Sunday, February 1, 2015


..............."Embrace the Spirit of the Night "...............

Sweet dreams are in the air tonight. No matter what your wishes may be, know that the Moon Fairy is ready to work her magic on your behalf. Wherever the moonlight shines, she is there--if you believe. Dressed in glistening colors of the night, she fills the dark hours with promises of a sparkling destiny, promising the moon and stars to anyone she embraces. Fall under her spell --her dreamy, incandescent beauty will make a true believer of you. Take a moment and look to the Heavens. Maybe, you will get a glimpse of this lovely sprite, and if you do , make your wish and it will be granted if you are pure of heart.

I don't want to miss the opportunity to be kind to those around me. There is so much sadness around lately, more than usual, so I feel like we all need a little pick me up.

My take on what and I how I feel:
- We shouldn't wait for the perfect moment to give a compliment or to do someone a favor. Moments come and go to quickly. If we wait for them,we'll likely miss them altogether . We should always indulge an urge to do something nice for others. When the impulse hits, go for it , give the compliment, do the favor, say something that will cheer a friend...

But hey that's just me and the way I  roll .


  1. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful sentiments and excellent advice.
    I loved it

    1. Thank you so very much ... lately my inter thoughts have been coming through and I started writing them down again ... it give me insight
      Love PIC