Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Robin Williams' Widow Makes Us ... Feel Things

Robin Williams' death hit many of us pretty hard. His widow, Susan, was obviously more deeply affected than any of us could ever be. But, with what must have taken a lot of courage, she did an interview that's set to air tomorrow on "Good Morning America."

"I know we did everything we could. … People have in passing will come …They would say to me, ‘God, I wish I had done something more for him. If only I had called him.’ And I'm thinking, ‘No one could have done anything more for Robin.’ I just want everyone to know that. Nobody -- no one -- everyone did the very best they could."

She lost her husband but she's most worried about how other people feel about themselves. That's ... genuinely touching. In addition to a colorful but apt analogy for how her late husband was suffering -- comparing his illness to a many-tendriled sea monster -- she talks about how she's been faring with the passage of time after Robin's death:

"[The pain] … just all of it will never go. It's the best love I ever dreamed of."

Heavy stuff, right? Even the promo for the interview is a bit of a tearjerker.
No , we're not  crying . (OK , we're crying , too .)


  1. Right now I am laughing my head off because I just got here with a Robin Williams article to post. You are reading my mind again.
    On second look ...my post has some different stuff in it than yours so I will post it below yours.' Get out of my head Witchy'!
    See you pal

  2. You can't hide from me ... I know what you think / eat/ ETC . Hahahahaha! What do you think LA is scared of me HUH ???
    I enjoyed your post and anything about Robin can be posted , people will read it .
    Ain't it's great ...........GREAT MINDS THINKS ALIKE .
    Love PIC