd 24 hours after it was written ... when Cracker Barrel reversed its position because it realized it stood to loose customers and therefore lots of loot .

Apparently the company needs a new script , because angry customers are still calling about its position on Phil .

How's this for a script .
--- Sorry --- we really f***ed this one up . But hey , we saw which way the wind was blowing so now we support Phil . And try our eggs . They're terrific ! HeHe

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