Thursday, February 12, 2015

John Travolta & Kelly Preston : Two Sides to Every Story ... You be the Judge

From The  National Enquirer :

John Travolta’s ugly court showdown with his former gay lover has exploded into a bitter behind-the-scenes divorce war with wife Kelly Preston following a series of sizzling revelations about the Hollywood megastar’s twisted double life!

In a crippling blow to the couple’s 23-year marriage, a secret witness is prepared to come forward to unleash stunning and fresh details about the “Pulp Fiction” star in his legal feud with Doug Gotterba, the former pilot who has claimed he had a six-year gay affair with John when he worked for him in the 1980s, sources have told The National ENQUIRER.

The one-time lovers are locked in a battle to determine whether or not Doug signed a confidentiality agreement that would prevent him from telling all about their sordid affair.

The ENQUIRER has identified the witness as Nassim Tahzib, who worked as the actor’s limousine driver from 1981 to 1987. Nassim revealed damaging secrets about the “Saturday Night Fever” hunk in a sensational interview – from wild claims about late-night orgies to John’s same-sex fantasies and his ultimate turn on!

In the long-buried blockbuster 1991 tell all, Nassim said: “He had hunky surfer boys brought to his mansion for nights of passionate sex. John wanted to have men in his arms – not women!

“He had an insatiable desire for gay sex, even though he was terrified of being branded a queen and lived in fear of his macho image being shattered.”

Nassim also revealed that the actor, a devout Scientologist, had a taste for hunky, straight married men!

“Outrageous, swishy gays didn’t turn him on,” Nassim declared. “He preferred to seduce married men, weightlifters, sports club trainers and others who had not been introduced to the gay scene.”

Faced with the prospect of Nassim entering the witness box, John’s lawyer Martin Singer has already taken a preemptive strike and declared Nassim is not a credible witness because of past convictions of multiple serious crimes involving dishonesty.

But revelations from John’s former go-to driver promise to give Doug more ammunition in his legal battle against John – and could snowball into his troubled marriage, sources told The ENQUIRER!
From Gossipcop : John Travolta  and  Kelly Preston  'NOT GETTING DIVORCE ', DESPITE REPORT
John Travolta and Kelly Preston are not nearing “divorce,” despite a new National Enquirer report. According to the tabloid, the couple’s 23-year marriage is in crisis over Travolta’s alleged “double life” secrets. Gossip Cop can bust this story, which follows countless other wrong Enquirer predictions of the Travolta-Preston marriage ending.

The article mostly rehashes decades-old claims about Travolta’s supposed sexual interests and secrets. It focuses on an ongoing legal dispute with pilot Doug Gotterba, whose story about Travolta’s alleged infidelity has been public for years. The Enquirer treats all of this as some kind of bombshell, even though it’s been giving Gotterba a platform since 2012.

The track record from the Enquirer regarding the Travolta-Preston marriage is appalling. The outlet once invented a “miscarriage scare” for the couple after they lost their teenage son. Just last year, the Enquirer tried to explain its previous wrong guesses about the duo divorcing by falsely claiming the Church of Scientology had “ordered them not to split.” It was a particularly pathetic bit of backtracking for an outlet that keeps saying how unhappy Travolta and Preston supposedly are, even as years go by and they remain married.

A lawyer for Travolta says there’s no truth to the latest allegation of trouble in the couple’s marriage, labeling the divorce speculation a fabrication. Given the total lack of any new spin on these tired old split rumors, Gossip Cop has no reason to believe the Enquirer knows something Travolta and Preston don’t.
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