Friday, February 6, 2015

Report: Sidney Poitier ‘disgusted’ with Bill Cosby over sexual assault allegations

Legendary actor Sidney Poitier is reportedly “terribly disgusted” with embattled comedian Bill Cosby following the numerous sexual assault allegations against him that have emerged since November last year. Or, at least, that’s what a source close to the actor is saying.

Speaking exclusively to the National Enquirer, the anonymous source indicates that Poitier is distraught over the news and “feels sorry for him” but will “say nothing about Cosby.”

“Look at Sidney Poitier — unblemished, untainted, and distinguished,” the source told the Enquirer. “Look at Bill Cosby. Thirty women, they’re not all lying.”

This, however, is not the first time Poitier’s name has come up in the firestorm of allegations against Cosby. Back in November 2014, Cosby accuser Joan Tarshis came forward to allege the comedian assaulted her in 1969, some time after introducing her to Sidney Poitier. 

Cosby accuser Joan Tarshis named Poitier when writing about visiting the set of The Bill Cosby Show in 1969. “He once introduced me to Sidney Poitier as ‘Midget,’ his pet name for me because I was 5-foot-3,” she wrote. Tarshis has claimed that she was later drugged and raped by Cosby in his nearby bungalow — claims Cosby has denied.

Incidentally, Poitier also presented Alan Ladd Jr. with the 1996 Best Picture Oscar for Braveheart. Ladd Jr. is the husband of Cindra Ladd, who claimed last month to have been drugged and raped by Cosby in 1969. The Enquirer’s anonymous source indicates that that particular element caused the allegations against Cosby to “hit close to home" for Poitier.

“I can tell you that Mr. Poitier is terribly disgusted by what Bill Cosby has done, and he feels sorry for him,” the source said. 

Poitier and Cosby have a long history of working together, with Poitier, now 87, having starred in a number of films with Cosby including Uptown Saturday Night (1974), Let’s Do It Again (1975), and A Piece of the Action (1977). In 1990, Poitier switched roles and directed Cosby in the box office flop, Ghost Dad. 

“Have you even heard of whispers about Sidney Poitier?,” the anonymous source asked the Enquirer at one point. “He’s dignified, and remains that way — which is why he will say nothing about Cosby.” 
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Our  In-house  expert  : Mr  Humble 

In fact several alleged victims have attempted to press charges. How hard do you think it would have been for a nineteen year old girl to persuade police that they had been raped by Bill Cosby considering you don't believe them even now? Those who did make it to court (Andrea Costand et al) were intimidated into silence by Cosby's crack team of lawyers. This is not in any sense analogous to a "lynching," because Cosby is a powerful, wealthy, famous man. In fact he is one of the wealthiest entertainers in the US. He is known to have frequented Playboy parties in his heyday, and has admitted to at least one extra-marital affair in which he bribed the woman to keep quiet about it. 

Innocent until proven guilty? Sure. But that's a legal principle. It doesn't mean we have to trust a man who is - at best - morally grubby. Ask yourself, if a man at your daughter's high school attracted 30+ allegations of rape, would you wait for a conviction? Or would you push for a suspension until the matter was sorted out and confidence was restored?

What do you think he deserves...cookies and milk? As Dick Cavett said the Cos has a "mental pathology". He's sick and he's dangerous. No woman under 50 in America is safe with him not in jail. He's a serial rapist who lives to torment women. 


  1. Howdy Mr. Humble ,
    I like your take on this and so happy you decided to do it on old Cosby .
    I see you added your take after I posted ... smart boy or should I say 'Big Boy' hahahaha!!!
    If I gave that rapist idiot some milk and cookies it sure would have some rat poison and ex-lax in it .

    Thank you so much my darling man and your reward id waiting
    Always your baby

  2. Hello Baby ,
    I told you I would as soon as I finished my conference video- call , but nooooooo you just said #*^% it and posted , you are a very naughty girl .
    Not only rat poison and ex-lax , I bet the poor devil would have sit down to be (smiling) .

    You are always welcome and the junk will think you too .
    Your man by your side always .
    Mr. Humble

  3. Cosby has always been one of America's sacred cows, a sacrilege to defile. And his friendship with Mr Poitier, who was knighted in 1974, has always added dignity to his image and provided cover for his activities, as does his honorary doctrate. Previous assault charges have bounced off him like Teflon. But now, we can see the smoke from up here in Canada.
    Poitier knew Cosby prior to teaming up with him for a movie in 1974 and until recently was a good friend. So one has to wonder if this is the first that Mr Poiter has heard of Cosby's sinister activities. I don't buy it.
    I looked up serial rapist and Bill fits the profile to a T.
    Good article

    1. They took Cosby honorary back Hahahaha .
      Thank you

  4. Of course Poitier knew as did so many others , after Ghost Dad , Poitier distance himself from him as so many other actors to keep themselves clean .
    It's in the wind that the public will be surprise and all the other big name stars and their dirty linen .
    It's said that Cosby is the worst yet , Abe is looking up Hoodweird worse for me so stay tunes .

    Thank you

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