Saturday, November 14, 2015

Then and Now

Is it true that your journey through life is written on your face ?
A catalogue of your mistakes...A map of misjudgements and dissipation, the tracks of a guilty conscious and the trails of dirty secrets ? 
Or perhaps it was a journey full of love, sharing, commitment .... also, compassion, serenity and righteousness.
These famous celebrities have obviously had  fascinating journeys.  You can't just rack it up to getting older. What do you see?
Robert Wagner
Donald Trump
Lindsay Lohan
Sean Penn
Tom Cruise
Morgan Freeman

10 - john travolta
John Travolta
Clint Eastwood
Ryan Seacrest...believe it or not
Mick Jagger

Keith Richards
Burt Reynolds
Meg Ryan
Kirstie Alley
Simon Cowell

1 - val kilmer
Val Kilmer
Celebrities Then and Now: JLo, Lil Jon, Fergie, Mariah Carey…: Jonathan Lipnicki, Celebrity Crushes, Feelings Old, Lipnicki Stuart, Age Celebrity, Johnatan Lipnicki, Celebrity Then Now, Jonathan Lipinski, Celebrity Then And Now
Jonathan Lipnicki...( the kid from Jerry McGuire)
3 - alec baldwin
 Alec Baldwin
Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill
Lisa Robin Kelly
Lisa Robin Kelly
Gary Busey
 Gary Busey
Sly Stallone
Steven Tyler

Russell Brand
Mathew Perry

Bree Walker
Mickey Rourke
Robert Redford
Latoya Jackson
Carrot Top
Jennifer Anniston...Did she or didn't she ? We're not sure....maybe the nose


  1. My take on most of these so-call celebrities .
    Robert Wagner ... is a low- down scurrilous person
    Donald Trump ...was full of himself at a young age
    Lindsay Lohan ... had it all and lost it for the sake of stealing / drugs / lying .
    Sean Penn ... full of himself
    Tom Cruise ... glad he got his front tooth fixed
    Morgan Freeman ... aged better than the rest .
    John Travotla ... looks like a fat gay pig
    Ryan Seacrest ... improvement
    Mick Jagger ... beaten with an ugly stick
    Kieths Richards ... hard nights
    Burt Reynolds ... too many face lifts
    Meg Ryan ... what a waste
    Kirstle Alley ... once pretty , what happen ?
    Simon Cowell ... improvement
    Val Kilmer ... throat cancer , the word said he got fat from chemo , now he refuses treatment
    Alice Cooper ... tit for tat
    Jonathan Lipnicki ... improvement
    Alex Baldwin ... turned into a bulling pig
    Mark hamill ... what happen
    Lisa Robin Kelly .. never heard of her
    Gary Busey ... someone scared the shit out of him
    Sly Stallone ... another overrated fat pig
    Steven Tyler , what can you say besides ugly
    Madonna ... what a 'HO'
    And the list goes on HeHe
    Good post PIC
    Love BAW

  2. Genie ,
    I was very amused at how some of these once nice to handsome people turned out .
    I think Witchy got it right on spot . Fast living , drinking and drugs , will ruined your looks for good .
    I enjoyed the 'Now and Then' and as always Witchy point of view .
    Her niece , Nee , told my wife Witchy is not as bad as she once was , Genie , bring back the old Witchy .
    One more thing , who is BAW ?
    Artis Whittin

  3. PIC
    You made me laugh my head off. Very good character judgments. Lisa Robin Kelly used to star in
    'That 70's Show'. In the third season she got deep into drugs and was fired. In the show they said she went off to beauty school. She supposedly is clean now...but a picture is worth a thousand words.
    Lotsa luv

  4. Thank you Artis
    It's fun finding befores and afters. They tell a story all by themselves. I looked at a few befores and afters in my family, including myself, and I was horrified at what happened to us all. All those late nights, chatting with Witchy, has made me look like a frightened lemur. And my Uncle John kind of looks like he's melting. BAW stands for Bad Ass Witch...and believe me, she still is...hahahaha!
    Thanks for your comment