Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Quotables: This Couldn't Possibly Get Any More Intense ...

"I've been given a second chance at life and so has my family. It's like a rebirth." 

--Leah Remini on her departure from Scientology, and while we're happy that she's finally attained peace after all these years, we're not gonna lie: we want the dirt, OK? And luckily, that book is out, and there are some pretty intense parts. 

Here are a few  excerpts  from her book: 

"'Get in the f--king present time, is what you need to do,' [Tom] then screamed at his assistant. As he lit into her, I thought about the time a friend had mentioned to me that she witnessed him taking his assistant to task for giving him a chipped coffee mug. 'You served me tea in a chipped mug? Do you know who gets served with a mug that's chipped? F--king DBs,' he said, using the initials for 'Degraded Being,' a term in Scientology that means degraded spiritual being." [Page 128]

"'Nursery' was a charitable term for the motel room in the Quality Inn filled with cribs of crying, neglected babies, flies and the smell of dirty diapers. The only ventilation came from a huge fan by the window. This was where Sea Org members and staff dropped off their babies at seven in the morning and then picked them up at ten in the evening when their workday was over ... The first time I went to the nursery I was devastated by what I found. The person in charge was a kid like me, just some random teenage Sea Org member on post, who was hardly qualified to be taking care of children. [Sister] Shannon was crying and soaked with urine in her crib." [Page 30]


  1. Geez Louise
    I had no idea how bad it was. I am sure no one outside that so-called church knew the real truth. They need to be exposed. Good work PIC
    luv ya

  2. I thought Jehovah Witness was terrible , this cult group takes the cake ... the are worse than Jim Jones .
    NAN ordered 'Troublemaker ' from Barnes & Noble told her she may have to wait 3/4 weeks there a lot of people before her .
    I didn't know they have a church in a small town about 50 miles from here . They are low-key until they get a foot hold .
    Thank you ... still digging
    Love PIC