Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Your Roving Reporter : Man Writes Love Letters to his Wife Everyday for 40 Years

 One New Jersey man may have discovered the secret to a lasting marriage.

For nearly 40 years, 74-year-old Bill Bresnan has written a love letter to his wife Kristen every day. And nothing gets in his way.

"I give her the cards just before we go to bed. I draw them, sometimes during the day. Sometimes I buy them if I happen to be somewhere. If Kris is away I mail it to wherever she is going to be," he said.

His wife keeps the love filed chronologically in more than 20 boxes in the attic.
She says, "They mean everything, really, to me. I would be so heartbroken if there was a night when I didn't get a card."

But the Bresnans will have to stick it out a few more years to meet the record for longest marriage.

Last week, Dale and Alice Rockey were given a national award for being the longest married couple in America: 81 years. And they still act like newlyweds.

Love is  grand . 
My  son  been with his  wife  for  15 years . He  writes her  love  letters  and  leave  little  notes  and  cards  for  her each day .  When he or  she  is  out  of  town , he  always  send  her  one  for each day . 
I  read  a few of  the  letters  when he or  she was away  and  he  seems  to be  making  love to her .  Ladies  and  gentlemen , believe  me  when I say that boy loves  her with a passion and it  seems  to   grow  stronger  each  year  ,  4  kids  later . 

Your Roving  Reporter :    G.


  1. Hoedy Dad ,
    I love my big boy with a passion , he taught me the meaning of real love , he's tender / gentle everything I want for a husband and father for my kids .. you taught him well and that I think you for .
    My siblings say daddy spoiled me rotten and BB is keeping up the tradition , oh how I love that guy even if I feel like ringing his neck sometime Hahahaha!!
    Your only daughter

  2. Hello my sweet and delightful daughter ,
    My son knows that he got a real lady that will stand by his side . You my dear daughter makes him happy and that is one of the things I wanted most in life for him , to find a lady that will love him as I do and no doubt you do . Great wife and mother.
    Your only dad

    P.S. Forgot , my son also got a great cook and housekeeper . (laughing my butt off)