Tuesday, May 3, 2016

[UPDATE ] Prince :WOMAN COMES OUT OF WOODWORK For Chunk of Fortune

Prince's riches might get split 7 ways instead of 6 because a woman is claiming she's entitled to a cut of the late singer's multi-million dollar estate.

Lawyers for Darcell Johnston filed legal docs in Prince's probate case saying she's a beneficiary.
Sources close to Prince's family tell us Darcell is claiming to be a long lost half sister ... same mother, but different father from the singer. We're told some members of Prince's family only learned of Darcell's existence a few days ago.  

We broke the story ... Prince didn't have a will, so by Minnesota law his estate should be split equally among his 6 surviving siblings.

As special administrator of the estate, Bremer Trust bank will look into the legitimacy of Darcell's claim, although the court will have final say. 

We've reached out to Darcell to see if she had any relationship with Prince. So far no word back.
Stay tune ...this only the beginning .  
Prince was cremated  there will be  lots more  jumping at the money . 


  1. Baby,
    Prince's family don't have a clue. They are going to be eaten alive by the lawyers. They will be charged enormous attorney fees. The attorneys will drag this out in court as long as possible and charge by the hour. Once they tie this up in court for several years they will continue to receive hourly rates at 1000 or more dollars an hour (the family will think because they are expensive it is worth the cost). In the meantime the family will not get a penny. Each family member has a different attorney which means all 6 have hit the jackpot and will never have to work again in life. If the family was smart they wouldn't argue about anything. According to the law it has to be divided equally anyway so there is no fight. In addition, they should all agree to turn Paisley Park into a museum and they will have income the rest of their lives.

    Oh but that's in the real world. The lawyers will keep them fighting. Trust me they have all talked to each other and have made a pact they will make them fight until there is no money left then all 6 will walk away laughing to the bank. This is so sad and undeserved.

    Just my humble opinion

  2. Mr . Humble ,
    I do so appreciate your input , I understand why you are so careful whom you let join your firm .

    It seems when there is money involved , people lose what little morals they have .
    Thank you .

  3. Well now, isn't this exactly what we all expected. I suppose if a DNA sample upholds her story, she may have a small chance in hell. On her side, she has nothing to lose. I don't think her lawyer would get a cent unless she won. I'm betting a love child or two crawls out from under some rock in the near future. It's fun to be a spectator.
    Best regards to Mr and Mrs Humble