Friday, April 29, 2016

Relax and Laugh with the PICs ... The Dad baby swap pictures are 'HILARIOUS'

Face-swapping seems to be all of the rage, and it is causing many interesting trends on the web. We think that this trend is the most outrageously funny.
# 1  You may recognize this duo !
#2. The expressions are too good.
#3. Cheese
#4. We appreciate the tacky nipple ring.
#5. Too cute.
#6. Presidential face swap! It's former President Bush  ya'll
#7. It appears as though someone is dozing off…
#8. Or just plain old asleep.
#9. Grandpa style?

#10. Grandpa, you look so young!


  1. Very funny also weird and a bit scary...Hahahaha! Next they will be trading heads with their dogs. Trading heads with husbands would be funny too. They have a commercial on TV right now with a creature they call Puppymonkeybaby.
    It has the head of a puppy, the upper body of a monkey and the lower body of a nine month old human baby. It walks around and serves Mountain Dew. It is so spooky, it creeped me out. You are right this is a trend.
    Love your PIC and pal

  2. It's so much bad things happening ... I wanted to put a smile on our readers face ...
    I asked the relax and laugh with the PICs ... I got a few call , they asked what were the PICs going to do next ... Anita at Gil's office called and said thanks , she needed that and to keep my man at home for a week or more , he called a meeting and scared the shit out of some Hahahahaha !!!

    The cubs told me about Puppymonkeybaby ... they will call me when they see it again .

    Bush scared the shit out of his grandbaby .
    Love your friend / PIC